Thursday, 28 January 2010

Awake Australia Fair


Dr.D said...

The only answer it to completely outlaw izlam in ALL Western countries. NO MUZLIM should be allowed to remain, NONE WHATSOEVER.

Having a muzlim name should be considered prima facie evidence of being a muzlim and anyone having such a name should be summarily deported from any Western or executed.

This may sound harsh, and we hear all about the "peaceful muzlims," but they have brought it entirely upon themselves. Even the so-called "peaceful muzlims" do absolutely nothing to stop the violent muzlims, and as the president of Turkey said, there is not radical izlam or moderate izlam, there is just izlam. They are all exactly alike under the skin. We delude ourselves when we think otherwise.


Anonymous said...

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

I say that as an ex-pat Australian appalled at the same scourge of Islam in my old country as exists here.

As the unknown Australian said to the current crop of child-molester Mohammed's disciples in December 2005 after the Muslim outrages against Australian girls and young women that provoked Australian men to defend their womenfolk, aka the Cronulla riots (with the then PM, John Howard and the NSW police siding with the Muslims):

"This is our country. You are not welcome. Get out!"

P.S. Owing to a particular set of circumstances, I'm back on Facebook. Happy to receive you as a friend again, therefore.

Anonymous said...

The slow-motion New Labour putsch that swept our nation away

1st November 2009

Once again, one of the biggest stories of the week has been widely ignored by the official political reporters, who are not interested in politics.

This is the disclosure, by a New Labour apparatchik, Andrew Neather, of the real purpose of his party’s immigration policy.

The Blairites’ aim was to undermine and get rid of traditional conservative British culture. They really did want to turn Britain into a foreign land.

Anonymous said...

Britons won't even vote BNP in sufficient numbers, never mind fight back. Pathetic. No wonder the Muslims are so confident of victory.

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of all left wing government worldwide. The racist chant is utter by those who opinions do not matter, ignore them. It is not racist to want to protect your own.