Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Effect of Global Warming on French Soccer

French Soccer Team 1959

French Soccer Team 2008

The effects of climate change can no longer be ignored

Hat Tip: Dina


Dr.D said...

Baked to a crisp!

Sarah, you have convinced me, global warming is coming, it is more severe than I ever imagined! Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. Very good Sarah. Made my day - it really points out the absurdity of the liberal/ left. They bother about less than molehills, while failing to see mountains!


Anonymous said...

Don't the French feel lame for having to rely on foreigners to win their soccer games?

I remember seeing some soccer championship match a few years ago. I t was France vs. Italy and I was amazed at the stark contrast in nationalism. Italy's team was all-Italian, they looked exactly how I imagine Italians look, while the French team was all black except for one man who seemed white, until I looked up on Wikipedia that he was Algerian. *sigh*

I also found it interesting that the Italian players seemed proud of their country, while the African mercenaries showed no emotional attachment to their host country as the French national anthem was played.

Silly French.

Anonymous said...

Isn't global social engineering / race replacement astounding

NR said...

Amazing. We can see the effects of the Race Replacemant agenda in only 50 years.

Will it take another 50 years to reverse this genocide? I wonder.

zazie said...

fifty years ahead world soccer contests will take place between cocacola and macdonald teams!
Honestly, I could not care less ; soccer is not the core of any national culture, or is it?

Shieldline said...

The French would still have a decent white team if they were given a chance. Look at their rugby team, full of skillful white men. Thirty years ago almost all the goalkeepers in the English top division were English and good enough to play for England. Now if you're the best English keeper in the second division or whatever the hell they call it nowadays you might get an England callup. English kids are no longer being given a chance to develop into top division players. They bring in some 25 year old finished product from abroad instead -like instant coffee and call it progress. Its a mirror image of white people being replaced by ' instant people. '

Adrian P said...

Lord Monckton, former senior Policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher calling for Gore to be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity.
Arrest Gore, Abolish the UN

Lord Monckton's website
Science and public policy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All things come to those who wait.


Anonymous said...

What you have to remember, good sir, is that France untill very recently had several colonies (Algeria among others). After WW2, those from the colonies that served in the french army (or helped in any other way) was promised french citizenship. As a result of this, there are a lot of french citizens with African roots. In other words, these french players are indeed french, beacause lets face it, anything else would be silly.