Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Blog - South of the Zambezi

This is to announce the launch of a second blog called "South of the Zambezi". The purpose of South of the Zambezi is to enable me to post links to a selection of the many news items, articles and stories and articles which readers in Southern Africa (Mostly South Africa and Zimbabwe) send to me.

South of the Zimbabwe does not seek to rival the excellent sites such as Censor Bugbear, My South Africa Sucks, and others which are prominently listed at the site, in providing up to the minute news reporting from Southern Africa or biting satire focusing on the madness which has over taken that region.

Rather it is the intention to provide a flavour of what life has become in Southern Africa, with News stories depicting the crime, stark horror, corruption and unintended farce which those still living in that beautiful but blighted part of the world face on a daily basis, but which the world media seldom if ever reports.

I plan to post news items and links to the new blog as I receive them and will post a weekly update here.

I will continue to post any updates regarding Farm murders to this blog as well as to South of the Zambezi, however, news stories already posted to the new blog include details of the murders this week of two elderly white ladies Catherina "Kitty" Botha, 83 and 65 year old Katrina van den Berg. The deaths of these two women are not included amongst the Farm Murder figures, as neither were part of the farming community. However, the brutality and otherwise motiveless nature of their killings suggest that they are victims of the same genocide which is effecting the white population across South Africa.

I would like to thank those who have sent me news stories from that benighted part of a broken continent, especially Dina, who has been of great help in setting up the new blog.

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