Monday, 14 December 2009

Dear Ms Swiss - By August Pointneuf

Dear Ms,

You were piqued when your fellow Swiss gained a majority vote against the building of further minarets. To show your displeasure you put yourself on display with a notice which said “Swiss passport for sale “

Please would you tell me where you intend to live, once your otherwise highly sought-after passport has been sold?

Would you go to a country where there are no passports, because there is no paper to print them?

Perhaps you wish to be where the wait for new passports might be five years, or where passport are never given?

You might choose a land where you would need an exit visa each time you wish to leave. Not that would make much difference, because you probably would not be earning enough to pay for your passage out.

Would you like to find residence where there is none of the socialist trivia of Switzerland, and instead relish dubious health services, receive no social benefits, and find self-insurance un-affordable?

You could choose to be governed by those so corrupt and incapable that your life savings becomes worth less than a single wooden match – where brave men, reduced to abject penury, shoot their wives before they shoot themselves.

Would your choice be a country where only one eighth of the population provides the entire tax base, and your paid tax would be channelled away to support eight non-productive indigents, half with AIDS?

How about a land where you, as a white female, will be selectively targeted for a rape? Perhaps you might choose an arena where there is selective assassination of those who try and succeed in business?

You also have a wide choice of places where no one dares to walk out alone at night.

Perhaps you would prefer to go to a region where you would not be permitted to drive? Would you like being prohibited from walking outside your home, unless formally chaperoned?

Would you like to go where there are no Christian churches, and any symbolic reference to Christmas is a criminal offence?

Or you could go where you will be forced to wear an abaya and a gishwa whenever in public, throughout the hottest summers.

Would you think to choose somewhere where you could be married into a harem, and dispense with your privacy forever?

Alternatively you could go where your adultery would be rewarded by being stoned to death.

You might choose to be where everyone with any petty authority will capitalise on their trivial rank unmercifully, constantly demanding, at every turn, some form of favour, bribe or a ransom. You might find, if you succeed, that you are damaged as an overriding authority plays out its ruthless, manipulative agenda.

Would you instead prefer to live where crimes are not reported because the criminals will return and kill the complainer?

Perhaps you would choose a nation which has immovable, corrupt and authoritarian politicians who will suffocate any attempt at attaining human rights by immediate incarceration?

Is your choice to be where there is perversion of law at every level, from policeman to prosecutor to judge?

Would you like to be domiciled where you could be summarily dumped in stinking prisons, with no mechanisms of legal defence, appeal or cries for help? Of course you would have no need to bother the Swiss diplomats to extract you, but you would need friends to bring food and bedding, and then fight your savage inmates to retain a fraction of that food, or a space to sleep. You will need good friends if they are to support you for years on end.

Or instead will you search out one of the small residues of white success, such as Australia or Canada? You could then continue your campaign, aiming to destroy those cultures in the way you wish to destroy your patrimony. It should not be too difficult to succeed, since only 7% of the world's population is white.

Ignorance, arrogance, egocentricity, stupidity and zero insight and foresight form a related continuum, often resulting in the type of behaviour found in people like you: People who are unable to value what has been given to them. Have you any inkling of understanding of the striving that was demanded of your predecessors in their aim of creating a safe society, one which has provided you with security, warmth, shelter and an excess of food?

Are you making piffle of a nation which has proffered you a deep, entrenched, and rewarding culture, in the expectation that you would transmit it to the next generation? How unforgivably corrupt that you are working at destroying that heritage. What a shame that you are jeopardising your compatriots.

Perhaps those compatriots might forcibly remove the passport that you so despise.

Vous seriez fort amiables de nous répondre le plus tôt possible.

August Pointneuf

News story: 300 people protested outside the Parliament building in Berne. In front of a model of a minaret they held up signs saying: “This is not my Switzerland”. A young woman pinned to her jacket a piece of paper saying: “Swiss passport for sale”.


Viking said...

brilliant. .....

Anonymous said...

Very good, and very astute

You can always rely on this blog for something special

Anonymous said...

It is simply beyond my comprehension that even the Swiss are so brain washed that they are doing this. They of all people had it made. Any yet they want to give it away. It just does not make sense! -- Dr.D

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, well worth sharing.

zazie said...

don't expect any answer from such an idiot : she can only repeat, parrot-like, what TV, dumb teachers and, alas, some priests have hammered into her brains (provided she had any!)
DrD, I am past trying to understand those diversity-fans ; Now, I fight them.

MagicDragon said...

Excellent commentary. Are the PC idiots totally blind? Do they not care about the future for their children?

anglegrinder said...

Swiss passport for sale - prospective illegal immigrants form an orderly queue....

anglegrinder said...

Swiss passport for sale - prospective illegal immigrants form an orderly queue...

mark said...

They do things like this because they can with no fear of reprecussion. They know they're not going to get called on their stupid stunt. So it makes them feel self righteous.

Nordic Man. said...

These liberals are just amazing in their stupidity. They claim to be the backbone of democracy, but when a democratic vote goes against their wishes, they protest.

Cracker Americanus said...

I am so proud of the Swiss people for having the courage and intelligence to refuse the Minarets. The Moslems utilize these monuments much the same as Romans and Japanese invaders did. The subterfuge of making them part of their religious buildings is transparent.They are showing you we are here and we will tower over you. When we overwhelm you we will do only as we see fit.