Monday, 18 January 2010

An appropriate celebration

I am sure we will all wish to celebrate Martin Luther King day in appropriate manner, perhaps by stealing somebody elses thesis and publishing it as ones own, others may prefer to join the communist party or just beat up some hookers. However we decide to celebrate the day, let us hope that, like Dr. King, if what we do is criminal some kindly judge will seal all records of it until 2027.


Click here to read "The King Holiday and its meaning by Samuel Francis


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Wow.... thats news! thanks!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Go on Sarah do some NOAHide digging, then you'll find out why there is a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I have so many great comebacks but never get to use them. No one asks me to my blond-hair, blue-eyed face why I don't celebrate MLK day.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have just updated the post to include this link to an article on the NPI site regarding the King holiday

Dr.D said...

But he is such an example to us all! He was a womaizer of the finest sort, often taking many different women in a single day! Such pastoral care!

And what is a little plagarism among friends? We all know how important it is for him to have the appropriate respect of being known as DR King, even if it is unearned.

I refuse to observe MLK day. If we have to have a holiday at that point, I will observe Martin Luther Day.

alanorei said...

Michael King, aka MLK, was America's most outstanding debauched* anarchist.

*Described even by some of his own followers as "an adulterer and a whorehopper."

He even declared himself to be a Marxist. A famous photo exists of him attending the one-time Mounteagle School for Communists in the US.

He adopted the illegal ML alias to make himself more respectable with white folks.

Thanks to the US news mafia, King succeeded, even to this day and in the UK as well.

The BNP should institute a Remembrance Day for all the victims of black-on-white crime since the passing of the 1964 (un)Civil Rights Act, the effects of which of course spilled over into this country.

As a veteran US independent KJB Baptist minister has rightly said many times, "The news media will get you killed."