Saturday 19 September 2009

Balancing Prosecutions – Part 1 – Equality in Crime

Earlier this week I wrote a short article commenting on the ludicrous trial of 16 year old Ross McKnight and 18 year old Matthew Swift who were accused of plotting a Columbine style massacre at their school in Manchester . This laughable prosecution, had as its basis some creative writing, where the boys had fantasised about getting back at the world, mobile phone footage of kids fooling about with firecrackers, and the fact that one of the boys possessed a gas mask.

Luckily for these two innocent young men a sensible jury took a mere 45 minutes to dismiss the patently contrived charges and acquit them. However, this was not until after both had spent six months in prison awaiting trial, where, according to their families they did not cope well, and not before the vile British news media had the opportunity to spread malicious and distorted stories of the boys, which, together with the wider nightmare they have suffered, will, no doubt follow them for years.

We do not know what effect this trial will have on their future careers, both have stated they wish to join the armed services, and expressed the hope that this trial will not effect that aspiration. Sadly, I suspect that the services will think long and hard before recruiting them, given that the media is likely to repeat the stories against them if they are ever sent into action, despite their acquittal and transparently flawed nature of the charges they faced.

One of the more frightening elements of this case was the eagerness with which the media pounced on the story, and how obviously they hoped for a guilty verdict, despite the fact that they must have known the boys were innocent. The press distorters were so desperate to see blood, I doubt that they will quickly forgive Ross and Matthew for their acquittal.

One of the various evil alliances in this country involves the three way conspiracy between the government, media and Crown Prosecution Service, who's employees are disproportionately non-white, to distort and disguise the truth about crime in this country, especially, violent and sexual crime and of course terrorism. This poisonous troika's aim is to disguise the truth about the Multicultural society they have imposed on us, by creating the false perception in the public mind that all races, and in particular the indigenous white community are equally responsible for the decline of our civilisation.

Where possible they seek to pretend that whites are overwhelmingly responsible for certain types of crime, and in this they have scored some spectacular successes, albeit, much of the credit must go to their co-conspirators in Hollywood, television and the writers of popular fiction. For instance if you were to go into the street and conduct a random survey by asking passers by the describe the average serial killer, you can guarantee that the majority, if not all would respond that he is a white male. This widely held belief, promoted relentlessly in popular entertainment is in fact so much bovine excrement and ignores, or hides, how overwhelmingly well represented non whites are amongst the ranks of serial killers.

So called “white collar” crime, involving financial crime within business and the city, is another area where the public perceive the criminals to be mainly white, based on what is reported in the media and portrayed in dramas. However, as I demonstrated in an article I wrote back in May , non whites, especially those from West Africa and the Indian subcontinent, feature amongst the perpetrators in disproportionate numbers, particularly at “high street” level.

However, although those two areas have been firmly, if falsely, established in the public mind as white crimes, there are a number of other types of crime where the facts are far more difficult to massage because the perpetrators are disproportionately non-white to such an overwhelming degree that, even with a controlled media, the truth is far less easy to hide.

These crimes include: Street crime, particularly gang related crime, muggings and gun or knife crime. Sexual crime, especially gang rape, which is an almost exclusively non-white crime, and terrorism.

With street crime the media, politicians and our obedient police force have largely opted for a policy of straight faced lies, whilst daring anyone to risk the allegation of racism by challenging those lies. How often do we hear the so called 'great and good' making statements such as “Knife crime is not a black problem, its a social problem!” to which the obvious answer is “Well that is true for 10% of it, what about the other 90% which IS a black problem?” however, in modern Britain how many are brave enough to give that answer.

Also, luckily for the troika, indigenous whites do get involved in street crime, not in the same proportions, but there enough of them to enable the media to focus their cameras on them whist ignoring the far higher numbers of non-white street criminals. An example being the 2007 killing of young Rhys Jones in Liverpool, and the subsequent trial of his killer, Sean Mercer, in October last year. Rhys's killing, which happened when he accidentally got in the way of a bullet which Mercer had aimed at a rival gang member, was a tragic event which has so far resulted in any number of newspaper articles, TV news reports and an hour long prime time TV documentary. However, Rhys was only one of many children who fell victim to gang and knife crime in Britain in 2007, there were 26 in London alone, yet none of the others received a fraction of the media coverage.

It may be that some of that coverage was due to the fact that Rhys was one of the youngest victims, however, many of the others were also very young and I wonder if the coverage would have been anything like the same, had he not been the victim of the only white killer.

With regard to terrorism, you would think the troika had an easier job, there are still dissident white Irish terrorists planting bombs and killing people, not in anything like the same numbers as Islamic terrorists, of course, but that doesn't usually stop them portraying white people as equally, or usually significantly more, evil than brown people. However, Irish Republican terrorism presents an ideological conflict the Liberal establishment, they were, and to some degree still are, at war with the British, primarily English, state, and, as such they retain a certain romantic and protected status. Ken Loach, that ageing doyenne of the white English hating left, is still making movies glorifying the IRA and vilifying the English for God sake, and that is how most of them see the “Irish question”.

Likewise, they will not get much joy by turning to other white terrorists overseas, Spain's Basque or ETA terrorists also have the cachet of an armed struggle against a Western democracy and, therefore, present the troika with the same problem as those romantic Irish freedom fighters. Meanwhile, organisations with less Liberal prestige, such as the German Baader-Meinhof gang/ Red Army Faction have been irritatingly inactive for the last three decades, as have the Red Brigades, give or take a few assassinations, and in any event both have the added complication of having that uncomfortable word “Red” in their titles.

Timothy McVeigh certainly gave the media a gift which, for many years, kept on giving, but it is now 14 years on, and there only so many times you can present another Islamic atrocity in the light of Oklahoma.

Even the Soho nail bomber David Copeland, has now been locked away for ten years, in any event all those he killed were white, and despite the media's attempts to hype his brief association with the BNP, it is difficult for them to present him as anything other than a lone psychopath living out a sick fantasy. Horrible as they were, his crimes were of a different order to the organised, multiple participant conspiracies which we saw in East Africa in 1998, New York in September 2001, Bali in 2002, Madrid in 2004, London in 2005 and Mumbai in 2008 or those which were thankfully thwarted, such as the Fertiliser bomb plot in 2007, or the recent conspiracy to blow seven airliners our of the sky, which I wrote about the other day.

Furthermore, McVeigh and Copeland were two white men a decade or more ago compared to dozens of Asians far more recently, and that does not provide a balance of guilt.

The threat of Islamic terrorism in the west is a significant embarrassment to our leaders. To counter any perception that the multi coloured society which they have created has brought new and alien threats to our land, the troika need to implicate more white Englishmen in the alleged plotting of mass casualty acts of terrorism. They can not lessen the threat we now all face, but they can pretend that indigenous white Englishmen are part of it. (Scottish and Welsh “terrorists” will also fit the bill, but their preference is for Englishmen.)

It was for this reason that Donald Stewart-Whyte stood in the dock next to the airline plotters, and it was for that reason that two kids with fertile imaginations have just been dragged through the courts.

They will not be the last, if this corrupt Government (by which I mean all three of the main parties) and the CPS believe that, with the support of a baying, controlled, media than can achieve a conviction against one two or more white Englishmen for plotting acts of mass casualty terrorism, preferably with other white Englishmen, they will go for it, even if they Believe those Englishmen are innocent.

Their agenda and their ideology depend upon it.

Another type of crime which has the potential to seriously embarrass those cheering on the gaudy multi-coloured bandwagon as it relentlessly crashes through our land, crushing our heritage and history beneath its cruel wheels, is sex crime and, in particular, gang rape.

Gang rape, committed by white men appears in contemporary literature and in movies, such as Straw Dogs, Clockwork Orange, the Accused and more recently in Straightheads (which was released under the name of “Closure” in the USA, and is a movie which is primarily of interest to those with a morbid fascination in the self destruction of Gillian Anderson's career) together with various TV dramas and of course pornography, however, in real life it is apparently far less common.

It does happen, there are a number report of Russian soldiers raping women in Germany and certain of the occupied territories at the end of World War II. It is also claimed that rape, presumably including gang rape, was a weapon used in the Balkan wars, although how much of it actually occurred and which side was most guilty is hotly disputed. There were atrocities in Viet Nam, which allegedly included rape, and there was the recent conviction of a number of young American soldiers, for involvement in the rape and murder of a young Iraqi girl, although apparently only one of them actively committed the rape.

However, the theatre of war is an unnatural place to be, where people do unnatural things, away from the battlefront, until recently gang rape was a very rare crime in most of Europe, including Britain. That is not to say that white Englishmen never commit rape, they certainly do, albeit the racial breakdown of those convicted of rape is a closely guarded secret. However, there is a different psychology to gang rape, it is surely amongst the cruellest of crimes, and despite those who claim that all races are the same, the figures suggest that it is not a psychology common amongst those of Anglo Saxon origin.

Yet, as I discussed in a post back in June, gang rape, committed primarily by teenagers and young men is a growing problem in the UK.

The reason for this is simple, the act of gang rape is endemic in many of the countries from which the new residents of Britain originate, and a culture travels with a traveller to his new home. The disproportionate involvement of young black men in gang rape, was admitted in a recent Channel four Dispatches documentary called “Rape in the City” and also by an earlier Channel 4 documentary broadcast in November 1998, which revealed that the number of gang rapes committed by the indigenous white population was statistically minute, in fact they could find no record of any gang rapes in Britain in the ten years leading up to the programme, which had not been committed by a black or mixed race gang.

Apart from those two honourable exceptions, eleven years apart, this situation has been addressed by not acknowledging it. When cases occur the accused racial identities are disguised by the usual “Youths” technique until such time as they are finally convicted, at which point their photographs are briefly published in the knowledge that few in Britain would risk allegations of racism by mentioning that it is yet another gang rape committed by another black gang.

There have been no balancing prosecutions so far because unlike charges involving fantasies, firecrackers and allegedly exploding tennis balls to mount a successful rape prosecution, you require a live complaining victim, and even the troika would probably not go so far as to create a dead one.

However, a balancing prosecution very nearly did take place, it was one of the most outrageous attempts to mount a false prosecution for racist purposes seen in decades. It did not occur in Britain, it happened in the City of Durham, North Carolina and involved members of the prestigious Duke University men's lacrosse team.

It is on that attempt, and the various motives and agendas it fed which I shall focus in the second part of this essay.


McGonagall said...

Professor Phillippe Rushton got into trouble for researching race based differences AND PUBLISHING THE RESULTS:


A Life History Perspective

Professor J. Philippe Rushton

University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

On Crime:

"In the U.S., Blacks are less than 13% of the population but have 50% of all arrests for assault and murder and 67% of all arrests for robbery. Fifty percent of all crime victims also report their assailants are Black, so the arrest statistics cannot be due to police bias.

Blacks make up a large share of those arrested for white-collar crimes. About 33% of persons arrested for fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and receiving stolen property, and about 25% of those arrested for embezzlement are Black. Blacks are under-represented only in offenses, such as tax fraud and securities violations, that are committed by individuals in high status occupations.

On the other hand, Orientals are under-represented in U.S. crime statistics. This has led some to argue that the Asian "ghetto" has protected members from harmful outside influences. For Blacks, however, the ghetto is said to foster crime, so purely cultural explanations are not enough.

Female homicides tell the same story. In one study of female arrests, 75% were Black women. Only 13% were White women. No Asian women were arrested. The cultural explanation for the crime rate of Black men does not apply to Black women, who are not expected to engage in criminal behavior to the same extent. There is no "gangster" image among Black females.

The same pattern is found in other countries. In London, England, Blacks make up 13% of the population, but account for 50% of the crime rate. A 1996 government commission in Ontario, Canada, reported that Blacks were five times more likely go to jail than Whites, and 10 times more likely than Orientals. In Brazil, there are 1.5 million Orientals, mostly Japanese whose ancestors went there as laborers in the 19th century, and who are the least represented in crime.

INTERPOL Yearbooks show that this racial pattern is consistent globally. Rates of murder, rape, and serious assault were four times higher in African and Caribbean countries than in Asian or Pacific Rim countries. European countries were intermediate. The 1993-1996 INTERPOL Yearbooks show the violent crime rate per 100,000 population was 35 for Asians, 42 for Europeans, and 149 for Africans."

After he published his findings many academics attacked him for considering race real and worthy of investigation. His response can be found here:

J. Philippe Rushton: Race as a Biological Concept

Professor Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario has released the following statement on race, in response to attempts to discredit the very concept of race and to argue that race "has no validity as a biological concept when applied to man."

Man Of The Woods said...

An excellent article Sarah,

On the subject of “white collar” crime, here is a perfect example :-

Civil servant invented 1,400 children in £1.2m tax credits fraud

HM Revenue & Customs (National)

Civil servant John Brian Agdomar and an accomplice, Olanekan Omatayo Ogunmekan, are today behind bars after being caught out by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) investigators. Between them the pair fabricated more than 1,400 fictitious children, hijacked hundreds of identities and illegally claimed more than £1.2m in tax credits.


As far as I can determine, this was not reported in any of the online news outlets.

Anonymous said...

20% of serial killers were black in a FBI report. The 95% white figure you read getting posted is from a time long ago when there was a whiter population.