Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The bottomless bucket.

By August Pointneuf

The president of the United States has chosen to repeat failure as he sets about multiplying all the old methods of trying to "protect airline passengers” by more airport searches, and more visa bureaucracy. It is of course a pathway to nowhere, and his ordering a subservient Europe to force the rest of us to comply with America’s perceived needs by dictat will simply pour away more of the world’s money and cost travellers more time and more money. Increasing airport taxes will progressively strangle the industry, reversing all the economies of scale which currently exist.

An analogy of the Anglo-American "anti-terrorist" campaign is to send foragers into distant forest to kill hidden predatory animals, whilst leaving all the doors of the Homestead open. Those promoting foraging in Afghanistan and elsewhere for "dangerous animals" seem to forget that however many predators are killed, the species will continue to regenerate. The greater the area which the Anglo-Americans seek to "cleanse" (of those who they believe wish to destroy the societal integrity of Britain and America) increases in costs as an exponential. Simple logic determines that no group of people can continually afford that quantum of what would otherwise be productive energy (as reflected by money). They will go insolvent, and still fail to kill the marauding predators of the outer extremes of the world.

The historic necessity of self protection in and immediately about the Homestead should be trenchantly apparent to all Europeans. They need only to look at the relics of the past, castles, town walls and outer city gates all about them, or the names which represent past imperatives to protect themselves at home, such as Southgate, the Tower, the Barbican and all the others. And yet they choose, in dismissive arrogance, to ignore those lessons, and instead empty the motes, to tear down the drawbridges, and invite intrusion, pretending that all will "come right", and so seal their fatal destiny.

August Pointneuf

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Dr.D said...

I think Mr. Pointneuf is entirely correct here, and I invite all Europeans to tell The Won to take his insane ideas back. I should remind Europe, however, that this is the wonder worker that you were so enamored of, so certain would pour oil on the troubled waters, and calm all the storms. He is in fact a charlatan, a fraud, and an outright communist, just as I an a number of others were warning well before the election. We just were not heard, unfortunately.

But by all means, reject what he says now. He is dead wrong on this, and just about everything else that he says. If BHO, The Won, proposes it, you can be pretty sure it will not be good for anyone except international communism and global government controlled by the communist.

Use your heads, tell him in no uncertain terms "NO" and watch the puzzled look on his face. He has difficulty understanding when people do not worship at his feet, so it may take him so time to respond, but enjoy it.