Saturday, 16 January 2010

The bending of minds

An interesting find by The Exile:

Access to History: Britain 1945 - 2007 is an educational text book by Michael Lynch, aimed at A level students, and published by Hodder Education a well known and, many would believe, highly respectable educational publisher who claim to "work with more examiners and educational experts than any other publisher, bringing you the best resources to support teachers and students."

However, it seems that Hodder are happy not only provide educational text books and resources, but they will also permit their writers to add a bit of political indoctrination to the package:

Page 225 of Access to History: Britain 1945 - 2007 includes the following statement:

BNP: British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate.
The statement is repeated in part in the glossary on page 235

This is the sort of statement which one has come used to reading amongst the lie a line the pages of the controlled media or tumbling from the lips of a clinically dishonest politician. However, is such a biased, subjective and misleading dollop of political propaganda something you would expect to find in an educational text book aimed at children?

Sadly, in 21st century Britain it is exactly the sort of thing which is being taught to our children together with a pack of lies about our history, our heritage and our people.

The British state is not educating our children, it is indoctrinating them.

Hat Tip: the Exile whose colourful take on the above can be read here


MrsJ said...

The BNP should sue. Individuals should sue - I've just been described as someone with a personality disorder.

Dr.D said...

That advertising statement - "work with more examiners and educational experts than any other publisher" - probably tells you why this is in the book. The examiners and educational experts have probably told them it should be there, and to satisfy these "experts," it has to be there.

Text books are usually written to sell, not to educate. If adoption by a large number of schools requires the statement that the moon is made of green cheese, then you can be sure that statement will appear in the book, irrespective of what the author actually thinks. At that level, writing a text book is a way to make a living, and the author is nothing more than a hack, doing what the trade demands.

It will probably soon be necessary to include the homosexual agenda if it is not already present in the history books. Also, the "great contributions" of blacks to the development of society must be emphasized in order to be PC. Just one distortion after another.

Exile said...


Thanks for picking up on this tale and giving it longer legs. I must say that even though I broke the story I still find it incredible that anyone could write such tosh. It is also frightening in a way that it can pass the academic proofreading process.

The nice thing about blogging is that we don't have to agree about everything, all the time. Let's keep in touch with the stories that we both find interesting.

Dr.D said...

Exile speaks of "academic proofreading process," but I can pretty well assure you that there is no such. It is whatever the various experts require for adoption that is all that is required. After all, they are "the experts" (Ha!).

Jade said...

Actually having worked with people suffering "personalty disorders",Iwould be flattered to be considered amongst them; they are more sane than most of humanity.I should view it as a compliment!