Thursday 24 September 2009

Obama Youth


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


I know what's there and don't want to be sick again.

He's getting his Janisarries ready.

No question ,perhaps young CHEKA or Hitler Jungend, or Red Guards?

Either way it's nasty.

And coming here.

Dr.D said...

That just has Hitler Youth written all over it! Ugh!! Vile!!

When we get this mess straightened out, there need to be some classroom teachers decorating light poles.

Anonymous said...

I cant watch it. I know the content

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say Hitler Youth. I have a hard time seeing a problem with a group of young people saluting the person that would have saved their race, ala Adolf. I think you all have just been programmed to use this as a catch all slur. I think the Red Guard would be the best.

Dr.D said...

Americans for the most part don't look with favor on personality cults. That is the problem with the creation of little Obamatons from school children. We don't want to send our children to school for indoctrination in any personality cult, whether it be Lenin, Mao, Hitler, or Obama. We see that as a gross abuse of the school's teaching authority.