Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lies, deceit and treachery - the British Government and controlled media

A Report by the Home of the Green Arrow:


It is a tale about censorship and why the media attack the BNP and Nick Griffin.

It is a tale about control, a tale about a plan to deceive us and to persuade us through the media.

It is a plan which is unfolding day by day as I reach into volumes of evidence and piece together sporadic disclosures by ministers and ex-govt employees.

It is a tale that tells of the dastardliest plan to break the British people and their country.

It tells a tale of intentional culture change forced upon the nation by mass uncontrolled immigration with a purpose to eradicate the indigenous people of these islands forever. It is so wicked a scheme that I am nearly weeping when I write this, but this story must be told.

It is the reason why the British media refer to Nick Griffin and our members as racists, thugs, bigots and vile. It discloses why and how and aims pointedly at this damned governments policy to place us second in our homeland. It discloses their agenda to rid Europe of its Christian heritage.

This document outlines the UK Govt's guide to media censorship along with its views of which side of the argument the media should attack. Namely, anyone who disagrees with its admitted policy to change our culture forever by means of mass immigration. It notes a massive increase in immigration occurred in the UK over the last 10 years, and should be read in conjunction with the Andrew Neather disclosure and also in conjunction with my blog "They thought they could deceive us" which outlines the same media censorship program has been adopted throughout the European Union.

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And don't forget Brian Gerrish exposing the evil of Common Purpose in Britain. Thanks,