Monday, 29 June 2009


By August Pointneuf

Southern Africa has been used as a platform by those who have hoped to prove, and then impose upon all, their personal philosophies of “human homogeneity”.

These people intended that the destruction of white administrative control in Southern Africa would vindicate their aspirations and justify the terrorist killings of the “anti-apartheid movement”.

The final unhinging of “white colonist rule” was to become the triumphant demonstration that a multicultural, multiracial land (and world) would be happier, safer and devoid of ethnic tension. Expulsion of the white colonist was expected to release the saintly tolerance latent in the African native. Mandela’s hand, raised in benediction, would be all the assurance required.

But more important to these revolutionaries was that their intended success, modelled in South Africa and Rhodesia, would validate an ultimate aim to impose on all Europeans their self-proclaiming high moral philosophy. This would be an irreversible experiment (implanted by manipulative propaganda and forced by law) which has no exemplar in history, with an outcome which was pure supposition, existing only in their speculative fantasy.

Let us then look at the outcome of their meddling with South Africa. What follows happened years after white control was ablated and therefore could not be caused by any handicaps inflicted on the black man by white dominance.

It is trite history that white administrations in Southern Africa brought to an end the “Black Wars” of the 19th century. Marauding black impi bent on exterminating competing tribes, invading rustlers and rapine raids were, for all practical purposed, held in check by efficient colonial law.
The resulting peace and economic growth made the white administered colonies highly attractive destination for the populations of all sub-Saharan states.

However the civic orderliness created by a white presence was hurled into disarray by the “independence” of the Southern African nations. Administrations collapsed and the African National Congress became unable to control the borders of South Africa. Many millions of the most impoverished people in Africa flooded in, searching for a slice of the cake created earlier by white enterprise.

Perversely the most qualified, creative and productive potential immigrants who now apply for entry and residence into South African, via the formal bureaucratic structures, are obstructed and defeated by the notorious Department of Internal Affairs. The very people who could have enhanced the wealth of South Africa, its healthcare, and its capacity to better standards of living universally, are refused entry because, it seems, of their white, ethnic background.

Meanwhile large numbers of unskilled black refugees continue to enter South Africa covertly, their numbers unknown, stressing South Africa’s limited social resources*. Amongst the most successful economic refugees into South Africa are Somalis

These black Hamitic people are expert traders, and many opened small shops in the black townships to become more successful than their Bantu competitors (who had themselves invaded the land during the last millennium).

Somalis were able to provide a significant social service, sold more cheaply, and so benefited their new-found communities. In these poor areas, small margins make a great difference. The benchmark price of bread sold by Bantu was R7.00 (53p). This was reduced by the Somalis to R6.00 (45p).

The Bantu reacted to Somali success by aggressive destruction. Much the way the Bantu had set about destroying the success of the civilisation of the white colonists, so began the Bantu ethnocide against the Somali. Somali traders were shot, “necklaced” and burnt along with their families and stores.

Abdul Kadir Karakoos, a Somali leader in Cape Town, says that his community has buried, since 2002, over 600 of their countrymen, killed in anti-immigrant violence. ANC Security Minister Charles Nqakula admits that the police have no accurate numbers of Somalis killed.

Although the ANC government has attempted to pass this ethnocide off as “random violence” or “common robbery” the true reasons were shown by threatening letters from Bantu to the Somali ordering them to leave their domicile, or be killed. And they were killed.

In mid-June 2009 police arbitrators reduced tension by forcing the Somali traders to increase their prices to match their Bantu competitors. But Somalis continue to live in terror in South Africa.

This black on black ethnocide, re-appearing after a hundred years of white administered peace, demonstrates again the failures of “racial integration” and that “multiculturalism” and “poly-communities” will not succeed. It also demonstrates the immutable return to inherent, latent behaviour patterns, which have not been softened by “independence’, education, freedom of speech or “civilisation”,

Such patterns of black behaviour can now be expected to be transmitted to Europe, as trans-cultural migrants continue to move, domino like, into the first world.

With the indisputable failure of the hoped-for “African Model” of inter-racial harmony, how is it that governments in Europe continue to endanger the future of their own vulnerable native populations by gambling with counter-cultural immigration? How often, in how many ways, and in how many countries, does it need to be demonstrated that this forced fantasy of “communalism” and ‘human homogeneity” can only bring disharmony, impoverishment and violence?
* Black immigrants into South Africa since “independence” have been estimated at over 5 million.

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alanorei said...

A most moving article, Sarah, thank you. Sadly, I believe SA's troubles began after the Boer War, with the formation of Communist groups then and the SA Communist Party.

Whatever problems SA had as a nation, up to the 60s and even beyond, it was prosperous, decent (no pornography) and productive.

We now see the fruits of capitulating to the Marxist genocidists, including Mandela.

Dr.D said...

Alanorei is exactly on the mark in his comments.

The remaining mystery to me is why any white people at all choose to remain in SA and Zimbabwe. I realize that some no doubt feel they have no place to go, and many feel that this is home.

I think it would be a great idea if the white countries of the West could ship blacks to SA and Zimbabwe in exchange for the remaining whites there on a one-for-one exchange to get them out of there. The blacks are going to continue to kill each other on and on and on and on and .... But there is no reason to leave white people in the middle of that.

It is abundantly clear that blacks cannot run a government for themselves. They have demonstrated this time and again all over the world. All they get is corruption, poverty, and chaos. But this is what they say they want; they do not want the white man around, they will not be colonized again. That statement right there says a lot about their intelligence when you consider than some, perhaps quite a few, can still remember how much better they lived when the white folk ran things. But they want to have their own, black, killing zones. How can we claim to stop them?

Abu Abdullah said...

The silver lining in this is that the Somali slaves of Allah are being slaughtered at will by a PC-protected group, so the Multi-Cult cannot blame it on White colonial racism.

Anonymous said...

Dr D - advocating shipping blacks in the west back to Africa in exchange for whites is a noble idea.
However, according to Alanorei, in terms of the BNP manifesto such whites would be patently unwelcome in the UK if we are not of British descent.
Alanorei and I have had this discussion on another post and his sentiments as are the BNP's are crystal clear - if you are not British, you are not welcome!!
So now what?

alanorei said...

Dr. D is right. Blacks have not by themselves created one stable, prosperous, decent community in 6,000 years of recorded history. See Race and Reality by Carleton Putnam.

Now that English-speaking whites are being either driven out or otherwise subjugated, the black Africans are reverting to type.

alanorei said...

Would you be so kind as to give me 'chapter and verse' on that statement, anon 09.05?

Then perhaps some further constructive comment can be made.

Anonymous said...

alanorei, I shall oblige accordingly.

My Comment was:
The only black cloud over the BNP's vision for the UK is their apparent determination to, along with illegal immigrant parasites, enemies of the state etc. also rid Britian of white EU nationals living in the UK, contributing positively to the economy and society and keen to become not only British citizens but also members of the BNP.
The BNP manifesto makes it patently clear that white EU nationals who are not British citizens are as unwelcome as illegal, radical, criminal, war-mongering benefits parasites which to my mind is myopic, unfortunate and dismissive of a potentially significant support base in the UK.

I rest my case..

alanorei said...

Re: The BNP manifesto makes it patently clear that white EU nationals who are not British citizens are as unwelcome as illegal, radical, criminal, war-mongering benefits parasites.

Where does the BNP Manifesto make this statement?

Anonymous said...

I didn't say they made that statement, I said they made it clear - more by the specific ommission of any non-brit whites (ie. EU whites and others)from their envisaged UK than by statement.
However, telephonic enquiries to their mebership line elicited an unequivocal "If you're not British, you're out....!
And this, in all fairness is a sentiment you've echoed yourself.
With a million plus Rhodesian and SA expats who have had to flee for their lives and those of their loved ones from black racist communist terrorist regimes in Southern Africa and have found themselves in the UK by virtue of direct Brit descendancy, EU descendancy for that matter or by any other legal means I think pooh pooing them because they are "not British" in an already irreversibly multicultural UK would be at best short sighted and at worst more ignorant and plain arrogant than the clowns at the BNP offices who fielded my telephone enquiries.
This is one expat community that are hard working, directly involved in their communities, pay our taxes, embrace the (old) British way of life, work ethic and values and the attitude towards them as I said, of the BNP as echoed by yourself is "You ain't British so fuck you..."
Really - who better than these ex-pats who understand the complexities as well as the pit-falls not to mention the duplicity, double standards, double dealing and double-speak of the anti-white Brit multicultural agenda and therefore eminently qualified to make a useful contribution towards dealing with it, but noooo, "You're not British, so run along old chap - back to Africa or the EU or whatever, you're not welcome in the BNP..."

alanorei said...

Sorry, Anon 02:06, not good enough

You yourself referred to the BNP Manifesto, so it is incumbent upon you to justify the serious allegation you've made with the relevant passage i.e. 'chapter and verse,' not your own private interpretation.

You clearly had a bad experience w.r.t. whoever you spoke to in your enquiries and I cannot gainsay that.

However, I think if you trawl through my earlier comments, you will find that I was essentially supportive of your position, as not altogether unlike my own, as an Australian, though admittedly with British rather than Continental ancestry.

That said, I would neither use nor condone obscenities in any of my comments and it is disingenuous of you to insinuate otherwise.