Monday, 25 January 2010

Immigration will not solve Britain's Pensions Time Bomb

As I have said here repeatedly, the claim that mass immigration is the answer to Britain's impending pension's problem does not stand up to even the most rudimentary scrutiny.

Immigrants have not found the secret of eternal youth and neither do the vast majority of them have any intention of returning to their country of origin when they retire. The truth is each immigrant is a potential future pensioner who's pensions will have to be funded by our children and our grandchildren.

Far from solving the pensions crisis, immigration is adding to the problem

It is not just me saying this, new report by Migration Watch has exposed the lie that immigrants provide the solution to funding future The report, titled Immigration and Pensions, finds that “the present ratio of workers to pensioners could only be sustained by immigration at a level that would bring the population of the UK to 119 million by 2051 and 303 million by the end of the century obviously such numbers would be unsustainable in what is already the most crowded country in Europe.

Please click here to read more about the report on the BNP website, then DIG it Twitter it StumbleUpon it or just e-mail it as widely as you can. This lie must be exposed for what it is.


fellist said...

Someone making that claim should immediately be asked which he is -- stupid or dishonest. He has to be one or the other since either he's parroting someone else's nonsensical claims without having examined them, or he's aware they're foolish and pressing them on us anyway. Put 'em on the defensive.

You can always point out too that the end result is race-replacement, or genocide, quoting Old Atlantic's 'Island Model' data for example:

kerdasi amaq said...

The people pushing this linemust be worried about their own pensions. As any contributions the immigrants make will go towards paying these, when the immigrants come to collect their pensions: it'll be someone else's problem. The creators of the problem will have shuffled off the mortal coil by then.