Sunday 17 June 2012

Death of a Celtic Tiger

The new Irish join the unemployment queue

The Irish unemployment rate has just reached 14.8%, yet with apparent disregard for the plight of their own people the Irish government continues its suicidal immigration policy.   

4,000 people from 110 countries delighted to receive Irish citizenship

And they wonder why the once thriving Irish economy is in free fall!


Adrem said...

...... and it is once more the Liberal Press which suppresses this fact altogether. It is for this very reason that the average voter, and not only in Ireland, is unaware of this dilemma, at least he is not sensitive to it.

Just imagine if this posting would appear on the frontline of a major newspaper or would make it into the headlines of the evening TV news!

The Dragon said...

Once upon a time,if the Brits had even thought about implementing these policies on Irish people, there would have been a rebellion and quite rightly so! There's nothing stranger than folk.

Laager said...

I once read that biggest fear a human can experience is that of public speaking

I now believe that whites have supplanted this with the fear of being called a racist

A catch-all word which blacks use to deflect any form of objective commentary that relates to them.

Celtic Warrior said...

Sorry but the previous statement by Adrem is simply not true. In Fridays Irish Independent it's spread over pages 2 and 3.

Sarah is it possible to get people to check their facts before you publish them? Such false and ill researched statements weaken the power of sites such as yours.

Had Adrem read the article he would have noted that that it was urged that "Ireland newest citizens.....bring with them some of their own traditions". If the experience of the UK is anything to go by then that's a forlorn hope.

They were further urged to bring their music and stories with them. The illustrious judge (Irish?) who made these remarks seems to know little of Ireland’s great literary and music traditions.

He further went on to hail the cricket expertise of India and Pakistan. If he hopes that the new immigrants might one day cheer on the Ireland cricket team he is definitely not aware of the support offered by British Asians to the English cricket team when playing cricket against the Asian countries their ancestors hail from.

I’m not sure if it means anything that the Justice Minister who instigated the speeding up of the citizen process and who has “absolute discretion” over who gains citizenship happens to be one of the chosen people.

The article also informs us that 13800 citizenship applications have been successfully dealt with so far this year.

How Ireland hopes to successfully absorb people who bring their alien religions with them is beyond me. Consider they have spent 500 years trying (unsuccessfully) to resolve differences between Irish people who have been killing each other all that time because of their inate ability to take differing meanings from the same Bible.

When one of the new citizens was asked by Paddy "what religion are you", he replied "I am a Muslim".
OK said Paddy "but are you a Catholic Muslim or are you a Protestant Muslim".

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Celtic Warrior

Thanks for your comment, I am sure Adren spoke in good faith, there is justification to assume the that the MSM would cover up stories which show multiculturalism in a bad light.

Of course the MSM would not view this story as doing that.

It would be nice if people did check their facts before commenting, but it is not possible for me to insist on that.

Anonymous said...

Sarah,On average,A thousand Irish people leave the country every week.With a population of 4.5m,of which at least 10% are non Irish,it does'nt take a genius to figure out where this is all heading.The Irish,will be a minority within 15 or 20 years.The British will have a third world cess pit right on its door step.Maybe one day you might have to colonise the place again.

Thramsymachus said...

The Irish, in Ireland and overseas, seem to have deeply absorbed Victorian values of "let's despise our own poor while saving the Africans" even though the Irish themselves were the biggest victims of this.

brian boru said...

Jew Alan Shatter must be amazed at how easily he is able to destroy the Irish people by flooding their country with thousands of savage invaders from Africa and Asia. There hasn't been any resistance from the population at large. At least the British formed a nationalist party, ineffective as it has been.

Anonymous said...

What an ugly pair of gits.These 4,000 third world immigrants may have Irish citizenship but they will never,ever be Irish.Just think,when the Irish were building magnificent stone edifices and crafting iron and bronze implements during those respective ages,these people were living in huts.Ireland used to have one of the highest literacy rates in the world-I'll bet it is decreasing rapidly.These people will never produce a work like The Book of Kells,or a Yeats or Shaw.

Anonymous said...

This is so frightening, the worst crisis I have experienced in my life-time and the worst ever in British and European history.
It is happening everywhere in Europe, also in vulnerable Greece.

We are being literally invaded with our "leaders" approval and nobody is doing anything about it !

We have gone insane as a people to even accept all this but most have been numbed by decades of PC Marxist brainwashing.

Protests may not even help I am afraid, as this "they" fear, so will try their utmost to squelch it, i.e.infiltrating them with thugs to ensure violence and ensuing false arrests.
We could try, we still have some vestige of free speech, but how many will participate ?, we need millions as we are more than "they" are.

We live under tryanny but most cannot see it.

I will never vote again, I didn't last time,that is my protest, not until we are out of the EU as at the momemt every party is ruled by unelected, inviolable officials in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

Shatter is both Jewish and responsible for this policy. We need to act not just blog.

Anonymous said...

Delighted HSE worker Charity Ihuoma (29), originally from Nigeria but now happily living in Dublin 15, told how her friends were still helping her to perfect her favourite dish, Irish stew.

"We have the same food but we cook it differently. Of all the food I love in Ireland -- it is Irish stew," she said.

Puke. They always do this one don’t they the Diversity celebrators and collaborators in Europe's destruction. In England it's let’s get the blacks and Asians to talk fish and chips and how they eat Yorkshire pud and play cricket and watch football. Now a Nigerian making Irish stew. God 'elp us.

Btw, they don’t do comments, I notice.

I don’t know about this blog. But I do know Kevin Myers has a totally more realistic viewpoint to these laughable fools.
SAMPLE PIECE (Could have been written by you Sarah).

"But in Whitechapel or Stepney, to judge from the shops and the faces and the clothes and the people around me, I could have been in a Middle Eastern city. What does ‘England’ mean to these people? Do they know about the months that an earlier generation spent in the air-raid shelters? Do they know about the 40,000 Londoners who perished in the winter of 1940-41? Do they know anything about the history of the streets they now occupy, and could they ever be prevailed upon to care about it?.."

"Britain is being colonized" says Irish journalist [Archive ...
Britain Is Being Colonised ... has been colonised and Ireland will follow suit. Kevin Myers, a ... television news reports of the Christmas sales in the West End of London ...

Ian said...

@Anon 12:04. There WERE comments present to which I added a few of my own but by Sunday they had all been removed.Best one I thought(not by me) was,"When was Shatter naturalised?"

Anonymous said...

The last time i was in Dublin a few years ago, I was staggered. So many women wearing niqabs and hijabs, I couldn't believe it. Conversely, 35 years ago when I used to holiday in Ireland as a child, a dark skinned person (such that you ever saw one) would cause locals to stop and stare.

My local McDonalds, KFC, Subway and Burger King in London all have certificates on the wall from the Irish Halal Association. Says it all.

Anonymous said...

It must be the ole' "white guilt", or just simple naivete` that encourages White people to grovel at the feet of Blacks, as the original writer appears to demonstrate with her journalistic puff piece on the new "Irish".

Call me out of step, but I could never understand this gushing enthusiasm for Black people. Perhaps I missed those indoctrinating sessions where it's taught that White people must pander to these people lest we're thought of being "racist".

Black immigrants have got their White hosts "on the run" with the "R" word, and they KNOW how to use that weapon against cowardly Whites.

Here's an Irish newspaper story from last year stating how an ordinary group of Irish people out for a good time were violently attacked by Black African immigrants.

Take note of what Professor Andrew Fraser warned Australians in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population (in White countries) is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems”.

Learn the mistakes made by Americans over 200 years ago and what they reap today.

Anonymous said...

I hitch hiked around Ireland in 1989 and had the one if the best times of my life. I saw only one black in a youth hostel in Cork and nowhere else.

I was planning on going again this year but form all reports I'm getting the country's cities and villages are beginning to look like England's - i.e like effing Harare of Nairobi.

Maybe the whites of Europe will one day put aside their differences and unite against this universal destruction of Europe. Here's hoping... but I fear the locks on the Gates of Vienna have been broken.

One just has to visit Gibraltar today to see what a mess that place is in. They should just hand it to the Spanish as it's nothing but a shit hole full of kaffirs and wogs being ferried into Europe.

God seriously help our little white children determine who they are and where they belong in the future. There's nowhere to run out of Britain and Europe.

Anonymous said...

You guys were all warned when you were busy crucifying S.Africa and you carried on regardlessly fully aware of the destruction, genocide and chaos that would inevitably follow. Now that it is happening in your country you all suddenly start screaming. To late now to moan and groan so join the club and just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!HOORAY!!!!!! Yet European country has embarked on a quest for blessed diversity and multi-culturalism.
Soon, all of Western Europe will be coffee-colored, with kinky/wavy hair covered in skullcaps and burkas. HOORAY!!! HOOORAY!!!!

Fact: "Diversity" = White Genocide.

Anonymous said...

@ Ian

...though all the winds of doctrine were let loose to play on the earth, so Truth be in the field, we do injuriously, by licensing and prohibiting, to misdoubt her strength. Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter?

As Milton would say today,

"As good kill a man as kill a good comment. For he who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, God's image;but he who destroys a good comment, destroys reason itself, destroys the image of God, as it were in the eye."

Anonymous said...

It's no use voting to change it or moaning about it or even protesting against it.

Isn't Ireland awash with ex-terrorists with guns stashed away everywhere?

You lot had no problem with blowing up crowds of bystanders because you were all upset that you had been conquered fair and square, but when it comes to being conquered by people who do not even have the guts to carry guns, you roll over and take it up the arse.

I'm English and I always thought that the people of the British Isles were stronger together but I did have an ounce of respect for the Resisting Irish. The Irish have now lost that respect.

You voted the wrong way so vote again - yes sir!
Accept the destruction of your people and culture or we'll call you racist - yes sir!

Caveat - I know us English are pathetic cowards as well. I don't respect us either.

Anonymous said...

"Father"! "Father"! "The cannibals are coming"! Well don't just stand there me lad ... set the big pot to boil on the fire then.
Father! Father! Are they going to eat us? Nooooo me lad... WE ARE GOING TO EAT THEM! It is the only thing in the cannibals worldly life that they truly will ever understand. EAT OR BE EATEN BEFORE THERE IS NO MORE LEFT A SINGLE WHITE BRITTON.

Anonymous said...

What do Sinn Fein say about this ridiculous state of affairs?

I find it hard to believe that Shatter can sleep safely in his bed at night, have the Irish lost the courage to act against their enemies? He's not a West Brit, he's far worse, an alien who is helping to destroy Ireland. At least when the Brits invaded they were wearing khaki and carrying guns, but say a word against this new lot and you deemed a traitor. I hate Shatter, utterly hate him, the day he dies can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

About a month or so ago I receiveed an E-Mail from a close relative and he told me if I wanted to see what the future really has in store for me then I must log on to "censorbugbear" and read what they are revealing on their webpage/s. I did so and I can assure you that my eyes nearly popped right out of my skull. A good deal of it is written in Afrikaans but there is more than enough of it written in English to get a very clear picture of what is taking place. In some instances both languages are used so there is no need to translate the Afrikaans into English. To think that it won't happen in England, Europe or America is the stupidity of a fool living in dark fantasy. I now regret my inane stupidity when I think back to my younger days and to the times that I took part in those disorderly protest marches against my own relatives. I don't know how to say that I am now very sorry ... please forgive me because after reading just a few pages of "Censorbugbear" I was choking on my own tears. I then also realized the full extent of what Sarah and Mike are on about. I did send an E-Mail back to my relative but I could not express the depth of my regret or sorrow in words. Don't worry said he its too late now for apologies. S.Africa has got Zuma, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe has got Mugabe, America has got Obama so just be concerned who is going to be your future prime minister and who is going to be sitting on the future throne of England. I thereafter poured myself a stiff whiskey and thought deeply about his words and I felt so morally depleted that I drained the bottle and collapsed onto my bed. "Where to now my friend?" were the only words going around and around in my stupid, arrogant and ignorant little head. Indeed "Where to now ... my friend?" Perhaps the new black cliffs of Dover.

Celtic Warrior said...

Anonymous 16:11 said...
"You guys were all warned when you were busy crucifying S.Africa".

This thread is about Ireland which, as far as I know, never crucified anyone least of all South Africa. In fact if memory serves the Irish nationalists formed two brigades to fight alongside the Boers in 1900..

John McBride, a leader of one of the Irish brigades was executed in 1916 by a government whose cabinet in 1917 included his erstwhile comrade in arms Jan Smuts.

So please, who crucified whom?

Celtic Warrior said...

Anonymous 16:11 said...
"You guys were all warned when you were busy crucifying S.Africa".

This thread is about Ireland which, as far as I know, never crucified anyone least of all South Africa. In fact if memory serves the Irish nationalists formed two brigades to fight alongside the Boers in 1900..

John McBride, a leader of one of the Irish brigades was executed in 1916 by a government whose cabinet in 1917 included his erstwhile comrade in arms Jan Smuts.

So please, who crucified whom?

Anonymous said...

Where's the Republican fervour of the 20th Century???

Very soon, there will definitely be no Irish or Ireland whatsoever!

What a happy international slum this planet is becoming?

Anonymous said...

We as a People have been checkmated. We didnt see it coming. It was about 40 years in the making. Starting around 1965. It was a brilliant plan I must say. A little Multi
Culti just to make it interesting is good in society, I think. But it's all over now- it reached the tipping point. No coming back from this. Our descendants will curse our memory- they will be the minority living in a greatly eroded and uncohesive society that is hostile to them and their heroes and culture. We could have stopped it but we didnt. And yes, Anon Joe- Romney is gonna flood this place with "guest workers" and immigrants. And Guest workers never go home. Even after we figured it all out. Ireland and all of the entire white world is not going to make it. I cried yesterday. Checkmated in California USA

Anonymous said...

anon 18 June 2012 16:11

You're right!
We're our own worst enemy. I get what you're saying re South Africa but even they did it to Rhodesia in the end knowing what would happen. Worse they allowed De Klerk (under pressure from the PFP and Jewess Suzman) to cave in to the Jew Kissinger who effectively blackmailed Vorster into cutting supply links to Rhodesia or else the UN would turn on them.

What they didn't understand was that the UN under this pernicious Jew turned on them anyway with the help of coolie flunkies like Ramsammy & co.

Thatcher was made a fool of by Nigeria when she came to power in '79. They ordered her to "sort out Smith" or else they'd nationalise BP Oil and other British interests in Niggeria.

When she did as in Lancaster house with Mugabe and his advisory Jewish goons Hoogstraten and Straw
they nationalised BP oil anyway...

We are our OWN worst enemy.

Its time to LEARN something from the JEWS and and UNITE ourselves GLOBALLY.

But being the supercilious arrogant fools we are I fear that's never going to happen.

We have handed EVERYTHING our creative and inventive forebears gave to us .... on a plate to our enemies.

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there heard about the brutal of Christopher Kyser Miree in Mobile, Alabama? I didn't think so. The MSM has kept it the best kept secret of the year.

Had this poor kid been black and his murderers white, well,...we all know that the US would be under martial law now. Where's the f------- outrage?

Gem Junior said...

Oh, I am so glad my father is dead and unable to see this photo of the New Irish. He left Ireland in the 1950s but went back to visit his brother nearly every single year. Came from a little town called Navan. These disgusting boons are considered Irish? And we diaspora exiles I suppose are American, Australian, etc. I can't help wondering what our DNA says... I have a feeling mine would come up as Irish and these two would NOT. They are certain to enrich Ireland -- with plenty of crime, theft, stink, and foreign-ness that will wear down the Irish character of IRELAND, a country that is culturally ancient and has held on to a good bit of it for all these long centuries. In a couple of decades it will be destroyed "with a whimper" not a bang as these boons move in and take over. The Irish fought close ethnic kin for almost one thousand years -- right next door. So insane that this inch by inch colonization is working on such a smart people.

Laager said...

To Anon re "white guilt" @ 18 June 2012 15:45

I notice that you have left South Africa off your list of examples.

Do you now understand why the minority white population in SA developed their system of Seperate Development [English] / Apartheid [Afrikaans] ?

ONE brave Irishman has stood up to the reality of the performance of black societies.

Journalist Kevin Myers wrote an article; Africa has Given The World Nothing But Aids. His editor published it and then did absolutely nothing when the hurricane of "racist" allegations descended on KM. He was one man alone against the Irish PC establishment.

By implication he was warning Ireland about what lay ahead with their policy of uncontrolled third world immigration.

GOOGLE: Kevin Myers for the detail on this sorry saga

As ANON "fruits of your labour" @ 18 June 2012 16:11 quite correctly states:

what goes around comes around - you reap what you sow

Are there any liberals in Ireland and the UK who are going to apologise to white South Africans [in many case their kith and kin] for what they have brought upon them?

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

This is like another bubonic plague. The more the immigrants invade the sicker the country and its resident legal citizens become. What has happened to the meaning of true patriotism and the precious value of our country and our sacred birthright? In the first place the invaders have no intention of doing "When in Rome do as the Romans do" and secondly for every one that gains legal citizenship there are thousands more waiting for them just to open the door. Have the politicians who support these mass invasions all gone mad. When is this madness going to end? Lastly and in reality there is no such a thing on this planet as DIVERSITY and there never ever will be. Diversity is just a puffy political pipe dream and the word should be scrapped from the English dictionary and never again be used in our vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Forgery and Criminal Intent: Any “Normal” Leader Would Stand Down

Posted by admin02 on September 24, 2011 // Leave Your Comment
British National Party leader Nick Griffin attempted to incite a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook with forged documents blaming him for the party’s printing debts, it has emerged.
This shocking situation has brought the entire party into disrepute and is conclusive proof that Nick Griffin is unfit to be leader of the BNP. Any “normal” political leader would stand down under these circumstances.
The outrageous story begins in July 2010, when Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up a conspiracy to force Richard Barnbrook into giving up the Greater London Assembly seat.
To do this, they devised a plot to use forged documents to get Mr Barnbrook declared bankrupt.
To this end, the utterly evil and devious plan was developed:
1. Nick Griffin approached the owner of Romac Press in Belfast, David Sloan, with an offer to settle the outstanding printing debt owed to his company.
2. In terms of this offer, Mr Griffin asked Mr Sloan to sign and print out, on Romac letterheads, two different letters addressed to Mr Barnbrook.
3. The first later, which Mr Griffin dated 11th August 2010 (both letters were written by Mr Griffin in July 2010), was a seemingly friendly reminder to Mr Barnbrook that the printing bill for the Barking and Dagenham election material had not been paid.

Anonymous said...

4. The second letter, which Mr Griffin dated 1st November 2010, was a formal demand for full payment of the outstanding debt, failing which court proceedings would follow.
In return, Mr Sloan said, Mr Griffin undertook to pay off the printing bill and, as “a sweetener,” offered to put Mr Sloan onto an EU salary for £1,000 per month.
To his great credit, Mr Sloan refused to partake in this plot, saying that it was clearly a “criminal activity.”
Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, sent the two letters Mr Griffin had drawn up (as MS Word attachments) to Mr Sloan by email from her ‘britprincess’ hotmail account.
Ms Griffin’s email is reproduced below.

Anonymous said...

Note the wording: “These from Nick.”
‘These’ refers to the two word document attachments to the email. The full text of these word documents is reproduced below.
“Please add your surname to them both and print on Romac letter headed paper.”
This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to print and sign both letters on his own official letterheads.

“Please then post them to Gribin, Llanerfyl, Welshpool, Powys SY21 0JQ.”

This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to return the signed letters direct to Mr Griffin personally, and NOT to forward them to Mr Barnbrook.
The plan was that Mr Griffin would then send the letters to Mr Barnbrook, pretending that they were coming from Mr Sloan.
To make matters even more devious, Mr Griffin deliberately used Mr Barnbrook’s old mailing address, because then Mr Barnbrook would be certain not to even receive them.
The point of this was to make sure that when Mr Barnbrook was eventually sued for the outstanding account, the plaintiff (supposedly Romac Press, but actually Mr Griffin in the background, pulling the strings and having written the letters of demand) could claim that the letters had been sent and had been left unanswered.
“He says that if we get the London seat back we will be able to guarantee you a payment each month.”
‘He’ is of course Mr Griffin.
This sentence shows the quid pro quo: if Mr Sloan agreed to take part in this thoroughly disgusting plan, he would be paid the £44,000 he is owed.
As it turned out, Mr Sloan refused to play Mr Griffin’s criminal game.
As a result, he was not paid, and has resulted in a number of legal actions.
“Call or text me if you need, best wishes
This shows the level of involvement in this conspiracy by Jennifer Griffin as well. She was not merely a “messenger” for her father, but obviously knew the intricate details of the plot. Is this a suitable person to be in charge of the finances of a political party and to hold the keys to private details of all members?

Anonymous said...

The exact wording of the first letter which Mr Griffin wanted Mr Sloan to sign (of which you can download an original here) reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
11th August 2010

Dear Richard

I hope that you are now fully recovered from the excursions and perhaps disappointment of the election. I guess you have been busy but I am getting a bit worried that I haven’t received any payments for my invoices, let alone the prompt and full payment which you promised when pressing for the jobs to be done so urgently before the election. I hope and trust that you will be able to put this right very shortly.

Yours Sincerely
Romac Press”

The exact wording of the second letter which Mr Griffin wanted Mr Sloan to sign (of which you can download an original here), reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
1st November 2010

Dear Richard,

Re. Invoice Number 7760 and 7770
As we have not received a reply to our letter of 11th August we are writing to inform you that, unless a satisfactory proposal for settlement of this outstanding claim is sent to us within fourteen (14) working days of the date of this letter, we shall issue a summons against you in the county court without further reference to you.
Yours sincerely,
Romac Press”

There are some important and shocking points to note about these letters:
1. Both were written by Nick Griffin at the same time (circa July 2010).
2. Both have been written with different dates to make it appear as if they were composed and sent at a date in the future.
3. Both are designed to take an innocent man to court and have him declared bankrupt, simply because he has fallen out of favour with Nick Griffin.
In summary, this is the situation:
- Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up an unbelievably evil plot to deceitfully bankrupt a totally innocent man because they had fallen out politically with him;
- Nick Griffin attempted to bribe David Sloan from Romac Printers to play along with two forged “letters of demand.”
- In return for Mr Sloan’s co-operation, Mr Griffin offered to pay Mr Sloan’s outstanding printing bill of £44,000.
- In addition, Mr Griffin offered Mr Sloan an additional £1,000 per month paid from EU funds as an additional bribe to take part in this criminal scheme.
- The forged letters of demand were written and pre-dated by Mr Griffin personally.
- Mr Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who is currently the BNP membership secretary, is fully aware and complicit in this evil, vile, outrageous and clearly criminal scheme.
This plot is currently the subject of a criminal investigation by the police, and is being looked at in conjunction with the false declarations submitted by the party (Mr Griffin and Mr Jefferson in particular) to the Electoral Commission concerning election expenses for the Barking and Dagenham election.
The email offer to exchange payment for forged letters of demand proves that Mr Griffin was aware that the printing bills had not been paid—months after he and his treasury staff submitted returns to the Electoral Commission saying all the accounts had been paid.
Both the conspiracy and false declaration charges carry severe criminal and possible jail terms as sentences if the accused are found guilty. A sentence of longer than six months will result in Mr Griffin losing his MEP seat.
Can the party survive much more of this abuse at its highest level?

Robert in Arabia said...

University of Minnesota condemns white people.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 18 June 2012 16:11

Yes but South Africa dumped Rhodesia in the end and handed herself on a plate, lock, stock and barrel to the ANC and under the guidance of its Communist Party puppeteers.

Whatever happened to Jaap Marais?

Anonymous said...

The bitter pain and anguish one experiences when you see your country turn into a third world shithole may well be the required "push" we collectively need to take corrective action.. Like South Africa, your Emerald Isle is in for major pain. Sadly, your pinko leaders refuse to see this tidal wave coming.

Celtic Warrior said...

Laager said...

"Are there any liberals in Ireland .... who are going to apologise to white South Africans [in many case their kith and kin] for what they have brought upon them?"

Please do tell why anyone in Ireland needs to apologise to white South Africans for?

Please refer to my previous post dated 19 June.

Celtic Warrior said...

Could some kind person enlighten me as to what this blog, about third world immigration to Ireland, has got to do with South Africa, and also the BNP and its leader Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Correction by Anonymous 19 June 2012 07:16
Sorry folks I was called away and did not realize that I had not fully edited my comment when I submitted it. So here we go again then.
"Father"! "Father"! "The cannibals are coming"! Well don't just stand there me lad ... set the big pot to boil on the fire then.
Father! Father! Are they going to eat us? Nooooo me lad... WE ARE GOING TO EAT THEM! It is the only thing in the cannibal’s worldly life that they truly will ever understand. EAT OR BE EATEN. SO LET US RATHER EAT THEM MY SON BEFORE THERE IS NARY A SINGLE WHITE ENGLISHMAN LEFT IN BRITTON.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:41 mentions 1965. Pim Fortuyn went to university in 1967 where he became one of them but on seeing the damage done to his country he became one of us.

Laager said...


Your point is taken about Irish support fighting with the Boere during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902
Much appreciated by the Boere and there are memorials / monuments erected in SA to recognise the Irish contribution.

My comment to which you refer was poorly phrased.
Let me try again

Between the 1960s - 1990s the international condemnation of SA gathered momentum. Broad brush it was lead by The Anti-Apartheid Movement, The world Council of Churches, The United Nations and liberal groups within successive British Governments.

I was living in SA at the time and anything emanating from GB / The British Isles was seen as "English". The distinctions between England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland were not really clear to us. The criticism was articulated in the English language and we did not pick up on differences and nuances of accent, country and divisions like Irish Catholic and Protestant groups. Nor was the difference between the Republic of Ireland and the Province of Northern Ireland / Ulster really clear to us.

We relied totally on the printed media and state controlled SABC for our news and information. Those with the inclination and time would go to libraries and read British newspapers.

20+ years down the track we are older and wiser.

With hindsight I do not recall any specific anti SA policy emanating from Ireland. However, individuals like Ian Paisely may have made speeches condemning the system wearing his cleric's hat.

So my support for Anon's criticism refers to the liberal English speaking groups within the British Isles - possibly including spokesmen in Ireland and N Ireland.

Anonymous said...

To Celtic Warrior.
Hello my good friend my comment that you answered and ended by saying "Who crucified who?" was way off the mark so seeing as that you are a good blogger friend of mine I will be gentle with you. Firstly the two brigades of irish soldiers that you speak of were sent to fight alongside the boers against the British in 1900 (very long time ago)and not against the communist backed ANC which only became a fully active resistance movement in 1948. Ironically it was also the same year that the Afrikaner national party came into power and the ANC were very much aggrieved by that. You see during the Boer War the blacks had taken advantage of the situation and plundered Afrikaner farms and murdered Afrikaner wifes and children while their menfolk were out at war with the British. Therefore the defenceless Afrikaner families were forced to seek asylum from the British and live in shoddy concentration camps. The conditions were appalling to say the least and many Afrikaners died from hunger and disease in them. To this very day many Afrikaners still carry the memory of this and it has been passed down from one generation to the next.
Secondly John McBride's execution in 1916 had nothing to do with the Afrikaner leaders of that time because Jan Smuts was regarded as a British puppet and working under British influence and authority. The Boers had lost the war and the British were in command. Now that all took place more than a century ago. Now lets come a lot closer to the present times and I will tell you why I made my comment and what this all has to do with S. Africa. The truth is that when the Nationalist Afrikaner government came into power in 1948 there was a great devide between the English and Afrikaans speaking whites in the country. The devide only narrowed when the whole world turned against S. Africa at the United Nations and demanded that the communist backed ANC be fully supported in their revolution and called for further and harsher sanctions against S. Africa. That call was made by the whole gullible world and England and Ireland were part and parcel of that set up. That was just what the commies and their black puppets wanted to see and hear and they got it without much effort. Now lastly but not leastly the Koi San had lived in S. Africa for twenty thousand years before they were shoved off their land by the Matabele who had moved down (invaded) from central Africa. Does that ring a bell? Do you see what I mean my friend? We all have the same snatch and grab problem with these blacks but when S.Africa warned the world the world refused to listen and their resultant refusal to listen to the warnings crucified S. Africa. Your problems with invading blacks and foreighers are just beginning S. Africas racial problems began a good few centuries ago and believe you me from our own experiences you still have a lot more chaos yet still to come.

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Celtic Warrior
Actually no apologies are being asked for its to late for that now anyway. Nevertheless and as strange as it may seem there is only a slight difference between what is taking place there in Ireland, England and Europe now and what took place in S.A. The Natioalist S.A government was pressurized and forced by numerous foreign countries into handing the country over to the blacks but your government officials there without any outside pressures are willingly doing so right under your noses. The format is the same and the end result will also be the same. So don't get uptight when a bit of sound advice is offered because when it comes to finding honest and dedicated politicians in the western world today they are all unfortunately deceitfully the same and the majority of them are only there for power and self gain. Forewarned is forearmed they say and a little bit of experienced advice is just a little bit of extra ammunition to help you and your deceived fellow citizens on your battle day.
"Eendrag maak magt". "Unity creates strength"

Celtic Warrior said...

Laager said;

“…anything emanating from GB / The British Isles was seen as "English". The distinctions between England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland were not really clear to us. … Nor was the difference between the Republic of Ireland and the Province of Northern Ireland / Ulster really clear to us”.

I’ve noticed that there is some confusion on the political makeup of the British Isles with some of our colonial cousins, so I would like to impose upon Sarah to allow me to use her blog to throw some light on the situation.

The term “British Isles” is a geographical term referring to an archipelago of islands off the North West coast of Europe and it is not a political term. People who are not politically aware sometimes use the term “British Isles” or just “Britain” or even “England” to mean the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” not understanding that whilst the island of Ireland is part of the North Western archipelago and (except for 6 counties of Ulster) it is not a part of the political union making up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Many Irish people for political reasons but not geographical, do not consider Ireland to be part of the British Isles.

The term Britain (Priteni) derives from the original inhabitants of the Isles who were Celtic peoples and whose descendents are still present in the Isles today as Scots, Welsh, Manx, Cornish and Irish. The English are a Germanic people who invaded Britain from North Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 6th century. One of the three invading Germanic tribes were the Angles, who settled mainly in that part of Britain which later became known as England, a name derived from Angle.

Interesting to note that in the Celtic languages of Scotland, Ireland and Wales the English are known as Saxons the name of the other invading tribe, Sassenach (Scots and Irish Gaelic) and Sais (Welsh and Cornish).

Strange also that during the recent troubles in Northern Ireland, nationalists referred to the soldiers from the United Kingdom as “Brits”, meant as a derogatory term without realizing that they were using their own ancient Celtic name.

The name “Great Britain”, where the term “great” means bigger, refers to the large island which encompasses England Scotland and Wales. The name came into use with the political union of England and Scotland at the beginning of the 18th century.

Also interesting to note that the original English settlers to Britain and the Afrikaners who settled in Southern Africa, come from the same areas of Europe and anyone who has knowledge of the Afrikaans language will immediately note the similarities between the two vocabularies. In other words the English and the Afrikaners are close kin, whereas the Scots, Welsh, Irish and other Celts are unrelated to the English.

I suppose one could put forward the argument that the English are not really British (Celtic) at all, except in so far as they were born there. But then maybe we should steer clear of such statements, as I think it was the Duke of Wellington, born in Ireland, and when broached on the subject of his place of birth, asked the question, “would I be a horse if I had been born in a stable”? The slippery slope here is that some Celt might join the anti-immigration bandwagon and get it into his head and ask the English to leave and go back to where they from.

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The first rule to learn to become a good politician is "HE WHO COMMANDS THE MEDIA RULES THE WORLD" Isn't that sweet?

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What people must realise is that not everyone believes Jews re responsible for everything that has gone wrong. There are many Whites involved in thew NWO as you can see from a Biderberger meeting. However -
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