Saturday, 16 January 2010

From under their stones

Most of the world have reacted with immense charity and compassion in response to the terrible scenes coming out of Haiti following the horrific earthquake which has taken so many lives, and destroyed so many more. Unfortunately, however, as with all these events, the earth had hardly settled before some very unattractive forces began to crawl out from the dark foul recesses where they lurk in order to take full advantage of what had occurred, whilst other forces began ferociously rewriting history to suit a multitude of agendas.

It is of course sometimes hard to tell who the dark forces are and what is their agenda. Sections of the liberal media and liberal blogs, such as the Huffington Post, are reporting that the disaster has been greeted with mockery and derisions on certain, so called, “White Supremacist websites”, and they have quoted various examples. If this is true then the so alleged “white supremacists” are not what they seem, or they are under supervision, for, if they actually said or wrote such things, they surely lack the basic intelligence needed to work out how to turn on a computer unaided, let alone master a keyboard.

The sort of commentary being being reported by the Huffington post are so obviously damaging to the cause of white people that, were they truly made, they must either have been the words of an imbecile or composed by someone deliberately seeking to damage the white cause.

Given that to make such comments requires the ability to string words together in order to make a vaguely coherent statement, I am strongly inclined to believe the latter rather than the former.

It is the nature of the world we currently inhabit that, not only the tiny white “supremacist” fringe, but also the wider cause of white nationalism has been infiltrated by those who seek to undermine us. Some can be easily identified when they start spewing forth the stereotypical absurd nonsense which the left wing media like to pretend we speak and write. However, others lurk in the shadows awaiting opportunities such as this when they can let loose hateful and ugly diatribes, which their friends in the left wing media then republish as evidence of what appalling people we are.

It is when events such as these take place that we fall under the greatest surveillance and when our enemies are most active, it is for this reason that we must be at our most vigilant. For our enemies delight in exploiting terrible suffering such as is occurring right now in Haiti if by so doing they can undermine us. Do not for one instance imagine that the Huffington Post published the ”revelations” they did for any benign reason or out of concern for the feelings of of the Haitian people, they did not, they published them out of malice, hatred and a delight at the prospect of doing us harm. The journalist who wrote the article is no less vile, no less repugnant and no less contemptible than the creature who crawled from beneath their stone to make the “comments” he then reported. Both gleefully exploited Haiti's suffering for their own agenda and to misrepresent our cause.

For, misrepresent us they did. Hatred and cruelty have no place in the Nationalist cause. To love ones nation, ones culture and ones people, it is not necessary to either hate or be insensitive to the suffering of others. There is no conflict between feeling great compassion and concern for the poor souls in Haiti whilst still resisting any Western government's attempts to move half the population of Port-au-Prince to Britain or, more likely this time, the USA. It is not inconsistent to contribute to a disaster of this magnitude whilst questioning the payment of aid to a country such as India with its own space program. Indeed, to oppose immigration and to wish to preserve the integrity and culture of our nation does not require ill will towards others, and it is only those with a truly hate fuelled agenda who suggest it is.

It is those people who are stalking the internet seeking to use the black victims of Haiti's pain against the white victims of their pernicious ideology.

Sadly, ugly as they are, these are not the only unsavoury forces aiming to make use of this natural disaster for their own ends.

Among those countries stepping forward to pledge financial and material aid to relieve the suffering is an honourable list of European nations, including the likes of Greece and Estonia, who have suffered considerably during the recent financial downturn, together with America and all members of the white commonwealth. Noticeably absent, apart from a relatively small promised donation by South Africa, are the majority of African nations, despite the strong ethnic ties between Haiti and many African nations.

One group of Africans, probably more closely related to the Haitians than most, have made their regular contribution however, but not a particularly welcome one, as evidenced by warnings of the latest Nigerian e-mail scam. You have to hand it to the Nigerian criminal fraternity, the human tragedy has not yet occurred which they have not found a means of scamming money from.

West African crooks, of course, are not the only jackals ready to snatch a few juicy bones out of the carnage, Liberal multicultural fanatics are already calling out for mass adoptions and for as many Haitian orphans to be snatched from their homeland and resettled in Western nations as possible. Demands are being made for emergency visas and passports to be issued so that Haitian children can be rushed to adoptive parents in Europe, Canada and North America. Yet again we witness yet another group shamelessly exploiting this human tragedy to further their mission, in this case the forced importation of third world "refugees" into white western nations.

The earthquake is also being used as an excuse to rewrite the history of Haiti, a nation devastated long before this natural disaster, as the fault of the white man. This is a patently false analysis, many of the ancestors of the current Haitian people may have been slaves, but the same can be said for the people of the Bahamas and Bermuda, islands of peace and prosperity by comparisons and ones where forms of slavery do not persist until the present day.

Haiti is the world's oldest self governed black republic, born almost 200 years ago in bloody revolution and racial slaughter, where everyone of white or mixed race origin were horribly massacred. In the two centuries since then, despite efforts to help, first by white Europe and more recently buy white America, Haiti has descended into poverty and decay for no reason other than the corruption and brutality of its own people and its own leaders, and remains entirely dependant on US and European hand outs.

White western civilisation is no more to blame for sad state of Haiti before the earthquake than they are for the act of God which has now added to its devastation. The only way the white west could have helped Haiti would have been by recolonising it, an act the world no longer considers acceptable. However, that will not stop the white hating revisionists from claiming otherwise.

Most of us viewed this latest natural disaster with deep compassion and a genuine wish to help, some, however, saw it, not as a human tragedy, but as a means to an end which they have, and will continue to ruthlessly exploit.


Dr.D said...

I read elsewhere that after their revolution, Haiti was blockaded by France. In order to get the French to remove the blockade, Haiti agreed to pay some obscene amount of money, an amount that took about 150 years to repay, until 1947. This crippling debt was given as a major reason why Haiti has never advanced. As I say, I read this elsewhere. Can anyone else verify this, or give another account? said...

The original revolution in Haiti was a coalition between mulattos and blacks. They exterminated the white population of the island. Then the blacks exterminated the mulattos. The Dominican Republic shares the island. It is a mulatto republic that normally excludes Haitians.

Anonymous said...

I can't answer your primary question, but here's a rather good summary of the Haitian revolution of 200 years ago.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Your story is partially correct Dr. D. France did seek reparations in 1825 as part of the agreement enabling Haiti to participate in international trade.

It is not at all clear whether any of the money was ever actually paid, as Haiti's sugar production which was supposed to pay it totally collapsed shortly afterwards.

The story of the "French debt" is another of those legends which are regularly brought up to prove that white people cause all black people's bad luck, but, as usual, the facts do not bear close analysis.

Haiti is the beneficiary of Western generosity and charity to a degree far in excess of any "debts" they were asked to pay. (even if they had paid them)

It should be noted that Europe, including France, have repeatedly been at the head of moves to write off Haiti's reoccurring unpaid international debts.

Dr.D said...

How do you know all of that, Sarah?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am not sure how I know it, it is certainly what I read in the past.

It is quite easy to find information about the French debt, if you put the words "Haiti's debt to France" into Google you will get about 5 million results and thy all tell a different story.

Some say that France cut the debt by half in the 1830's and allowed Haiti 30 years to repay it, others say that it ways still outstanding 120 years later when France wrote it off.

That is why I say it is not at all clear that it was ever paid.

Anonymous said...

Regarding you article, you may be interested in the two links below:

zazie said...

Thank you for this post that is so historically honest -or do I mean so honestly historical?-.
I have already answered DrD about the "blockade", and the "crippling debt".
On April 15th 1825, King Charles X, gave haiti "full independence" and asked for a compensation to be paid to the planters (those who had survived!) who had developed the agriculture of the island ; the amount was reduced almost by half in 1886 ; this date shows that nothing had been paid till then....I know some will tell me that this agriculture had been based on slave labour ; this is not to be denied of course, yet one must say such was the case in every colony of that time, or even in independent countries for that matter!
I always try to be tolerant and open-minded ; that is why I feel entitled to be quite

fed up with French bashing ; I don't expect France to be considered better than the rest of the world ; she is not ; I only object to her being considered worse than the rest of the world ; she is not that either.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Sudan has offered to take Haitians back to their motherland - Africa - wonder how many will accept?....

Jade said...

I wonder why Africa has not offered help to it's fellow cousins? It occurs to me that like a lot of "third world" countries, they are willing to accept charity when they need it, but are not prepared to give to others.No doubt the excuse is one of financial poverty.Perhaps we as a nation should learn from this, considering our nations ever rising debts.

Dr.D said...

@ Jade
The nation of Senegal has offered to accept Haitian refugees, as many as want to come there. If large numbers want to come, Senegal has offered to even set aside major regions of the country just for them. This is a significant offer.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to go to Senegal, but perhaps blacks might find that offer attractive. I thought it was a good offer.

Jade said...

You are right Dr. D. I was not aware that Senegal had offered refuge for the Haitians,it would be interesting to see how many take the opportunity to go there.My cynical mind thinks that they would prefer somewhere more stable.