Monday, 18 January 2010

A Russian Perspective: While America Drowns, Obama and the Elites Party

From the Mat Rodina blog

There is, yet again, something very Romanesque about the state of the Americans, their empire and their collapse. As the US continues to sink in its co-UK created economic Armageddon, the ruling regime enjoys the fruits of its labour of looting and swindling. This is the great "Democracy" they sell us, overseas.

As the year ended, America suffered one of its worst months for employment. Sure, reading the official Ministry of Propaganda (so called free press) reports showed only a mere another 85,000 Americans as loosing jobs, or rather the work force shrinking by that amount, so it takes the UK Telegraph (America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels ) to report the real situation, that 650,000 unemployed were moved into a category named "No Longer Searching For Jobs". This is how the American regimes "honestly" tell the population that the unemployment rate is not going up and the lie they tell the rest of us, fortunate not to live under this deceit. This is the category that DC uses to dump the unwanted, unneeded and unemployable waste, its workers who no longer get government unemployment help and can go starve for all the elites care. After all, judging by the head lines out of DC, for the Haitians there is money, for their own unemployed, shelters and bread lines.

This category has been growing by nearly half a million every month for the last year.

The hits kept on coming, too, for the former partiers of the American economic "miracle" of debt. Like a crippled Hercules, trying to lift a mountain of debt, or rather trying to keep it above their heads and from crushing them, the American populace continues to strain and tire and suffer, even as they deny reality while their legs sink deeper under their burden.

News came that inflation was really low in 2009, under 2%. Of course, the fact that salaries sank was not counted into that "fixed" model of inflation, otherwise the picture would not be so pretty. Outsourcing of jobs also accelerated, with predictions that up to 20% of the remaining jobs would still be outsourced, within the next few years. All hail the Marxist Free Trade. At the same time, news arrived that 1.4 million Americans went into bankruptcy last year, over a 30% jump from 2008. Food Stamps use, a form of government subsidy for food, was being given to over 10% of the population, with one third of the country's children living in the abject poverty it takes to qualify for the handout.

At the same time, a massive new wave of mortgage defaults in the resettling of exotic mortgages, continued loss of jobs and thus regular mortgages and a collapsing business/commercial real-estate market is just starting to break over the Americans and promises to be worse than the first wave.

To all this, the American military has increased its budget by some $100 BILLION from 2009's already mammoth $600 BILLION budget, more than every nation combined. And the people are continued to be led down the trail of slavery by their noses, in fear of being "invaded" or "attacked" while their sons sit in some 100 nations around the world, enforcing the Empire. Yet despite this giant spend on the military, families of US soldiers continue to have to buy body armour and other equipments and send them to their sons, since there are no funds for that armour and equipments, not after the elites and their companies get done pilfering the giant sum. Remember too, this does not include another $40 or so BILLION for the wars!

Equally, the evils of Wall Street, the pack of hyenas, the cabal of witches who brought us the lovely Soviet Revolution, the Great Depression, the Nazi take over, the rape of post Soviet Russia, the Asian Flu, (The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity) are now paying themselves $146 BILLION in bonuses, 8% more than the 2007 record, after stealing $700 BILLION from the American tax serfs, through bought and paid for farce of their so called "Democracy". That is some 20,000 people will be splitting $146 BILLION, or an average of $7.3 million each, for the people who are still laughing at all the Luciferien death and misery they caused by starting the lovely Great Depression II.

But best of all, it has now been brought out that the Obama Regime, much like Nero or Caligula, has been partying hard, with over 170 parties, receptions and big dinners, entertaining over 50,000 guests, flying in specialty chefs from around the world, all in this one year of power. That is, one party every two days. And the American serfs? They just bare it, grumble and pay their taxes, it is what they have been trained for. Oh sure, a bunch will get together here and there and wave signs and scream slogans for a few hours and then go home, feeling good that they did "something" and pat themselves on the backs for their "accomplishments" while promising to vote out the present elites and replace them with an exact same set from a different branch of the One Party Two Branch system. Someone famously called this: rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And their so called conservative leaders on TV will tell them what great deeds they have done and how great they are, even as nothing changes and these so called leaders hustle books and t-shirts and caps to the impoverished but good feeling tax serfs. In other words, the bleeding continues.

So Yanks, you can take your so called Democracy, nothing more than pilfering of the people, and your Free Trade Marxism and go pound your heads into the wall. We do not want it, we do not need it and we will not have it. We will take our so called "pseudo" authoritarianism, mercantilism, and government that actually cares about us and we will grow, ignoring your "advice", kicking out your so called NGOs who promote nothing but this "Democracy" and vassalage to your empire and destruction of our Christian Orthodox faith and we will be on our separate way. Now if we could only get our Monarchy back too.

NOTE: I do not endorse all views expressed in this post, however, it makes some very interesting points, and there is a lot of truth amongst some exaggeration. It also reveals how the USA is perceived by many in Russia
Sarah: Maid of Albion

Hat tip: Robert R


Dr.D said...

There are some true statements in this, and many outright lies. I have to ask, Sarah, what is your point in publishing a propaganda piece like this? It contains at least as much disinformation as it does information. So why do it?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You may be right, I posted it quite late last night when I was tired, and reading it again, it may have been a bad choice.

I was impressed by something he wrote previously, but I am less impressed with this one and may take it down.

Anonymous said...

As an American, I must say that some of the points are right. One of the most discouraging things of the post-Soviet era is our softheaded Marxist political leaders' treatment of the newly free countries of Eastern Europe. America's elites have foisted Marxism upon us bit by bit by bit, and it undermines our leadership tremendously. We successfully helped to free the Soviet bloc; now we have to free ourselves. If only we had held to the principals we tried to teach others.

AgainsTTheWall said...

Which bits are inaccurate?

Anonymous said...

If yu don't like it, you could post his latest entry on Haiti.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile he is going to flood the US with millions upon millions of poor immigrants , I guess will make the whites a minority, and as tax rises to pay for this demographic change and the health service for everyone, Obama will have created the the Communist America a reality, a sheer misery

Anonymous said...

Don't take it down; just put in a disclaimer. There is some truth in the piece,and certainly much exaggeration; but also (and here's the point)it truly reflects what the Russians think of the USA.

This in itself is noteworthy.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anon 03:28

Good idea, I have done so


Michael Kuznetsov said...

Our Cause Is Just
The Enemy Will Be Smashed
Victory Will Be Ours!

Russia is the sole Pure White Power that remains on the Planet Earth.

Michael Kuznetsov

Dr.D said...

I would be quick to acknowledge that there are many fine and excellent things about Russia. But I also see a great many faults with this lengthy post.

Repeatedly the post gloats over the fact that, "Thank God, they are Russians and they are Orthodox Christians." There is certainly no dispute about the author being Russian, but his Christianity is deeply suspect.

He presents many pictures of Churches, religious ceremonies, etc., but the overall message of his whole presentation is (1) arrogance, (2) hostility, and (3) fear of others. His presentation is packed with lies and distortions when he talks about the rest of the world, necessary because he has an ax to grind, an agenda to support.

At one point, he specifically mentions that the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount are a fundamental key to understanding the Russian people, but that is directly contradicted by the entire tone of his entire document. It is regrettable that he, and far too many other Russians, continue with the paranoid fear of the rest of the world. The only possible aggressor that Russia needs to seriously consider today is China, but they are far too deep into their paranoia to see that. (China is a real threat, and yet they cooperate; go figure!)

He really needs to go read the Gospels and focus on the state of his own soul a whole lot more. That would be much more beneficial.

Michael Kuznetsov said...

To Esteemed Dr.D,

I hope our charming hostess, Lady Sarah, would be kind enough as to permit me to ask you a question here within her blog.
You wrote regarding my website:
"the overall message of his whole presentation is (1) arrogance, (2) hostility, and (3) FEAR of others."

Could you specify this assertion of yours, please? Could you point out it for me: which exactly bits of my site seem to be such as you called them to be?

The most stunning of all is your phrase: "fear of others."
Where have you detected any traces of "Russian fear?"
Do you REALLY think that we Russians could have ever feared anyone?

Best regards to all,

Michael Kuznetsov

Dr.D said...

@ Michael

Let me first say that I will not carry on a running discussion with you through the Comments of Sarah's blog. If you want to discuss your post, you need to open up comments there, rather than expect to discuss it elsewhere. I will simply give you this one fairly short response here.

Secondly, I will not take the time to re-read your post just to locate specific examples to illustrate my points. It was very tedious reading the first time, much like watching a man beat his chest and proclaim how great he is.

Michael, it will be far more useful to you if you look into yourself by reading what you have written to ask where those things are reflected, more useful than if I point them out to you. Right now you are defensive, inclined to deny their existence. If you find them for yourself, you will be more inclined to believe that they exist.

You seem surprised that I mentioned the obvious fear evident in your site. Any group or nation that is constantly saber rattling such as Russia is, with its frequent military parades, displaying tanks, missiles, artillery, etc., is clearly paranoid, a form of fear. This is exactly how the Communists manipulated Russia for so many years, by telling them that they were in constant danger of attack, while they eliminated what was it, 20 million? There was a definite fear required to "necessitate" the elimination of so vastly many good Christian Russians, but they are just as dead as the Tsar and his family.

Let me close with a Scripture quote for you to consider: Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.