Saturday 26 September 2009

Guess those Missing Words

Well Hello folks!! Welcome to .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (play jingle: De diddle de de DA DA) a game requiring a minimum of skill and many hours experience of watching what passes for ....*NEWS COVERAGE* in Britain. The aim of ... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA) is to spot the words which a particular news source or broadcaster has fudged, obscured or, more often TOTALLY OMITTED from a news item, in order to hide or misrepresent facts which, if revealed openly and honestly, would not comply with their, blood oath linked, obligation to present our enforced multicultural society as an flawless paradise.

There are no prizes for guessing the words, just the smug satisfaction of knowing that you can see through the fog of fibs and omission which our national ...*NEWS MEDIA* use to bury the truth from those who we like to call ...*THE SHEEPLE* when feeding them their daily diet of lies, more lies and saccharine coated propaganda.

So come on down and play Britain's number one laugh a minute game .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA)

Today we focus on that licence fee funded bastion of bullcrap, that state subsidised domain of distorters, that quintessential coterie of crookedness, that lair of liberal liars, the good ol' BBC.

The following are a selection of news stories which have appeared on the BBC, that's the British Broadcasting Corporation to you folks, in the last week, see if you can spot the *MISSING WORDS*, phrases and facts have been omitted from the story so as to hide any uncomfortable facts which the naughty ol' Beeb don't want you, the licence payer. to know:


First we have a story which was reported on Monday, in which the BBC revealed that rape claims were not being accurately reported. According to the BBC “Figures obtained following a Freedom of Information request showed some UK police forces were failing to record more than 40% of cases.” If, as as would appear to be the case, the police are failing to record such a significant number of crimes, in one particularly high profile category, it would seem to shoot a rather large hole in the hilarious claim constantly made by the government, the media and shalwar seat kissing chief constables across the land that ... wait for it ....“crime is going down”. That is one point which the BBC carelessly omits to mention, however, those are not the missing words we are looking for.

The question here is why are these 40% of rape cases not being reported? The answer the BBC are trying to suggest is that the police are seeking to improve their clear up figures, but if you analyse that you find that, like so many of the Beeb's easy answers, it doesn't make sense. Why would what has become one of the most politically correct police forces on planet earth be seeking to minimise the number of rape complaints they are receiving? What is it about so many rape complaints that they would rather not be investigated, what are they trying to hide?.

All existing figures suggest that there has been a huge increase in the number of reported rapes in Britain, as large as 400% according to some reports. This news suggests the increase is even more marked than it originally appeared. Why is this?, what has changed, what is different between Britain today and Britain of ten, twenty or thirty years ago?. What is it the police don't want you to know? What is it the BBC is not saying, what is the truth about rape in modern Britain, who are committing these rapes? and what are the ... *MISSING WORDS* ?


Secondly we have a story which appeared on the BBC on Friday and there is a further update today the story involves the fact that 5 boys between the ages of 13 and 17 have been charged with assaulting a 15 year old girl in a park in Greater Manchester.

The story actually includes an outrageous statement by a policeman called Supt John Liars ..uh ... I mean Lyons who is quoted as saying "While this is an extremely disturbing incident I must stress it is an isolated one." ... no, honestly, I am not kidding, he actually says it, you can read it by clicking on this link, if you don't believe me. Of course, the report leaves the comment unchallenged, as if the, snow leopard like, rarity of gang attacks on teen aged girls in British cities is a universally acknowledged truth.

However, in case you are wondering, no “Bloody liar” are not the missing words we are looking for.

The missing words we are looking for relate to those who have been charged, and the clue is in the word “boys”. That word, when it is applied to anonymous white male children, is invariably accompanied by an artists impression drawing of the defendants in court, showing the backs of their heads and, very white, necks. When no such picture appears, then “boys” in this context are the younger versions of what the media call “youths”, and we all know who “youths” are. Youths are the people who, on the rare occasions that such news is reported, are constantly rioting across Britain and Europe, throwing missiles at police and setting fire to cars and buildings. “Youths” are usually in gangs and attack individuals in parks, alleyways or wherever they have managed to corner the poor sods.

So the *MISSING WORDS* question, for an extra 10 smugness points, is what are the BBC not telling us about these “boys” and what are they not telling us when they “report” (for want of a better word) on the “youths” who get up to all sorts of violence and mayhem both here and across Europe?


The third and final question in this nail biting, all family fun and frolics ,quiz comes from a news item which also appeared on the BBC last Monday. It involves another example of the somewhat eccentric electoral practices we have recently been seeing in a number of parts of Britain as ...ahem ... “diverse” as Birmingham and Bradford.

Apparently, the police were called when evidence came to light casting doubt on some 387 suspicious votes cast in a local council election held there last Thursday. The ballot was for a by-election in the Sparkhill ward which was won by Respect candidate Ali Shokat.

Readers in Britain will know Respect as the party once run George Galloway, and which tends to have scant respect for anyone who is not a Muslim. (I had initially intended to say that Respect had respect only for those who stick their bottoms in the air for Allah five times a day, but that, of course, would include most NuLabour politicians, and they certainly do not respect them.)

Interestingly we have had a number of such irregularities in Britain, especially in areas like Birmingham, including the infamous case of “vote theft” in 2004 which led a learned judge to so far forget his requisite vow to the gods of political correctness to comment that it would “disgrace a banana republic”. (I don't know what that judge is saying now, but if NuLabour got its way, I suspect it is "Will you take fries with that Sir?")

Over the years it had become all too apparent that all such instances have taken place in areas which have enjoyed significant levels of enrichment in recent decades, and involve people with names which have a similar ring to Mr Shokat.

However, from watching and reading the BBC coverage of such events, you could be forgiven for imagining that they had not noticed this. Indeed even after recent examples of some rather odd voting practices in particular parts of the world, it seems not to have occurred to the BBC that we might be importing such practices, (and many more) together with the Basmati rice and lentils so essential to any NuLabour dining table

Or maybe it has, in which case, you may not find it too difficult to identify the *MISSING WORDS* in this story.

So did you guess the ... MISSING WORDS, and are you feeling smug? If you are reading here, of course you did, but sadly there are many out there who just do not get it, and they are just going to have to brighten up, or they deserve everything the BBC and their Common purpose buddies are preparing to tip over their heads.

That's all for today, but don't worry you can play .....“GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” at home every day, because with the media we have there is never a shortage of *MISSING WORDS*.

Y'all be good now, and don't stay a stranger!!

De diddle de de DA DA!!


GoodnightVienna said...

Tsk, tsk, Sarah. You know certain words aren't allowed in the msm in case they upset 'community cohesion'. The latest woman in a suitcase will go the same way:
the twisted meaning of words


Hi Sarah,
Another wonderfully witty piece that is too good for me not to share on my blog

nemo_sum said...

A fine and necessary piece from a lady who is not afraid to 'tell it as it is'.

Keep up the brilliant work, Sarah, and God bless and keep you - you are a wonderful person - we need more like you.


zazie said...

sorry to post off topic : a few days ago, commenting upon "those were the days" I mentioned a similar video about France ; I suppose Tiberge has spent quite a long time finding and posting it ; anyway she has managed it, and even gives the English translation of the song ; the first video is the optimistic original picture of the song ; the second one depicts the reality of France nowadays. Tiberge's blog is galliawatch.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Zazi, I have just found it.

For other readers here is a direct link to the Galliawatch blog.

I recommend it, the imagery is quite shocking, but if you read the translation along with the words, it is very effective.

Thanks again Zazi


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

This is a better link

Anonymous said...

MrsJ said...

This missing words nonsense is putting lives at risk. Take this latest story about a rape at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd.

Notice the description: "The suspect is described as around 6ft tall, of solid appearance, and wearing gloves and a dark-coloured hooded top."

Surely the poor woman also noticed his skin colour? I suspect the rapist is not white, otherwise they would have said, but in not releasing this detail, they are putting women in that area at greater risk.

Still, I guess we'll have to take it on the chin for multiculturalism. /sarc off