Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Parallels from the past

By guest contributor: August Pointneuf

Parallels of Nazism with the ANC

Nazism is a benchmark against which ruthless human control had been measured and as a demonstration of “evil” political behaviour. So great and so unfettered by external criticism was the political power allowed to it that Germany destroyed itself and much more.

The following describes aspects of the evolution of the Nazi party prior to the Second World War

A cascading adulation of the masses voted in what they were lead to believe was a heroic and charismatic leader: Having had a military history and been imprisoned he was seen as a “person of the people”, capable of bringing great changes. Acquiring overwhelmingly power, supported by the unemployed youth, he was in the position to overcome the constitution, abolish all controls and restraints on this power, and so entrench that party into seemingly permanent control.

However, the intellectuals had grave reservations both about leader’s intelligence, and about the unconstrained direction he seemed to be taking. Sadly their limited numbers made them irrelevant. Many of these outstandingly capable people, with a foresight, left the country.

In Germany the government began to target the vibrant, creatively and financially successful minority.

The minority was then selectively and progressively excluded from earning a living. The rationale was that the majority had been prejudiced by the success of this group, and the population had been “disadvantaged” by the creative skills of this minority. There was to be an enforced (and legislated) transfer of property and wealth away those who had created it. Businesses were to be taken over by the majority race, whose members were to be awarded (by law) shareholdings which they had not earned. This minority was progressively deprived of their land, even when the title holders depended upon the land for their livelihood.

The minority had their entry to the professions restricted, via a stranglehold on university admissions, where selection was by race, not merit.

The majority race was pushed by propaganda into a “consciousness” of their “superiority”. The success of isolated individuals was projected, promoting any petty successes, which were minimal in relation to their numbers. Money was pored into projects designed to “prove” the superiority of the majority race. The propaganda machine began to emphasise examples of the success of selected individuals, claiming that they “represented” the capabilities of the majority race.

An attempt was made to convince the world of the capabilities of Germany by putting it on the international stage. Sport was recruited, and the Olympic Games was pursued as a potential grandstand.

The ultimate goal of this selective prejudice against a minority race was to appease an electorate in times of economic stress, and ultimately ensured the political “success” of the party in power, (which meant ensconcing that political party into permanent power).

Large arms and other industrial manufacturers funded both politicians and the party in power initially, notably Thyssen, in the belief that they were protecting their interests.

The world outside Germany was impressed. “This is a country going someplace!” was heard. “This is a model for the capitalist world! A place to invest! This is a country aware of its moral high ground!”

Eminent persons visited and then expressed their favourable impressions. The most senior ambassadors were dispatched to Germany. It was visited by Royalty.

However there were sceptics who comprehended the underlying dangers.

One result was the silent but eventually massive loss of the unique creative skills possessed by the minority which had proven itself by its success but was now so threatened. Emigration was propelled, leaving large skill vacuums: those emigrants subsequently added mightily to the capacities of their host countries.

The parallels of Nazism with the ANC.
Now read this again, changing two words, Germany to South Africa and Olympic Games to Soccer World Cup.

Posts Script:

The last election gave the ANC an 80% majority, well over the threshold allowing it to change the constitution and entrench it in power

Comment on SABC news 19.00h 17 January 2007 “Makhaya Ntini, South Africa’s greatest sportsman, was given a Keiser Chiefs jersey”

Jan Christian Smuts, internationally famous as a leader of the Western world, politician, Field-Marshal, jurist, scholar, classicist, botanist, philosopher, and author, was remembered by naming South Africa’s main airport.

The ANC removed Smuts’ name, and replaced it with Oliver Tambo Airport.

Thyssen-Krupp and the South African arms deal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for your consistent concern for and expose's of the plight of whites in Southern Africa. This is a very good article. Of course the black dhimmis of the left will be outraged at the comparison: Apartheid South Africa discriminated against blacks - the Jews in Germany had no political power, is the superficial objection they'll probably make. But of course the parallel is not exact. Jews were mostly law-abiding positive contributors to Germany. The same cannot be said of Blacks in South Africa: they have always been a drain, a threat to civilisation. Long practical experience of their thieving, murdering and lawlessness resulted in the absolutely rational white response of Apartheid. And since 1994 when South Africa was handed over to them, black behaviour (misbehaviour) has abundantly vindicated (over and over again) that response. Verwoerd was right.

William Dicks said...

I would like to make a comment about the Post Script in this post. It states that the ANC received 80% of the votes in the previous elections.

That is simply not true. The ANC has never had such a large percentage of the national vote in South Africa.

At our previous general elections, they received 69.69% of the votes, which BTW is the largest percentage of votes they have had in all general elections. This can be verified at the Independent Electoral Commission's own page for the 2004 general elections.

That feat will not be repeated again! With the establishment of the new rival party, COPE (Congress Of the PEople), the ANC votes will be cut down. How much is unknown right now.

Jackdawproxedet said...

Surely you're not comparing pre-war ethnic Germans with current low IQ black South Africans are you ?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I don't think August is making a comparison between the individuals, but to the parallels between the situations.

I also note William's comments about the ANC's majority. however, as I understand it they are certainly now in a position to change the constitution.

Jack said...

Like the image at the top of your blog, very mystical!

Theres a new book you might be interested in. Someone has been in touch with British WW2 veterans and has compiled a book with their memories, but also what they think of the UK today!! It's a must read!

Some real heroes in it as well, Far East exPOWs, D-Day veterans, RAF etc. The book has a website which is

He of difficult days said...

Please don't insult Nazis by comparing them to the ANC.


He of difficult days said...

anon said: "Apartheid South Africa discriminated against blacks"

AG What utter bullshit. Why do people still continue with such bullshit propaganda?

We discriminated against reds and not blacks. It just so happened that blacks chose to be red.

Apartheid was not black vs white. It was black and white vs red.

The john Birch society did an excellent piece on Youtube where they got it right when doing their take on SA.

If we discriminated against blacks then why did the 32 battallion consist of mostly blacks? If Ian Douglas smith was such a racist and "oppressor" of blacks then why were the Selous scouts mainly black?

If people still to this day continue to spew out liberal garbage then you are nothing more than a liberal brainwashed pawn

When I was growing up in SA, (I was born in 1976 in SA)I saw that Apartheid worked both ways. The law that was applied to blacks was applied to us whites too. If we ventured into black areas, the military would hound us whites back to the white areas.

The law worked both ways. it just so happens that blacks are utter losers and can not sustain their section of civilization

Jews in SA were also subjected to "Apartheid" but they thrived in their Jews only schools and Jews only neighbourhoods

Tia Mysoa said...

The City of Tshwane/Pretoria published a detailed sequence of legislative measures in order to comply with its obligations as one of the nine South African host cities for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup as well as the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Obviously all nine cities involved have promulgated a similar By-law.

There's no doubt that our lives are going to be controlled and frustrated like never before in the history of South Africa, --- whether you’re a fan of soccer, or not, .... BUT maybe these events will bring back Law and Order to our country, - who knows?