Wednesday 23 September 2009


By August Pointneuf

Caster Semanya won the 800m in the 2009 World Athletics Championship in Berlin on 19th August 2009.

After her selection into the South African team Athletics South Africa arranged an extensive gender test on 7 August in Pretoria. Medical advice in South Africa was that she would not qualify as a female athlete. Caster would have known this also. What growing girl who does not develop breasts, or begin menstruating with her peers, does not question her gender? It is unlikely that her peers did not comment on, or perhaps taunt her about, her voice breaking and her distinctly masculine pitch and physique. One has great sympathy for Castor, and if she had been excluded at that date, although disappointed, damage to her would have been minimal, and her privacy sustained.

Nevertheless Athletics South Africa decided to cheat and sent her to the World Championships, following pressure at “political level” on the basis of “let us see if it is a problem when we get there”.[1]. In other words “let’s see if they can catch us”. The South African Vice-President’s involvement was mentioned.[2]

This level of stupidity has to occur to be believed, and demonstrates not only flawed honesty, but also an entire lack of both the insight and foresight into the way things are done in the wide world.

Following her unbelievable victory, skepticism was inevitable. Those athletes who had been cheated were entitled to complain publicly, and the IAAF probably had no alternative but to respond by an investigating which was difficult to obscure.[3]

Despite the questioning of her performance Caster was publicly paraded on her return to South Africa in a government-propagated hype. She was greeted at the airport with much hubris, by none less than the State President, despite his knowing there was controversy. A more crass failure to realize what diplomacy demands, and the way the world works, is hard to imagine.

This audacity was intended as a display of Black Triumphalism and to demonstrate “Black Prowess” What was on display, in reality, was South Africa’s ingrained dishonesty.

Short memories may have forgotten Nelson Mandela’s similar fabrication about the outcome of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, in his extraordinary, brazen inversion of history.[4]

Once Castor’s eligibility was challenged there was an immediate outcry of “unfairness” by her defenders. Many individuals and institutions began the typical black defensiveness – crying “racialism” and “genderism”, and “white racial prejudice” – which raced around the world[5]. “White racism” was recruited like a voodoo enchantment, in the belief that enough repetition makes all criticism of black inadequacy magically invisible.

Then, to multiply the farce, a South African Government Minister made a formal complaint to the United Nations crying “White racism”. The absence of perspective at Government level is flabbergasting. Instead of demonstrating black superiority this demonstrated diplomatic incompetence to an unimaginable level. The South Africa government demonstrated the nation to be not only morally corrupt, but one which simply did not know where it was in the world and what were the international perspectives of propriety, behaviour and, indeed common sense.

Black Africa was always going to play the race card until it was over-expired and became hilariously ludicrous. But then why should they not? This behaviour shows that there is no such thing as egg on these faces. There is no perception of shame or concern that they should be held in adverse opinion. They seem not embarassable.

The Castor incident, however, illustrates a far broader and more serious picture. As pitiful as this tea-storm might be, there is something more pitiable. That is the way in which Europeans invented this instrument originally, the same “anti-racialism lever” and then gifting it to the non-white world via European governments. As in Castor’s case non-Europeans soon learned that all they had to do was to wave this “race” flag to have gullible Europeans quaking. Non-Europeans fast learned that the word “racial” could be knitted to “Nazi” and “fascist” which would soon have a population cowering; Europeans would go to lengths to avoid being associated with these names. This sounds ludicrous when viewed objectively, but this is what happened in national displays of cowardice.

The Third World probably could not believe its luck when European governments turned on their own populations. These governments withdrew any right to comment on groups which displayed inappropriate behaviour or divergent cultures from their own population. The fine mechanisms which balanced their population dynamics were thus destroyed, and so began the erosion of entire cultures of these nations.

Those who were in a position to give out warning signals, to alert their populations to the destructiveness of alien invasions were ostracised, punished and imprisoned.[6] It took no time for the black populations to realize that they had the supreme weapon to destroy the most sophisticated and longest lived culture in history, which had been evolving since the Renaissance. That weapon is to “Cry Race”. This was bounteous wind-fall for aliens as it was an open permit to plunder Europe. Governments whose prime purpose is to sustain equilibrium and to protect their population now provided their electorates with only their criminal neglect and bizarre perversions.

By encouraging immigration and “anti-racism” European governments catalyzed the astonishing cultural suicide of Western Europe, and inflicting on their population an eventual self immolation in the flames of racial hatred. As is characteristic of biological plagues, this poisoning will accelerate, to end with a convulsive death of nations. Civilization as we know it will terminate so quickly that most of the population will be unaware of the immanency of their Hades until it happens.

Those who doubt this outcome need only look at the rotting carcasses of the erstwhile European “Empires”.

August Ponitneuf

[1] M-net investigatory interviews, 22 September 2009

[2] Ibid

[3] IAAF has announced that these results will be available in November.



[6] Exemplified by that outstanding intellect, Enoch Powell


Anonymous said...

To the point.

David Cross said...

A great article. Further to this article the head of Athletics SA, Chuene, has admited lying but was nevertheless re-elected to his position at ASA. This is just a further indicator of the African pysche's contempt for civilised norms and behaviours. Is it a wonder the SA government continues to back dictators like Mugabe, Taylor, Gaddafi and others? The ANC is showing its true colours but I fear that, like Zimbabwe, the western world's fear of the race card will allow another genocide to occur, as it continues to this day in Zimbabwe.

It's your turn soon UK! What a sad world this is.