Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pictures of a "racist" prince

As some affirmatively assisted z-list comedian scrabbles to gain publicity by attempting to reignite the "Prince Harry is a racist" allegations, by repeating a throw away line from a brief conversation, I suggest that readers take a look at the pictures below, and contemplate as to who the real racists in our society are.

Time was that a man would be judged by his actions, in the thought police state in which we now live, it is a casual or ill chosen word which will be used against us.

Below, on the other hand, is the accuser

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alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

The 'racist' mongers never define what they mean by the term. I suggest let's help them out.

A 'racist': Anyone who agrees with BNP policies and/or anyone who (maybe by reason of birth such as the royal family) is deemed to personify British identity in some way who in turn is therefore on the 'genocidist'* hit-list as a legitimate target e.g. Prince Harry.

*See following definition.

A 'genocidist' is anyone out to exterminate British identity in any way, shape or form. That would include much, if not most of:

The C of E General Synod and other established church figures

Both houses of parliament and the cabinet, together with all the 'old gangster' parties and their adherents and supporters

Most of the broadcast and published media

All Common Purpose graduates, wherever they fit into the establishment and their hangers-on

Islam in Britain (of course)

All multi-culti and unrestricted immigration advocates and their accolytes. (Searchlight, UAF etc. are in there somewhere, along with all the 'enrichers' who contribute so much to the annual Notting Hill glass and outlaw and disorder fest and such like)

All advocates and supporters of the Pope's 4th Reich golden garrotte EU

All high-level bankers, speculative financiers and other national economy wreckers

All negative commentators to your blog, especially the anonymous ones.

Any and all others I haven't thought of.

Some genocidists may fit in to more than one of the above categories.

I have more respect for Darleks. At least they don't purport to be anything other than what they are.

Note, us 'racists' are twice as smart as those 'genocidists.' They can only propose two-syllable epithets. We can put up a four-syllable one.