Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The truth behind "Recovery"

I see we are supposedly out of recession, or "just out of recession", shall we say, given that our economy grew by a dismal 0.1% in the last quarter of 2009! I believe this may be the result of a lucky company in, Tiverton winning a contract to supply soup kitchen equipment to tented village outside Sacramento (although the Daily Mash credits the upturn to a chubby woman who bought a Cadbury's Boost bar at a Shell Garage on New Year's Eve )

Apparently many City analysts are very surprised and disappointed as such minimal growth, they were expecting growth of at least 0.4%, signifying a stronger recovery, whereas , in fact, even the Chancellor, Nobodies Darling, admits that the upturn is so fragile we could easily slip back into recession in the first or second quarter of 2010.

News programs are full of bewildered commentators speculating as to why it wasn't any better. They just don't get it do they? They can't admit we are broke, and we have been for a very long time. Even in the decade leading up to the 2008 crunch, when they pretended that we were so prosperous and our economy was doing so well, what we were actually doing was living like the family which buys its food on their credit card and makes the minimum repayment each month. We all know what happens to that family, they feed on steak for a few years and then they starve.

We are nowhere near a true recovery and will not be for years to come.

How could this be? surely we should be booming, after all we have been importing millions of immigrants for the last forty years, and even greater numbers in the last ten years, weren't they supposed to boost our economy and be such a huge benefit to all of us? Isn't that what everyone told us? Didn't they say that mass immigration would lead to greater prosperity? Well it sees they were wrong. Nothing is booming in Britain apart from pawnbrokers. The fact is we are just crawling out of the worst recession in our history, with our economy in the worst shape it has ever been in peacetime and our nation is in greater debt than it has ever been.

The truth becomes clearer by the day, immigration has brought us no benefit whatsoever, in fact it has made the situation infinitely worse, and one day they will have to admit it.


Dr.D said...

The sad part, Sarah, is that there is no real recovery. It is only downhill.

At some point, when you add such a crushing burden of free loaders onto the productive segment of society, there ceases to be any profit in being productive. It is to everyone's advantage to become a free loader, and I think that point was passed quite some time ago in the UK from everything I can see. Why work when the government is going to give your earnings to the man who does nothing, to the muzlim who wants to steal your nation and murder you? Why do anything at all of a productive nature? How can there possibly be a "recovery" in that environment?

NR said...

I believe this may be the result of a lucky company in Tiverton winning a contract to contract to supply soup kitchen equipment to tented village outside Sacramento

Classic line! :-)

How true...

fellist said...

I'm inclined to think that recessions and depressions are deliberately created, and that the 'growth' I expect to see over the first half of 2010 is designed to sucker the little guy back into he game for the last big squeeze of this cycle -- where the big boys will take just about everything that's left...

Anonymous said...

As the economic power moves east the scum who run this country are stripping its assets, lining their own pockets just in time to follow.

We will be a third world slum in the middle of a bloody civil war within the next two to three sessions of parliment. When it all kicks off which communities will receive the backing and protection of the international community? ... it wont be us.

scunnert said...

Which part of the nation formerly known as England will be the first to do a Kosovo?

misterfox said...

From thisismoney.co.uk

"I'd love to be happier about Britain's economic prospects - but I can't. This exit from recession is slight and could, in any case, be erased with the stroke of a civil servant's revisionary pen. In the real world, the recession remains. Fewer people are working (it's now more than 8m or 21%) - and our taxpayer debt (not including the £1.5 trillion consumers owe) has grown to a monstrous £870bn. That's why the world's biggest bond manager is warning investors to steer clear of a "ring of fire," led by Britain . "

misterfox said...

London is the sixth richest city in the world1, provides 20% UK 's GDP2 and is one of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide.

Yet alongside prosperity is poverty. 4 in 10 (or 650,000) London children live in poverty, 12% above the national average. Child poverty levels in inner London boroughs are higher still; more than one in every two inner London children live in poverty. Indeed, London has the highest proportion of children living in income poverty (after housing costs) of any region or country in Great Britain.
1.6 million children in Britain live in housing that is overcrowded, temporary, or run-down.

Some live in housing that’s making them ill. Many are missing out on a decent education. Others suffer chronic insecurity, shuffled from place to place in
After two terms in office, Nulab has failed the very people they claim to represent.

If families are living in such desperate circumstances, how come we have more ethnics introduced every year?
If we have such an abundance of employment for the ethnics, how come we are still allowing such deprevation to continue in the 21st century?

Dyson took his operation to the far east.
Was he forced because taxes are too high?
Was he tempted because labour is cheaper in the tropics? We are losing our industries.

Middle Class Crusties and Anarchists protest against Nationalism, yet they wear Van's and Nike trainers.
Not manufactured in Britain.