Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Jewish Question

I am sorry to note that the thread relating to Mister Fox's excellent article, Political Judges at War with Britain, has been occasionally diverted by the usual spate of Jew bashing so common on US sites and some National Front supporting blogs. Mister Fox made some very, very important points, and I urge visitors to read what he actually said, and not be distracted by irrelevant issues.

However, in view of some of the comments made I think it is time that I make my position clear on the Jewish question.

A number of those who contribute to this site such as Mister Fox, Reconquista and others have made posts to my blog expressing support for Jews and for Israel's right to defend its people and its boarders. Those posts are made with my consent and with my approval.

I am very aware of the concerns which many in the Nationalist movement have with this issue, and I must admit in some areas I share these concerns. For instance, I am troubled by the level of power which the so called Jewish lobby has over the US government, the financial system and of course the mainstream media. It is not healthy for the world's most powerful nation to be so in thrall to, and so influenced by, one interest group, or one troubled country, in fact it is positively dangerous

Furthermore, certain Jewish led organisations, primarily in the USA, such as the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Centre pursue a very damaging and racist agenda. Such organisations can not be defended on any level, their deliberate and malicious purpose is to cause harm to whites and to Christians for no reason other than the harm they achieve. The sooner such organisations are exposed as the hate groups they truly are the better for US society.

However, the same can be said about many non-Jewish organisations, we live in a world where very many groups seek to do harm to white people of European Christian origin. They do so for many reasons, some out of envy some because they believe the fake history taught against us and some out of anti white racism, hatred and malice. Some of those groups are Jewish led, very very many are not.

History is being re-written all the time, and the revisions invariably benefit those other than the white race. It is true that Jewish writers and historians, have also rewritten and sanitised various less attractive areas of their own history, especially in Eastern Europe.

However, thy are by no means alone in this. Only yesterday we saw an Egyptian archaeologist announcing that the pyramids, in Egypt, were not built by slaves after all, (“quite” as my mother might have said) and because he is an Egyptian we are all supposed to pretend to believe him. Likewise, others attempt to boost their own racial history by inventing history which never happened, the black inventions myths, which are trundled out each each year for black history month, the ludicrous fairy tales of “Great Zimbabwe”, and the current, truly comic, attempts to portray some scraps of parchment found in Timbuktu and bearing spells, potions and recipes, written in Aramaic script, as an African equivalent of the British library, being cases in point.

With regard to World War II and the Holocaust, I accept that this has been deliberately and maliciously used against the white race, irrespective of what side they were on for political ends. However, exactly the same can be said about slavery, colonialism, and, in fact the entire history of white achievement is now used against us. However, unlike much of what is written about about slavery and about the British Empire (both of which I have addressed in earlier postings), I do not question the historical accuracy of the Holocaust (even though many so called survivors' accounts are patent hogwash).

That said the criminal prosecution of those who do question the historical account are an indefensible outrage and largely responsible for proliferating and legitimising the questions being asked. Those countries, which conduct such prosecutions, and those which demand them, clearly have something to hide. Prosecuting thought is wrong, as is repeatedly prosecuting a 90 year old Ukrainian for acts which can never now be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

I say this to demonstrate that I am not attempting to ignore uncomfortable issues and that I am not blind to the fact that there are concerns or that, in some respects, there are legitimate causes for those concerns.

However, none of this amounts to a global Zionist conspiracy, and neither does the fact that the state of Israel and some Jewish people have not always acted in a manner most helpful to their image mean that they are the sworn enemy of the white race. To the contrary, given the situation which we currently face, the Jewish people are our natural allies if only they, and we, would allow ourselves to see it.

Any nationalists, and I am afraid that there are more than a few, who give support to Islam on account of the fact that they enemies of the Jews, are certifiably insane. They may as well seek to live with snakes in the hope the serpents will eat the mice.

Whatever concerns which some may have about Israel or about “the Jews” are minuscule and irrelevant by comparison to the threat we face from Islam, and from mass third world immigration. These two factors threaten our very existence in a way that which those on Stormfront delight in calling “Zionism” does not and never has.

Like homophobia, another deeply damaging irrelevance, anti-Semitism have caused great damage to the Nationalist cause and held us back for years, it is time to put such peripheral trivia aside and concentrate on the real and terrible danger we face. Islam and mass immigration are what will kill us, the Jews will not, although our fixation with them just might.

The wholesale invasion of our homelands was overseen and encouraged by white European politicians most of whom were Christian, agnostic or atheist, we are fools to ignore the threat from within.

This blog will continue to accept postings which are sympathetic to the Jewish people and to Israel. Meanwhile, although I personally do not intend to post further on this matter, I will put aside any minor reservations I may have and extend a hand of friendship to any Jewish person who accepts that, like Israel, the white race has a right and a duty to defend our race and our people and ensure that we have a future, for I accept the same for them.

For that which divides us there is far more which unites us, and the greatest thing which unites us is the great threat we both face.

UPDATE 13/02/2009
I really recommend that visitors read the comments which this post has generated by clicking on the "Comments" link at the bottom. Readers have contributed very interesting views on both sides of this contentious and difficult subject.


Viking said...

Well Said.

I've often thought that, when there are six billion Muslims knocking at our doors, some of us will still be trying to bash the only Jew in the room.

As an aside, and speaking as an archaeologist, Zahi Hawass' credentials are impeccable. He has consistently stood up to the "Black Egyptians" brigade, and his latest findings about the pyramid builders should not be considered a break from traditional views.

Editor said...

Sarah I thought more of you, terrible, really quite terrible…

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry Editor

But the threat to our people comes from Islam and third world immigration.

I know this will upset some of my readers but I have to say what I believe.

Editor said...

No Sarah the threat to our people comes from those within the houses of treason and those that manage them, Islam is a threat because they make it so, they kill their children, murder en-masse in the name of democracy and then stir up hatred because a small few retaliate against us. This new nationalism is hypercritical, hypocritical because it advocates for Israel a regime that has stolen its land, driven the indigenous people from it and washed the very soil with blood. I hate with all my heart this new nationalism, this fraud, this kosher conservatism disguised in the clothes of the patriot.

I have no time for such duplicitous evil, for individuals and groups who seek renown rather then liberty, it was not the Muslim Sarah that instigated the race laws, that began the assault upon western civilisation, an assault incidentally taking place against the east as I write this. What is it Sarah, racism for racisms sake, a hatred of the non-Caucasian and therefore a parity of recognition for his plight, Jewry has for some centuries assailed other out-groups, driven roughshod over the rights of others, played the victim whilst baring its teeth to patriots and yet today supposed nationalists embrace them.

No matter Sarah, if hypocrisy it is to be so be it, support for such a kind against all sense, why even the UK’s biggest, (for now) nationalist party supports that reprehensible state, that nest of vipers ,that causation of such trouble. Weblogs and sites laud their evil as if smitten whilst within our country they attack our very culture, how Sarah, how can one support and offer their hand of friendship to one alien kind and oppose others, are we to pick who seals our fate, robs our birthright and leaves us a mere husk.

If a war should come Sarah, propagated by the elites and that evil cabal ,I shall not fight for evil, shall not raise a hand against their enemies, their enemy is not necessarily my enemy and perhaps once again many of my kinsmen will fight upon the wrong side, confused amongst the chaos created by that evil minority. It is a shame Sarah, I thought that amongst the mass of plastic patriot weblogs, amid the BNP propaganda, propaganda led by others I may add, I thought that your weblog rose above such rubbish, why there are many weblogs that preach such foolishness, so many that express hate, only hate and never sense.

Jewries interests are never our own, yet you all dance to their tune, all sway in time, hypnotised and used, with the patriotic element of the people so negated the people have little chance and by the actions of these supposed patriots our peoples fight is over, to our lamentable shame…

Anonymous said...

A well-reasoned and thoughtfully written post, Sarah.

I agree to a great degree. To unite us, let our external war concentrate on keeping ourselves from Muslims and other foreigners. Let our internal war be fought just as hard, and the guilty parties be excluded or punished accordingly.

Now, should we find that the most indefatigible of our "faithless Tarpeia" gate openers have been Jewish (as many in the WN movement, including me, think), then we should be honest and brave enough to say so.

I have two questions: Is someone White who is also a Semite when it pleases him? I don't think we can expect a fair shake from people who claim to switch races so easily.

Second, would you allow that Whites ought to be free to rule themselves, without the interference of any other racial group, including Semites? I'd like to hear how you would handle membership in such a group. Are Semites in or out?

Nice site, good posts, thank you.

Viking said...

Are ALL Jews a threat to "our people"? if not, which ones are?
The leaders of the great conspiracy? So then, not all Jews. A great number of the Traitors are "our people", so must we hate all English people too, because a few are out to destroy us?

The logic doesn't take, and that's the point. Jew-haters don't even KNOW why they hate Jews, they have, to paraphrase Orwell, always been at war with The Jews.
It is ancient, going right to way back to Jesus' time, just a rehash or old hatreds who rationales are long forgotten.

The "conspiracy theories" are just the latest excuse. But they're just an afterthought.

What is a white person and what is a Semite? Are Jews white? Of course they are.
Even Persians are Aryan, but they're not white. Arabs are caucasian, but not white or Aryan. Carthaginians? Semitic, but founded many European cities.

Indians, the US Supreme Court ruled, are Caucasians (and Aryans mostly) but are not white.

Finns are white. They're not Aryan. Yiddish is an Indo-European language.

Where do you draw the lines?

Anonymous said...

Viking said,

"I've often thought that, when there are six billion Muslims knocking at our doors, some of us will still be trying to bash the only Jew in the room."

I fully agree with Editor there.Viking, do you believe that Muslims masterminded all this?You sound as naive as all the anti-Islamists who believe that everyone is good for White countries as long as he is not Muslim.How about those oh so threatened Jews who supported Bosnian,Albanian and today Chechen Muslim cut-throats?How come that those by the "Holocaust" traumatized Jewish people supported Croatian Ustasha fascists who were Hitler's most passionate and most fanatic allies?Croatian nationalists use the Hitler salute to this day.

Madeline Albright
Richard Holbrooke
Wesley Clark
George Soros

They are all Jews.

One would think that they would condemn everything related to Nazi-lovers.So for me there are only two conclusions.Either the Jews don't care if a group of people hates them as long as they serve their interests or the Holocaust never happened.

Anonymous said...

Also i would recommend Mein Kampf.Yes that evil wicked book,written by the moustache-man.You will be surprised how many of the problems we have today he recognized 87 years ago.

What a coincidence......

AgainsTTheWall said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Sarah. I've been encouraged by finding similar growing sentiments in America as well. The Man who runs Nationofcowards.us is one fine example. I hope to find more American white nationalists who reject the ideology of the 1488 cult. The American Third Position has launched and so far not so good; it's influenced by Kevin MacDonald. A more sane nationalist movement needs to arise right now, and white Americans are running out of time.

Viking said...

Masterminded all what, Anon?

Our current troubles are the result of liberalism in Europe, anti-nationalism and white-guilt PC-ism. There needed to be no external stimuli for this.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

The Godfathers, Chick Publications, will put much of this in correct historical perspective.

Dr.D said...

Part I

A very interesting post, Sarah. While I agree with many of your ideas, I can't quite go along with the whole thing. I'd like to present another approach to thinking about the Jews.

Sarah said, "Islam and mass immigration are what will kill us, the Jews will not, although our fixation with them just might." In this, I think she is entirely correct, and for this reason, I think we need to view the Jews as our allies in the fight, particularly against izlam.

I am writing from an American perspective, and I have to point out that the Jews of America pushed hard for the election of the closet muzlim Barack Hussein Obama. Since his election, he has done every thing his name suggest in terms of making life difficult for the state of Israel, so we have to wonder about the loyalties of American Jews to the state of Israel. It is not clear at all just how to interpret this, but the words "two faced" come to mind. How do you trust someone like that?

Throughout history, the Jews have contributed brilliant people, far out of proportion to their numbers. A few that come to mind are Albert Einstein, Henry Kissenger, George Soros. Some have worked for the great good of mankind, and some have worked for the destruction of mankind. Jews show a remarkable amorality for a supposedly religious people.

This brings us to one interesting aspect of the Jews that sets them apart from all other religious groups. Judaism is a religion, but we hear at least as much about "secular Jews" as we do about "religious Jews." When was the last time you ever heard anything about a "secular Baptist" or a "secular muzlim"? Some how, it seems people remain Jews, even when they cease to believe in Judaism. Remarkable! This means that Judaism is more like a fraternal organization, one that you are born into and cannot leave, and it lends itself to operation as such. Thus just as we might wonder about a conspiracy by the Free Masons, or the Jesuits, or the Knights Templar, so we may also worry about a conspiracy by the Jews.

It has been argued that the Jews are "our elder brothers in the Christian faith." In some respects this is true; the Christian faith is derived from Judaism, with the additions made by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. What this neglects is that Judaism did not stop at the time of Christ. It continued to evolve, and the Talmud was largely written after the time of Christ. It contains much anti-Christian content, so the Jews are not entirely well disposed towards Christians. The Jews viewed Christianity as a competitor (they were correct), and they wrote against the competition. This has not gone away.

Dr.D said...

Part II

It has never worked well for a Christian nation to have Jews in positions of great influence. We can see the severe damage being done in the USA right at this very moment with David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, Ezekiel Emmanuel, and the whole Jewish management of Hollywood. These people are wreaking havoc on the nation and they care not; it is not their country. In more subtle ways, Henry Kissenger also did much damage. I do not propose that Jews should be banned from a nation, but I do say that they should be kept out of positions of major influence. It is too dangerous to allow them to have this much power over the course of the affairs of the nation.

I think that support for Israel is the right thing. The Israelis have provided a home for Jews from around the world who wished to go there, and they have made the desert bloom. They have established as stable, Western type government in the Middle East, as remarkable feat! This is a good place for the Jews to be. We should encourage them all to go there.

I am suggesting a sort of "arm’s length" alliance with the Jews. We should definitely make common cause with them where we have common enemies, such as the muzlims. We should cooperate with them wherever we can to our mutual benefit. But we need to be aware that our interests are not identical. They have their interests, and we have ours, and they are different. We must each look to our own concerns, and not be conned into something that is really contrary to our own interests.

We know that Israel watches out for its own interest. We know that they send spies against us. We know that they use money that we have given to them in aid in order to pay off Congressmen to vote in their favor (that has to stop!). This is all evidence that they recognize that their interests and ours are different, and we must also recognize this fact.

alanorei said...

I would support a lot of what Dr D says, with the further comment that no nation, least of all the UK or the US, should actively oppose Israel, or Jews.

5,000 years of recorded history have shown that every nation that does, starting with ancient Egypt, gets clobbered, hard.

The Muslim nations will eventually add to the list.

One question is, of course, as has been mentioned, why would a politician of Jewish background, e.g. Michael Hecht, aka Howard, open the floodgates of immigration when he must have known that the potential Muslim influx posed a menace to his fellow Jews?


Hecht (and others like him, e.g. Straw, Milliband etc.) is a traitor.

A veteran Baptist pastor in the US has often said, "If it doesn't make sense, there's a buck in it."

Hecht would have struck a deal somewhere e.g. with his EU pay and puppet masters that rewarded him.

Just like Judas Iscariot.

Hopefully, a BNP Government will be able to disclose all from the national archives one day.

Anonymous said...

Dr. D has excellent points that are never answered honestly by those who fling the "anti-Semitism" charge.

Again, on working with Jews. It is impossible. You either work for them or against them. If you try to work with them, they will throw a tantrum whenever they do not get their way; they INSIST on being in charge. This is not theory, I have seen it myself up close in my community organizations, in school and school board meetings, in homeschool groups, and in business.

There are thousands of non-White orgs, most supported or ignored by Jews. But there are no White orgs which exclude Jews which are not attacked viciously by Jews.

Anonymous said...

The wholesale invasion of our homelands was overseen and encouraged by white European politicians most of whom were Christian, agnostic or atheist, we are fools to ignore the threat from within.

lest not forget many of the labour party being of Jewish extraction...eg jack the English arent worth saving straw, and Bercow....

and the labor party have a Friends of Israel group, and of course then theres the Jewish chronicle who dont have much truck with the BNP / British Nationalists

Anonymous said...

yes and who infiltrated the universities, education and mass media...read the Culture of Critique (i.e Western Culture )

NR said...

I will put aside any minor reservations I may have and extend a hand of friendship to any Jewish person who accepts that, like Israel, the white race has a right and a duty to defend our race and our people and ensure that we have a future, for I accept the same for them.

Good luck with that.

Let's see how far it gets you.

Both Muslim AND Jew have no place in the West.

misterfox said...

The reason why in view of mass immigration it is expedient for Whites and Jews to form committees for mutual defence is that we are both under attack fron the alliance of western elites(many Jewish) with Islam against Whites and Jews.
I think that Jewish people are self destructive. I am reading Bat Ye'or's Eurabia and she talks about conspiracies between Nazis and Arabs but seems to miss the fact that the people who pushed the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership have Jewish antecedents: Sarkozy is a quarter or half Jewish and both David Millibands parents were Jewish.
They fail to see what they are bringing on European Jewish communities by alleying themselves within Islam. Jews are brilliant at art and science but useless at protecting themselves. They oppose people who support them and support those who hate them. The para in my article on Sarah's blog that propted these comments was the decision of the Supreme Court against a jewish School who refused admission to a young boy because his mother was only a convert. This makes the traditional way of determining Jewishness(passed hrough the mother) illegal under British race laws. The main Judge, lord Phillips, is of sephardic origin on his mother's side!
In Europe Jewish people must rebel against their leaders and influential Jews, because with the Euro-mediterranean Partnership and Turkey joining the EU there will be widespread persecutions of Jews yet jewish leaders call on their people to alley with muslims agaist us. Last January in demos against the attack on Gazza Muslims marched through Europe chanting jews to the gas." Don't rule it out when they have built up their numbers because Muzzies are always explicit about what they intend to do.
It seems to me that Jewish people are always fighting the last war and missing the one coming as well as opposing their friends and supporting their enemies.

Anonymous said...

Jews arent white

Shieldline said...

Why is that thing allowed outside the white house. Why don't they have a cross there if they're going to display a religous symbol. Aren't the overwhelming majority of religous Americans christians? And wasn't the country founded and build up by mainly protestant christians before the jews started arriving in the 1880s?

alanorei said...

Anyone interested in the Biblical Christian perception of the Jews and Israel and in particular, the Jews in the USA, could benefit from reading the 1,000 page work How Satan Turned America Against God by KJB Baptist pastor, Dr. William P. Grady.

The work is not entirely about the Jews and Israel but that subject is a significant part of the book.

Note that this suggestion is not meant to be a definitive answer to all the perceptions of the Jews and the USA.

It is, as indicated, simply a means of appreciating the Biblical Christian perspective and may be of interest, therefore.

Anonymous said...

It's now official - there's no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors

Extracts from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in 2000:

'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

'If 135,000 former Jewish slave laborers are still alive today, some 600,000 must have survived the war. That's at least a half-million more than standard estimates.. If Jews only constituted 20% of the surviving camp population and, as the Holocaust industry implies, 600,000 Jewish inmates survived the war, then fully 3 million inmates in total must have survived. By the Holocaust industry's reckoning, concentration camp conditions couldn't have been that harsh at all; in fact, one must suppose a remarkably high fertility and remarkably low mortality rate.. If, as the Holocaust industry suggests, many hundreds of thousands of Jews survived, the Final Solution couldn't have been so efficient after all ­ exactly what Holocaust deniers argue.' (pp127-8).

'Both my father and my mother were survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps.. One of my father's lifelong friends was a former inmate with him in Auschwitz, a seemingly incorruptible left-wing idealist who on principle refused German compensation after the war. Eventually he became a director of the Israeli Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Reluctantly and with genuine disappointment, my father finally admitted that even this man had been corrupted by the Holocaust industry, tailoring his beliefs for power and profit. As the rendering of the Holocaust assumed ever more absurd forms, my mother liked to quote (with intentional irony) Henry Ford: "History is bunk." (p7).

'The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel' (p30).

'Much of the literature on Hitler's Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.' (p 55).

'Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics'. (p 68).

'Annual Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust are a national event. All 50 states sponsor commemorations, often in state legislative chambers.. Seven major Holocaust museums dot the American landscape. The centerpiece of this memorialization is the United States Holocaust museum in Washington.. (This) museum's annual budget is $50 million, of which $30 million is federally subsidized.' (p72). (This is in spite of the fact that, as he points out on page 32, per capita Jewish income in the US is almost double that of non-Jews). 'With a reelection campaign looming, Jimmy Carter initiated the (US Holocaust Museum) project to placate Jewish contributors and voters, galled by the president's recognition of the "legitimate rights" of Palestinians.' (p 73).

To conclude:
'The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the "greatest robbery in the history of mankind".. The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk.'(p 138-9).
'Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood ­ in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified. " (p3).

Anonymous said...


Against the international background of heavy Jewish involvement in Communism, did the South African experience show any parallels? Perhaps the best way to gain an insight into this topic is to quote from four books, three of which are by Jewish authors.


A History of Communism in South Africa by Dr Henry R Pike (published by Christian Mission International of South Africa, Germiston, South Africa (1985, 1988).
A large number of Jews have worked to promote Communism in South Africa, as Pike’s book indicates. Many of these Jews were involved in the organization of trade unions, particularly black trade unions. Some of the names mentioned by Pike are A Z Berman ‘a noted Marxist’ who headed the Industrial Socialist League in Cape Town; the communist writer David Shub, Solly Sachs, secretary of the Garment Workers Union and expelled from and then readmitted to the South African Communist Party, Bennie Weinbren who directed the Non-European Trade Union Federation, Issy Diamond, Abraham Levy, Hymie Levin, Issie Wolfson, Julius Lewin, Louis Joffe, Dr Max Joffe, Molly (Zelikowitz) Wolton, Lazar Bach, Rebecca (Notlowitz) Bunting, Fanny Klenerman, Michael Harmel, Sam Kahn, Katy Kagan, Eli Weinberg, Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Leon and Norman Levy, Lionel Forman, Jacqueline and Rowley Arenstein, Errol and Dorothy Shanley, Monty Berman, Bertram Hirson and Neville Rubin.
Dr Pike (p 212-3) quotes from a South African Government Gazette Extraordinary (vol VI 16 Nov 1962 pp 2-28) which listed ‘persons who have been office-bearers, officers, members or active supporters of the Communist Party of South Africa’. The list included 66 ‘clearly identifiable as Jews’, 61 ‘white non-Jews’ and two uncertain. At the time, the South African population was approximately 3 million whites, while the South African Jewish population was 110 000 (World Almanac 1958 p270). So there was approximately one Jew for every 26 white non-Jews in the country. If there had been an equal distribution of Communist involvement between non-Jewish whites and Jews, the Jewish membership of the Communist Party should have been one-twenty-sixth the white Gentile representation. Instead, we find slightly more Jews as members. In other words, Jews were almost thirty times more likely to become members of the Communist Party than were white Gentiles. If Jews with non-Jewish names were also counted, the ratio would be likely to have been considerably higher.
In theory this could be explained away as simple Jewish concern for the welfare of the underdog, the lowest classes, and in the South African context, evidence of Jewish sympathies across racial barriers, or non-racism. In testing such a hypothesis to see whether this is indeed the case, we can look at another instance. Such concerns have been notoriously, and very conspicuously, almost totally absent in the protracted conflict in the Middle East. There, international Jewish support has been overwhelmingly and steadfastly in favor of the Jewish Israelis, and not of the Palestinians who have lost their country, and in thousands of cases their lives, to the violent settlers from Eastern Europe and America. After all, the entire territory was under Palestinian political control until 1947. The Jewish population of the area in 1917 was a mere 7% of the 700 000 inhabitants. The other 93% were Arabs. In 1947 the United Nations under tremendous US pressure gave the Zionists, who owned only about 6% of the land, 56% of the territory of Palestine. Since then, there has been a steady take-over of the remaining territory by force, violence, warfare, bribery and stealth.

Anonymous said...


Jews and Zionism: the South African Experience (1910-67), by Dr Gideon Shimoni (Oxford University Press, 1980).
This book appears to have been written for a Jewish readership.
Two extended quotes from the book will serve as a summary of the situation some decades ago.
[Dr Shimoni was born in South Africa to parents from Lithuania, but settled in Israel where he lectured at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and where he gained post-graduate degrees in Jewish history. While bitterly contemptuous of South Africa under the apartheid system, Dr Shimoni in effect identifies with the concept of geographically based ethnic groupings that was the basis of the South African system. This kind of irony, not to say hypocrisy, is typical of Jews opposed to ‘racism’ in Europe, the US or South Africa.]
Dr Shimoni writes of ‘..the extraordinary salience of Jewish individuals in the white opposition to the regime of apartheid. Throughout this period Jewish names kept appearing in every facet of the struggle: amongst reformist liberals; in the radical Communist opposition; in the courts, whether as defendants or as counsel for the defense; in the lists of bannings and amongst those who fled the country to evade arrest. Their prominence was particularly marked in the course of the Treason Trial which occupied an important place in the news media throughout the second half of the 1950’s. This trial began in December 1956, when 156 people were arrested on charges of treason in the form of a conspiracy to overthrow the state by violence and to replace it with a state based on Communism. Twenty-three of those arrested were Whites, more than half of them Jews. They included Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Lionel (Rusty) Bernstein, Leon Levy, Norman Levy, Sydney Shall, Joe Slovo, Ruth (First) Slovo, Sonia Bunting, Lionel Forman, Isaac Horvitch, Ben Turok, Jacqueline Arenstein, Errol Shanley, Dorothy Shanley. (pp. 227-8).
‘In this extended five-year period between the emergence of violent opposition and its effective suppression, the prominent involvement of individual Jews was in the public eye more than ever before. This was even more so than in the dramatic circumstances of the ‘Rivonia arrests’. On 11 July 1963 the police raided the home of Arthur Goldreich in Rivonia near Johannesburg, where it captured, by surprise, the leadership cadre of the Umkonto we Sizwe underground. Seventeen people were arrested.. Five of those arrested were Whites, all of them Jews. They were: Arthur Goldreich, Lionel Bernstein, Hilliard Festenstein, Dennis Goldberg and Bob Hepple.. [There was an] overwhelming impression that Jews were in the forefront of the White radicals who were trying to overthrow the system of White supremacy in South Africa. When the secret African Resistance Movement (ARM) was crushed during 1964, it again became evident that many Jews were involved. One of its founders was identified as Monty Berman.. others were Adrian Leftwich and Bertram (Baruch) Hirson. Among those who were associated with ARM were Neville Rubin and Michael Schneider [and ] others implicated were Frederick and Rhoda Prager, Raymond Eisenstein and Hugh Lewin..’ (pp. 232-3).
Dr Shimoni records with obvious distaste the wording of an Afrikaans letter in a newspaper criticizing this fundamentally hypocritical proclivity of Jews: ‘They (the Jews) themselves are the most exclusive apartheid people, yet they exert themselves here for integration.’ While Jews themselves have shown no intention to integrate or merge with the African masses, they have been hyper-critical of mainstream whites who are reluctant to follow this route, while their synagogues have remained ethnically 100% Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Cutting Through the Mountain: Interviews with South African Activists Edited by Immanuel Suttner (Viking-Penguin, England and USA 1997).
This book also appears to have been written for a Jewish readership. It is a thick expensively bound book of over 600 pages, financially supported by the Liberty Life Foundation created by the Jewish mega-capitalist Donald Gordon. Suttner says ‘a disproportionate number of individual Jews played a part in transforming South Africa into a more just society. There are two streams: those who fought ‘within the system’ as jurists, members of parliament, via the media, or in civil society, and those who entered ‘illegal’ organizations which were socialist, communist or mass-based in character.’ (p.2) He says the book ‘welcomes (these Jews) back not only as worthy South Africans, socialists, communists or liberals, but as worthy Jews’ (p.3). Some of the ‘remarkable people’ (page vii) who are heroes of the book include:
 Taffy Adler who was involved in the 1970s and '80s in the 'formation and consolidation of the black trade union movement'. His father was a Lithuanian Jew who emigrated to South Africa in 1926 and who 'was tremendously loyal to Stalin and Russian communism' right up to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. His uncle, Michael Harmel, became general secretary of the South African Communist Party.
 Ray Alexander (Rachel Alexandrowich) arrived in South Africa from Latvia and joined the SA Communist Party five days later. She played a leading role in the organization of trade unions. She was married to Jack Simons, a 'devoted communist' and lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
 Pauline Podbrey (Podbrez) born in Lithuania came to South Africa at the age of eleven. She joined the Communist Youth League, run by Max Joffe, and the related Labor League of Youth, run by Hilda Bernstein. Of the Communist Party she says 'the majority of the members were Jewish…looking back on it now, it seems as if everybody was Jewish.' (*p52). She married a prominent Indian trade unionist and Communist Party leader, resulting in her mother being ostracized by the South African Jewish community, although it has been and still is normal practice for this community to depict white non-Jews as despicable prejudiced racists.
 Joe Slovo born in Lithuania, came to South Africa where he joined the Young Communist League at the age of sixteen. He became a central member of the Communist Party of South Africa and a 'hard-line Stalinist', becoming general secretary in 1986. He concentrated on building up Umkhonto we Sizwe, the ‘armed wing’ of the ANC (African National Congress), becoming its chief of staff and head strategist in the campaign of bombings directed at civilian targets and other acts of terror. He only abandoned his commitment to Stalinism and Soviet-style communism when the Soviet bloc started falling apart in the late 1980s and it became necessary to do so. A key strategist representing the ANC in the negotiations with De Klerk’s government in the hand over of power, he became a minister in Mandela's Cabinet.
when the ANC came to power in 1994. He died of cancer a few years later. His daughter published an autobiographical book describing her father’s affair with a Jewish Communist friend’s wife and his utter refusal to acknowledge the son born of this relationship.
 Gill Marcus, the daughter of parents involved with the Communist Party, a long-time member of the Party and of the ANC, is now a Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank after being a member of the first Mandela Cabinet.
Ronnie Kasrils became a central figure in the South African Communist Party and head of military intelligence of the ANC's military wing. He became Deputy Minister of Defense in the Mandela government, and is now Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry.

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Traitors’ End: The Rise and Fall of the Communist Movement in Southern Africa by Nathaniel Weyl (Arlington House, USA, 1970).

‘For the most part, the Jews had come to South Africa from Lithuania at the turn of the century.. They had been popular at first, but by the mid-1930’s this was no longer the case. The Jews had become heavily urbanized. In Johannesburg, they constituted 17 per cent of the population and were sufficiently conspicuous so that the metropolis was sometimes referred to, not as Jo’burg, but as Jewburg. They aroused envy and some rancor during the years of depression because they controlled a large part of the business of Johannesburg and other cities.. Anti-Semitism was fed by the economic discontent.. A perhaps more important ingredient was the prominence of South African Jews in finance, mining and the other economic command posts of the nation, on the one hand, and in revolutionary and racial reform movements on the other. From the outset, the Jews had been prominent in the Communist Party and its various fronts. They were equally conspicuous in the various movements that sought to break down the barriers separating the White from the non-White population. South African anti-Semitic propaganda.. depicted the Jew as a deracinated element who sought to destroy White civilization and nationalism with the twin weapons of Communism and international finance.’
The famous Rivonia Trial of the 1960’s resulted from a raid on a farm near Johannesburg in which many of the top leadership of the Communist party were detained. The White defendants were virtually all Jews, including Dennis Goldberg, ‘a civil engineer who served as commander in a Communist camp that trained young guerrillas’, and Lionel ‘Rusty’ Bernstein, the only prisoner to be acquitted. A Johannesburg architect, Bernstein ‘admitted to having been a Communist for 25 years, but successfully alleged that he had left the party, without, however, changing his revolutionary convictions.’ (Weyl pp 122-3). Amongst those implicated during the trial were the Jews Joe Slovo and his wife Ruth First, Bob Hepple and Michael Harmel. ‘Operation Mayibuye [a plan for guerrilla warfare, armed invasion of South Africa and Communist conquest of the country] was drafted by Arthur Goldreich, perhaps the most important of the men captured by the South African Police at Rivonia. Goldreich managed to bribe his way out of prison.. During the trial, Goldreich was referred to by Nelson Mandela and other defendants as a military expert who served as an officer in the Israeli war for independence.. Goldreich’s plan was modeled on the guerrilla strategy of the Chinese Communists.. Goldreich’s notebook shows constant preoccupation with the practical details of revolutionary war. He goes into the types of explosives and fuses needed and their characteristics…’ (Weyl pp124, 127-8).
‘On December 16, 1966, the United Nations branded Rhodesia "a threat to international peace". President Johnson’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Arthur Goldberg, immediately pledged United States support for sanctions against Rhodesia "in order to drive home to the illegal regime (of Ian Smith) that the international community will not tolerate the existence of a discriminatory system based on minority rule in defiance of the United Nations and its principles." Ambassador Goldberg’s logic was extraordinary, to say the least. Over half of the UN member states had governments not based upon majority rule As for the United Nations statement that Rhodesia threatened international peace, the statement simply reversed the facts of the matter. Rhodesia was exposed to attacks by guerrillas, armed, financed, trained and abetted by Black African member states of the United Nations in flagrant defiance of the UN Charter.. Ambassador Goldberg was not alone in his fanatical hostility to White rule in Africa..’ (Weyl pp 162-3).