Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Saving Switzerland

By August Pointneuf

The coming year will reveal the outcome of a trial of strength between competing political philosophies in Europe which will determine the future of democracy in Europe.

Following the Swiss “minaret” vote, threats have been received that this national decision will be over-ruled by a variety of powerful supra-national bodies, in order to impose their own agenda on the population of Switzerland.

Many, afraid that the Swiss democratic expression will be undermined by surreptitious anti-democracy power-plays, have asked "How can we support democracy in the Swiss context? How can we help this small country which is likely to be knelt upon by powerful bullies?"

Because finance plays an important role in the Swiss economy, variants of financial sanction on the Swiss will probably be the forces used to inflict submission.

Such strong-arming has already been used to force smaller countries in Europe into submission. Indeed, this technique of using financial pressure has already been used to manipulate the Swiss into “compliance”, using also a generous ad-mix of emotional blackmail and whingeing appeals to that notoriously fallacious value system, “world opinion”.

A display of Population Resistance from both within and beyond Europe is now imperative, if the type of democracy so striven for in the past, is to survive.

One way those outside Switzerland can actively counter possible threats by supra-national bodies to withdraw funds from Switzerland would be to move funds (personal and institutional) from their home nations into Swiss banks.

This is the anonymous and powerful financial “vote”, which is available to all who wish to protect democracy. This “vote” has nothing to do with minarets, but revolves about the future of those who wish to live within democracies, and those who wish to defeat looming totalitarianism.

Perhaps this little state, Switzerland, could issue “Democracy Bonds” to attract these symbolic funds, much as Victory Bonds were issued during an earlier war?

Save Swiss!


Abu Abdullah said...

This idea has merit. Get in touch with the Swiss People's Party and put the idea across to them.

Spud said...

These supranational forces would be the same ones that moved against Saudi Arabia resulting in the explosive (I know, apologies ...) growth in church building in that haven of enlightenment.