Sunday, 31 January 2010

At least these were named

A very similar crime to the Peckham one mentioned below took place in Rochdale, and the perpetrators were sentenced on Friday. However, as this time those convicted were over 18 the judge had no means of hiding their identities.

The gang rapists, who filmed their 16 year old victim's ordeal on their cell phones, were named as Ajmal Afridi, 19, Imtiaz Syed, 20 and Tayyab Hussain, 19.

The longest sentence was six years in a youth offenders institute.


misterfox said...

More favourtism shown by judges to Muslim rapists. I love this 13 year-olds moustache!!!

Dr.D said...

Those certainly don't look like Englishmen to me. What are they doing in England? They should be deported to serve their sentence on a desert island somewhere near the equator with very little shade other than a pile of crummy korans.

Anonymous said...

from the 13 years old rapist story:

"The roots of these problem children also need to be looked at urgently as well as the sentences handed out. They need to be treated, counselled and it needs to be discovered why they are doing things like this.’

I think it is quite obvius why they are doing this.The desire to humiliate whites.There are no more reasons.He even took her cell phone and told her boyfriend about it.