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Chemical Dumbing Down And Its Consequences - A Case For Mitigation?

Jessica Davies arriving at court

A personal view by A. Peirson

This is probably going to be a contraversial argument, where i claim someone who openly admits and is known to have carried out a crime, may well be innocent. So in the interests of justice i put forward my opinion.

The case of Jessica Davies, niece of the junior defence minister appears to be an open and shut case, she has not denied the crime, she has declared herself a monster.

The newspaper comments sections are full of vitriol for this hideous crime carried out by this deranged woman,

but before we condemn her too, let's look a little deeper at events.

It is the belief of a growing number of people that the ruling elite are using drugs, not just as a means of making a profit, but as an actual means of control over society.
This is one of the greatest battles of humanity, the battle between the ruling elites for control over the masses. The masses, the proletariat being largely unaware of the war they are involved in.

There is a good reason why we are not told about this war, if the masses ever realised what was going on there would be a revolution and the ruling elites would lose, there is millions of us and only a few thousand of them.

On that basis that a picture paints a thousand words, here is a good idea of what the establishment want.

It was Aldous Huxley who prophesised in his book "Brave New World" that the ruling elites would use drugs (and propaganda) as a means of acquiring and maintaining this control over the masses. Huxley states, "the policies are less important than the spin all that is needed is money, and the candidate can be coached to look sincere".

This is why for example Obama, Blair and Cameron are such "polished performers", without having any real policies, they just get elected on the promise of "hope" or "change" spouted by the likes of Obama or Cameron whilst completely ignoring the common sense reality that if you want prosperity we have to work, we have to build things like cars, ships, steel and electronics.

So here we are, 2010, the British National Party trying desperatly to tell the masses if they want real prosperity and freedom we have to get our industry back up and running, and we have to tear up the treaties. Cameron on the other hand is not offering anything specific, just that he will cut the deficit, and that post Lisbon he will "not let matters rest there".

The masses will walk mesmerised by Cameron's smarm to the precipice completely ignore common sense, they all know we have to begin manufacturing, stop dumbing down our education system and regain our Sovereignty not by "not letting matters rest there" but by tearing up the treaties.

What's going on?

I think there are several important things at play here, one that human beings have a slight tendency too follow leaders, in medicine and psychiatry, this can be known as white coat syndrome, put a white coat on someone and they become believable, experiments of this nature have been done and it is now well documented.

The masses mesmerised by percieved authority are lured hypnotically to follow leaders, this is why a pop star who knows absolutely nothing about climatology can join the Global Warming scam and millions of youngsters will join them unthinkingly.

If it said on the BBC news that scientists had confirmed that Global Warming is real and that unless the people hand over their money to Gordon Brown, add baby polar bears, kittens, babies and ducklings to the mix and the establishment can extract even more wealth from us to transfer into offshore accounts. Come on people, how many times have you fallen for that starving black African con? We have poured trillions into that continent, that continent is one of the richest on the planet, it has Gold, Diamonds, Uranium and Silver, the African people don't need our money, what they need is western leaders who will stop stealing their wealth from them. Who owns the Diamond mines in Africa, Nigeria's oil, the Gold? It's not the African people, it's us, we in the west, De Beers, Shell and BP, the very fact that few, if any African leaders point this out shows they are in on the scam to impoverish their own people and steal their wealth. As in many parts of the world now, Africa is ruled by corrupt puppet dictators selling out their own people for Gold bars held in Swiss bank accounts, and what about the committed Comunists in Westminster and Whitehall, do they complain about the proletarian exploitation being carried out, no of course not, because despite what they spout, Communism is about wealth and despotic control over the lives of others. Gordon Brown claims to be a Socialist but has he ever condemned Shell or BP for their exploitation of Africa's resources, has he as a Socialist ever suggested that the African Diamond mines should perhaps be owned by the Africans?

Cameron et al, talk of redistribution but have they ever mentioned the vast fortunes held by people like the Rothschild's, whose estimated net wealth is said to be in the region of between £100 trillion and £500 trillion, why not? Africa doesn't need aid, it needs a BNP Government in Britain and Ron Paul as President of the US. It's all a con we the masses are by and large mesmerised by these frauds, all Cameron has to do is go on tv and say "I will give you a cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum on the European Union" and millions will fall for it, because no one looks behind the curtain.

So what does all this have to do with Jessica Davies? Well, as Huxley prophesised in his book Brave New World, there is good evidence that the ruling elites are using drugs to attain yet greater control over our lives. What is the first thing they do to children after being born, they pump them full of mercury, mercury is a known neurotoxin to dumb down the population.

Where is the link to the Jessica Davies case? Well, the Daily Mail article says she was on anti-depressants at the time, which may have influenced her behaviour.

Going back to what i said earlier, we have a tendency to follow leaders, in medicine and psychiatry, the well documented white coat syndrome.

Many murderers and criminals try to rationalise their behaviour look at Stalin and Mao they rationalised their crimes so as to make the criminal act acceptable to themselves. this is illustrated in the film Hannibal, Hannibal Lector kills and eats one of the musicians in the Vienna Philiharmonic as a way of improving the Orchestra, now Jessica Davies, quite naturally her doctor no doubt would have told her the drugs she was taking were perfectly safe, of course white coat syndrome would dictate to her that these drugs would be perfectly safe with minimal side effects.

A little more digging however reveals that in 7 out of the past 12 school shootings in the US the perpretator has either been on anti depressants or withdrawing from their use.

In addition, although the pharmaceutical companies deny any link, anti depressants have been linked to many hundreds if not thousands of other suicides and murders.

Is this why she made the sane announcement when the police arrived? "I am a monster" eg i must have been a monster to have committed such a monstrous act, remember real criminals don't see themselves as such. She also states that the crime is so monstrous that "I dare not ask for forgiveness". This woman is not a monster, she is as sane as you or i, devastated and traumatised by what she did, from what i do know she did indeed kill, these drugs are being used on society in increasing numbers, not as medication but as a means of increasing the control of the elites over the masses, but i believe there is some grounds to say she may be innocent, just who are the real monsters, the elites drugging humanity or their poor victims like Jessica and Olivier? This article should also illustrate why courts should determine justice and not mob rule.

A. Peirson.
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Revolution Harry said...

You may well be correct in your contention that the anti-depressants she was on played a part in what happened. As you pointed many have documented the involvement of such anti-depressants in a large number of the 'school' shootings and other incidents in America and elsewhere.

It would take far too long to explain how this links in with both the agenda for a world government (New World Order) and the mass immigration, cultural Marxism and diversity (divide and rule) agenda we're witnessing here. You may though be interested in the short video below.

Anonymous said...

Jessica had taken 4 different kinds of anti-depressants, smoked cannibas and consumed alcohol before killing, i think that it is impossible that this cocktail of drugs did not effect her behaviour, drug taking tends to be played down in relation to crime.

Ben Kinsella's killer knifed him 9 times in a frenzied attack which resulted in his death, the judge said that that the 9 cannibas joints he had smoked before the killing had played no part in his behaviour, but cannibas is well known to cause pychological problems like paronia and schizophrenia. A very thought provoking article.....Donna

grandad said...

I'm sorry fair maid,I follow your blog religiously, and generally agree with everything you say, but this article was absolute claptrap.
The reason the ruling elite are so keen on drugs is because they were all (successfully) encouraged to experiment with drugs by left wing dons and student activists as a means of corrupting our future ruling elite.(Again successfully).All that means is that the soviet union continues to have an effect long after it has ceased to exist.
As for native africans running ANY industry successfully-what planet are you on ?.If you really beleive that 99% of your posts are invalid.
And I know it's easy to fall into the leftist trick of hating the oil companies.Jealousy and righteous indignation(of super rich oilmen and companies) are easy emotions to stir, but consider this.
1)The oil companies discover the oil.
2)They provide the means and the expertise to get it out of the ground.
3)they provide all the transport to it's point of use.
4)they make it into a saleable product.
5)they provide the market.
6)In doing this they provide employment in the host country.
7)the host country get the lions share of the sale price of each barrel of oil, running into billions of dollars.Unfortunately most of it goes the same way as the aid money.
Now for all that, all the host nation does is physically sit on top of the oil.Now if they had access to all the above do you think they would have either the inteligence or the motivation to make a success of it?
I think you know the answer.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Grandad

The article is not one of mine, it is a personal view by A. Peirson, who is a new writer here. I do not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed, but I think the article is very well written, well argued and makes a compelling case.

It is certainly not claptrap as you describe it.

I may not personally agree with with all points being made, but I believe in free speech, especially when it is expressed as well as it has been in this article.


Adrian Peirson said...

GranDad may have a point, regarding Africa'a ability to look after itself.
But I might argue we look a liitle deeper there too.
Isn't Africa kept in turmoil by design, if they are fighting and killing each other, they're not going to notice us stealing their wealth.
I would argue that they haven't been given a chance, as soon as these resources are discovered we in the west go in.
You could still be right, We could give them back these resources and they might still not be able to do it and fail.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that people like Mugabe are secretly put in place and supported by the Global elites precisely to cause mayhem and instability, if ever the African peoples stopped killing each other, they might notice the Rothschilds stealing their wealth, as things are right now, with them impoverished and engaged in constant bloodletting, there is less chance of that happening.
You may be right, maybe they can't look after nor manage their resources, I'm just not sure they have been given the opportunity.
I think Mugabe is secretly supported by the ruling elites who have a vested interest in keeping the African people fighting and squabbling amongst each other.

Youtube School Shootings Antidepressants

Dr.D said...

I know nothing at all about Jessica Davies and her crimes. I will not attempt to address that at all.

I do think that it is true that the elites encourage the use of all sorts of drugs, both licit and illicit, in the effort to create a more controllable society. Anything that tends to break down personal responsibility, as drugs easily can do when used without the utmost care, works to the advantage of those who would be our masters. They do not want self-reliant, clear thinking people who prefer to make their own decisions and provide for themselves. They much prefer people who are dependent on the state for everything because dependent people are much more easily controlled and manipulated. Their freedom is compromised and they are slaves. Drug use of all sorts encourages this status.

The writer spoke of the apathy with which the common man views political involvement, and his willingness to follow charlatan politicians. This is most certainly an accurate observation, in the US and I presume in the UK as well. To this the writer says, "What's going on?"

I would suggest that it is a profound lack of leadership, really good leadership. There appear to be exceedingly few true statesmen around theses days, men with a vision for the nation that does not include elevating themselves while destroying their nation. The great public servants of the past, the true leaders who wanted more than anything to serve their nation and see it endure and prosper, seem to have vanished from the stage. Partly this is because we have allowed politics to become such a very nasty business that few decent men want to engage in it. It subjects a person to life under a microscope in ways that are truly intolerable, and there is the endless game of "Gottcha" with the news media. It is not surprising that we only attract scum to the job these days, and lo and behold -- scum is what we have. And they behave exactly like scum. They rob us blind, and sell our countries down the drain for their personal gain. Should we be surprised?

Western society has willingly allowed itself to become hostage to this nonsense called Political Correctness. Under this self-imposed set of shackles, we are helpless to defend ourselves from the huge problems facing us. We can throw this off in an instant if we will simply say, "I'm done with that" but few will do so.

We need true leaders, and we need people of courage.

Anonymous said...

Soma is here and in widespread use; and beware those who attempt to kick their habit.

I'm amazed at the number of parents today who think it is good to give mind-altering drugs to their own children. Only 10-20 years ago such a situation was unthinkable even in popular science fiction. We live in a cross between Brave New World and 1984, and few even recognize the fact.

mister fox said...

Africa is in turmoil because they are not capable of running their own countries. A bit like Detroit and Jamaica. However, drugs make things worse in everydaylife, without doubt.

Adrian P said...

Here's some more links.

chemical dumbing down

Anti D's School Shootings

Plus the link posted by Revolution Harry.

Chemical Dumbing Down

incidentaly the way to post hyperlinks on blogger is

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BadBallie said...

Drugging happens on a daily bases and is for the most known of and accepted by the masses, Fluoride in drinking water to make our teeth strong and healthy? fluoride is an anti psychotic used exclusively to inhibit anger and make people less likely to rebel. most illegal drugs being sold on the streets are allowed for the same reason, The apartheid government actively produced and distributed drugs to help keep the masses under control, the list goes on and on and includes ingredients in most of the products we buy on a daily basis