Saturday, 23 January 2010


This situation is going to lead to serious bloodshed very soon.


Dr.D said...

As we see in the video, they fight vigorously over each bit of the relief goods. I have read elsewhere that they are unwilling to do such simple tasks as helping to unload the aircraft bringing relief supplies into the country, and labor is being flown in from Chicago. This is patently absurd. It is like a group of feral cats fighting over a scrap of food. There is no humanity there, only an animal presence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post off topic, but I see that once again an Old friend of yours is getting himself in all sorts of trouble with the Libertarian right. Moderating & selling Nazi memorabilia on line.

I ask you, does this buffoon understand the word "Irony"?

Elliott Abrams who is Norman Podhoretz’s son-in law, who almost went to jail over Iran Contra after the Reagan Administration, and who is considered to have been very instrumental in engineering American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes described a NeoCon’s Neocon, he has been reported active lately “Neocon-ning Obama” with a series of Op-Eds in prestigious journals demanding more pro Israel policy. His last Washington Post article was a condemnation of any inhibitions on Israeli colonization of the West bank (The Settlement Freeze Fallacy The Washington Post April 8 2009).

So what insight does Elliot Abrams bring to the Haitian issue?

America should import more Haitians!
Kevin MacDonald: Haiti the quintessential dysfunctional society
The Lesson of Haiti


Could it not be clearer?
May Our Lord strengthen our folk for this coming storm.
24 January 2010
With eerie precision, barely hours after the “Neocon’s Neocon” Elliot Abrams published a demand that large quantities of Haitians should be allowed to immigrate to America because of the earthquake, an individual named Chris Berg has used his access to the Australian MSM to demand the same thing.

What do Haitians need most? To get away from Haiti Chris Berg The Sydney Morning Herald January 24 2010

…if the developed world really wants to help Haiti, we could let as many Haitians as humanly possible work in the West. We could dramatically expand our guest worker and migration programs.

In a strange coincidence, Berg advances the same émigré-remittances-as-aid argument as Abrams. Although Australian, his destination of choice seems to be the USA.

Dmitri said...

And Yet Aristide lives in luxury here in SA. He said he wants to return home to share in the suffering. Hmmm, 8 days later and he has yet to leave. I suppose having our tax money to fund his lavish lifestyle overides his empty words.