Friday, 15 January 2010

Inter-racial couples - the reality (Part 2)

Jennifer Lynn Patterson and Michael Dewayne French

11-Year-Old Reports Mom, Her Boyfriend as Drug Dealers

LAWTON, Oklahoma -- An 11-year-old boy is being praised by Lawton police after he called 911 to report his mom and her boyfriend were dealing drugs from their home.

According to Lawton police, the boy had planned on turning his mom and her boyfriend in for the past few months. The 11-year-old told police he warned his mom numerous times that "drugs are bad," but she just told him to keep quiet, which he did until he'd had enough.

"I live here with my mom and her boyfriend, and her boyfriend sells marijuana," the 11-year-old told the 911 operator.

Lawton police called the boy's actions courageous. The call led police to the house where they found the boy with his 1-year-old brother along with a quarter pound of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Police said the drugs all belonged to the boy's mother, 33-year-old Jennifer Lynn Patterson, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Michael Dewayne French.

"He felt real uneasy about the situation. He said he knew it was wrong and tried to report it a couple other times," said Lawton Police Lt. Todd Palmer.

According to police, the boy had gone to his neighbors and his grandparents hoping someone would do something, but no one did.

"For whatever reason they decided it was inappropriate for them not to get involved," Palmer said.

But finally, out of concerns for not his safety but for that of his two younger brothers, he finally decided to call 911.

"He was really carefully looking after them," Palmer said.

Patterson and French were both charged with felony counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

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My heart aches for that child


Dr.D said...

Oklahoma is likely to handle that pretty well. They are a pretty no nonsense state. This is a sad commentary on what happens when White women allow themselves to get mixed up with non-white men.

It looks like we have the makings of a solid young White man in that son, however. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

What a narrow minded view of the world you people have. You should read a bit of history and you will find that there was a guy back in the 1930's who got a whole country to think like you do - and what happened, oh yes they started this small war. And during that period some people where killed (not on the battle field), but in gas champers due to the fact that they had the wrong skin color, wrong religion (heritage), and other reasons which where out of the norm.

In general, these days it's called racism. Maybe you should get you head out of you ..., and look around, most of the misery in the world is caused by people with your look at the world and how you look and treat other people (who might not be of the same racial origin as you, but non the less are nice people).

I don't give a rats ... weather the boy is black, which, green or blue, it's a sad story, and so is Dr.D for even having an opinion like that.

Having read more of the entries on this blog makes me sad....

Anonymous said...

Lawton, OK, I used to live there. What a depressing place. The number of gangs and gang members per citizen is the among the highest anywhere. Lawton police have a hard time with the drugs, which are everywhere. They are vastly outnumbered. There's gonna be big trouble soon.

What a situation we're in, praising a child to rat on his parents. But that's a multiculti society, for ya: lower trust and civility all around.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anonymous 15:03 scores a hat trick by managing to combine an to allusion to Hitler, use of the multi-purpose "R" word and the old "I'm saddened" put down into a single four paragraph posting. Well done Anonymous 15:03.

NR said...

Absolutely disgusting.

AgainsTTheWall said...

..."in gas champers..."

Another empty-headed believer trapped in the any evidence to back up your religion tosser?

Perhaps a mass grave or two?

Maybe an engineering blueprint of how a gas champer was supposed to work?

How about an explanation for why the a harmless diesel engine and a slow-release insecticide were chosen as WMDs when petrol engines and nerve agents were available?

6m murders and not a shred of evidence - no bodies, no murder weapon, no physical evidence, no documentary evidence just a whole lot of nothing.

The same liars who gave us the Holocaust also gave us 'Racism'?

Coincidence or design?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Sarah.. love the blogger by the way, the best way to get my news on Great Britain and S. Africa, I let the family know too. Keep up the good work!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are right, I should have congratulated Anonymous for managing to cram a mention of Hitler, use of the multi-purpose "R" word and the old "I'm saddened" put down AND an allusion to gas chambers into a four paragraph posting.

They must have a tick box guide they use:

Hitler: Check
Racist: Check
Gas chambers:Check

Then again he/she failed to mention Stephen Lawrence and will have lost points for that.

MrsJ said...

@Anonymous 15:03 - I once thought as you - heck, I even know a mixed race couple who are very happy. The reason they're so happy? Because A's husband turned his back completely on 'black culture'. He is so well integrated that he's more English in outlook and behaviour than many born and bred Englishmen I know.

In any case their marriage is the exception, not the norm. Over the years I have seen many other mixed race marriages turn into nightmares and break up.

It's not racist to acknowledge that there are differences between races.

Anonymous said...

Before we can love all humanity, we must first be able to love our own people. Before we can do that, we have to recognize who we are. We are commanded to honor our parents and to love God, in whose image each of us is created. The desire to mix socially and biologically with The Other, to create societies and people who do not resemble ourselves nor our parents nor other family members, to effectively destroy the image given each of us, is disruptive, unnatural and wrong. It is Liberalism, the desire to destroy all distinctions. It is also the desire to escape responsibility and to indulge in a never-ending search for the exotic; a childish urge which can never be fully satisfied.

Dr.D said...

Well said, Rusty Mason.

Anonymous said...

Alluding to "a guy back in the 1930's" is commonly known as Godwin's Law.

I had to laugh at this last self-righteous comment designed to really cement the old guilt-trip scenario before slamming the door on their way out:

"Having read more of the entries on this blog makes me sad...."

Or perhaps it was just a pitying glance that was cast before departing?

Well, one can choose not to be "sad" simply by not reading truth-telling material that offends your truth. Simple, eh?

Yes, Sarah, 15:03 managed to include all the classic put-downs with nary an original assertion of their own, which only leads me to conclude: "Another thoroughly indoctrinated clone of the lowest order".

Olive Jones said...

"It looks like we have the makings of a solid young White man in that son, however. Good for him."

How do you know this child is White, given this woman's obvious penchant for Black men? He could be of mixed heritage. SKIN COLOR and VALUES/CULTURE are two different things. And I know what your retort to this will be, and I might even agree to some extent, but that does not alter the fact that ... every individual is a free entity, if he/she is able to see beyond his given culture and values, and explore to seek better ones. This is the most valued attribute in the human condition, to seek the best out of everything. Every human being has this potential, no matter their skin color or ethnicity. Good character, values and nobility are not exclusively "Caucasian" attributes.

Anonymous said...

anon @15:03

Do you know what is really sad?Sad is that self hating Whites like you would defend other people's "feelings" against your own.No non-White person would ever do that in favor of Whites.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY?
Why do we have to share our countries with people hostile to us?Did White countries not work well without them?They certainly did much better back then.Whether you are a Left Winger or a Nationalist,i believe that you do acknowledge ,that there are race related problems in our societies.I don't need to tell you that ,human nature and common sense do a much better job.So WHY do we have to import these problems and adding them the ones already existing?Just for the sake of being multi-cultural?
Honestly, i don't see any benefits except for some exotic restaurants.

And one more qestion i have.Although i think you won't answer because you most probably just wrote your multi-cultural ,indoctrinated comment like a good self hating whitey is supposed to,and left for good.

But anyway:

Do you believe that blacks can maintain the same Scientific,Civilzatory,and Technological standards ,once those(your own White people) you are ashamed of so much, are gone?

Olive Jones said...

"Having read more of the entries on this blog makes me sad...."

Yes, reading the entries on this blog makes me sad, too ... that a genocide is going on and largely unreported internationally because the people are CAUCASIAN. Of course, there are other genocides of other peoples that go on unreported internationally because they do not serve the cause of the LIBERAL WHITE AMERICAN MEDIA (read CNN et als.).

Anonymous said...

No matter what opinion you have on Hitler but, in his book "Mein Kampf" he said something ,that is very true.

Regarding the hype of Pacifism in post WW1 Germany he said:

"If we are to believe in Pacifism,then we would have to conquer the whole world and force every human to become pacifist.For no one is as stupid as Germans to believe in it."

The same could be said for multi-culturalism.

Liberal Anon,

name one race ,that is as stupid as Whites,who believe that racial pride and racial awarness are evil and racist.

Anonymous said...

Good Boy!