Friday, 1 January 2010

Death with the New Decade

As the New Year dawns another white farmer dies violently in South Africa. Censor Bugbear is reporting that an, as yet unnamed, 83-year old man was shot dead and his son injured after an unknown ‘person’ shot them on their smallholding south of Johannesburg at 1 am, on January 1st 2010. You can read Adriana Stuijt's report here.

The latest death was just one hour into the new decade, and the symbolism of the tragedy should not be lost on any of us.

We are entering a period of great change and I fear terrible violence. What is to come will touch us all, but I believe that the first battle grounds will be South Africa. I plan to continue reporting on events below the Zambezi in the coming year, and will have more to say about this soon.
Hat Tip: Johann


Dmitri said...

These brutal murders do not make the newspapers over here anymore. The constant weight on your shoulders is unbearable but we have no-where else to go.

EuroNationalist said...

If the first battles take place in South Africa and the whole thing sets off, is there a way for nationalists in Britain and Europe to support or fight alongside our kith and kin there? This would be a good way to gain some experience. And yet, before long we will be needed in our own countries.

Dmitri said...

The only way to have any chance in this war is to fight with knowledge. Ideally if all the tax payers could withhold the taxes (like leaving the country), the road to ruin would be so quick it would make your head spin.

How do I get into the EU with a SA passport?

Runesword said...

Consider this:

In late 2008, LibLabConKip sought Chinas "help" with the "banking crisis".
China then inssisted that Tibet has always been part of their empire. A few weeks later, David Miliband, announced that Britain recognised Tibet as 'part of the People's Republic of China'.

See Also -

"If we want to remind ourselves of British values - hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name just three - there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what those things really mean.
I don't think this is something that can or should be addressed through a government edict, but the BBC, as our national broadcaster, has both the
responsibility and the opportunity to give a lead."
- Cameron, writing in the Guardian

"Let's at least recognise the good intentions of our opponents. Let's be honest that whether you're Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, you're motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims."
- Cameron, New Year speech 2010

There are only two parties to vote for - the LibLabConKip/Islam party ......... or the BNP.

Two futures lie ahead. Choose wisely, or be forever damned!

Wolfblood said...

We have to start taking our enemies to task, openly, intensely and without regard for the usual labels, words, smears and hysteria. We must tell them that we, the British, are concerned with and focused on the problems of the 21st century that have been inflicted on us, without mandate or concensus, by the poisonous, treasonous entity of the liblabcontrick.
We understand the past, but we live in the present, and we demand a future of our own choosing, not a sly, odious, insidious mish-mash reconstruction of the past to profit those who profited from the past.

We are not interested in or concerned with the construct of racism, the various "phobias" or their constant blatherings about slavery, nazis and holocausts.

We can make a start by addressing anti-white, foreign upstarts like the odious Sentamu.

Sentamu, a Ugandan immigrant on special favour because he is an African aspirant to an oppressive, despised regime yet supposedly a Christian, is preaching anti-white Marxist-style hatred and violence against indigenous Britons opposed to the majority-perceived liblabcon program of replacement
and genocide.
This particular individual should do for starters.
Then let's ALL get on to the rest of them!

Adrian Peirson said...

The public will never learn about this from the Mainstream, and most wont learn from blogs because they don't visit them, the most popular search terms are X factor etc.
Get some DVD's shoved through peoples letter boxes.

Vote BNP or LibLavConUkipJihadist Party

bluehorse9 said...

More for the DVD -

Anonymous said...

I see that yrou blocked on teh Cardiff City LiblabConUkipPlaid council Libraries sinternety access.apparently your blog is ''hate/discrimination/politics/opinion...''

well they have to protect the public from free speech , thought and the truth

misterfox said...

Runesword, Mandelson recently spent time with sick Holluywood mogul David Geffan. A few days later announced steringent measures for people pirating films!!!
We are ruled by corrupt, worthless, inadequate people who sway to everyones wishes apart from the people.