Sunday, 10 January 2010

islam4uk in Wootton Bassett?

Derby Patriot is reporting that the police have given permission for islam4UK to march through Wootton Bassett, but the media is prevented from reporting it.

Link to Derby Patriot report

UPDATE: It is beginning to look as if this rumour may be unfounded, according to what I am now hearing, if it was planned, it did not go ahead.

UPDATE #2: Within hours of the above reports Islam4UK have issued a statement saying they are calling off the planned march. Now if I was a suspicious person .................. !!!!!

Update # 3 ( Jan 11): What I am hearing this morning, although it is certainly not confirmed is that they were given permission to march and that two coaches were on the way to Wootton Bassett but the news got out and large crowds were on the streets waiting for them. As a result the police turned them back for their own safety (the crowd part is certainly true as Sky news showed film of it last night). They then "cancelled" to save face.It seems likely something happened, as it is all too much of a coincidence, however, we will probably never know, as the media simply don't report some "culturally sensitive" news.


Goodnight Vienna said...

It was only this morning that Alan Johnson said he'd ban the march, Islam4UK & al-Muhajiroun (at last). What a joke!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It looks as if I may have posted that report too soon. It does not appear to have taken place.

Goodnight Vienna said...

According to the links from Derby Patriot that's only because Choudary and his supporters were stopped and arrested, or at least prevented from travelling. It's a bit murky at the moment. Sky mentioned it about half an hour ago but simply said Islam4UK didn't turn up. They can protest wherever they like as far as I'm concerned - except Wootton Bassett.

Anonymous said...

Another voice on common sense sans political correctness -- watch this short youtube video.