Monday, 23 February 2009

Untold dangers

If it wasn't so unlikley, it would be interesting to speculate as to whether charges of whatever the relevant equivalent is of negligent homicide, or even culpable homicide will end up being brought against FIFA and much of the Western media who are currently promoting the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, without the slightest hint of warning.

Whenever the subject comes up, film of beaming, friendly looking South African youth appears on TV, and South Africa is mentioned as a vibrant young democracy, and the country itself portrayed as some sort of Disney style theme park.

No mention yet of the fact that South Africa has become one of the most dangerous crime ridden places on earth which is not yet a failed state. Muggings and robbery exceed anything we know in the West many times over, murder is running at seven times the current rate in America, , whilst the numbers of rapes are ten times as high, and much higher than that that in terms of both child rape and male on male rape.

Given the rapid deterioration of the situation, the rates are likely to be even higher by 2010.

Do you think these things will be mentioned? I doubt it, our media has too much invested in promoting their own fantasy vision of the rainbow nation without allowing the risk to a few dozen (or more) lives to make them break a habit of a life time and tell the truth.

We are lead to believe that the most important issue is whether enough poor people will be able to afford tickets to the games, whereas the really important issue is how many visitors will get home with life, limb and property still intact. Where are the warnings about avoiding urban areas, staying in groups, only carrying the money you need to and not letting anyone see that you own a camera or mobile phone?.

The lack of caution is particularly reckless considering the normal behaviour of football fans when the visit foreign cities. They instinctively want to go down town, explore, find a bar and then get drunk and vulnerable. In much of South Africa such behaviour by Westerners is the equivalent of an antelope walking up to a pride of lions drenched in a honey and mustard dressing with a garlic bulb up its a##.

However, it is exactly what fans will do if they are not warned not to, and I am not hearing any warnings so far.

Let us hope that the fans have guardian angels looking out for them, as, on present showing, it seem unlikely that the media, FIFA or the Government have any intention of doing so.


eb Scanner said...

Well done. You have drawn attention to an extremely important issue. Who will be held accountable for the deaths, robberies and other unfortunate experiences that will descend on visitors to the World Cup in 2010?

Tom said...

Perhaps we should only hold such sporting events in the safe 'developed' world!? Whilst there are undoubted risks associated with holding such an event in South Africa, what about the undoubted benefits? Soccer is a largely black sport in South Africa, a country where the white sports of rugby and cricket dominate, a successfuly World Cup could be a huge boost for deprived areas of the country. As someone who has lived and worked in South Africa,I am fully aware of the dangers, however the cynicism shown by the author is frankly unfelpful.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Then again its not you who would be taking the risk to further your fantasy is it Tom?!

Anonymous said...

Tom, here are few facts:

1. Rugby and cricket dominates because the guys playing the sport are dedicated to what they do. They train hard, think and live the sports. Soccer players are mostly unfit, rowdy and do not care if they win or lose. Remember, we are about 80th in the world rankings.
2. Soccer's governing body is in it for the money. They make millions off the World Cup and club matches. They do not care for the rankings. Even if they say they do.
3. Soccer stadium are funded by tax paer's money. Remember: In South Africa 20% of the population pays 80% of the taxes. 80% of THIS 20% is the white people.
4. Refering to the above: White people do not care for soccer because we are to proud to be associated with a team that NEVER gets anywhere.
5. Negativity is bad. We know that, don't get me wrong. All the whites would like the Soccer World Cup to be a success. But if your son crashes your car into a wall on a daily basis, wouldn't you rather he NOT borrow the car anymore?? That is what we find with the blacks. Most of them only has their own financial interests at heart. We do not trust them to do anything. They can't finish anything to a level where it is done, donem done. There are always loose ends which causes trouble.
6. We as whites can't go into Hillbrow (please Google Hillbrow for stats. You will be shocked!!) on a normal day. All the Africans with hatred in their hearts live here. Do you REALLY think they will not burgle, kill or rape anybody because it is the World Cup?? You must be joking! Make hay while the sun shines!!

For somebody who has worked in South Africa (it must have been 13 days!! There is a joke which pertains to this. See end of my message...) you are VERY naïve.

I have lived in Southern Africa since my birth 34 years ago. You are a liberal PRAT who runs back to his FREE and SAFE country and then preaches from your safe perch to US who LIVE with these people.

Not even "Afro Americans" want to live here. Oprah? She came, she built a school, met Mandela and Left. Will Smith. He came, He met Mandela, saw the 46664 concert and left. By the way, Mr Smith wanted to built a house here but decided against it. Why?? We can only speculate...

I can go on and on but you seem like a lost case, Tom.

Hope this makes sence Sarah.



Johannesburg, Hell.

PS: How long does it take to turn a foreigner (in South Africa) into a rascist? 14 days...

Anonymous said...

As a white male Afrikaner male, I completely agree with Sarah. Another point to mention is also the case of the "sex tourism" side of the affair. Tourists are in general extremely naive as to the realities of black behaviour - especially the fuzzy-wuzzy-bunny-hugger-we-are-all-one liberal kind. They are in for huge shocks. The result of the 2010 SWC in SA will be:
Plenty of foreigners stuck without official documents, Black elites stuffing themselves while SA taxpayers will be footing the bill for this fiasco for the next century or so, and many white elephant stadia that will require maintainance whereas we had more than ample rugby stadia to satisfy the needs (note that we've hosted very successful Rugby and Cricket WCup in SA, but the support bases and fans are mostly white and well-behaved). The SA 2010 WC will redefine soccer hooliganism - and FIFA will wash their hands of the problem.
In general one can safely say that the white folk in SA are very much against the WC being held here. Our newly released from their cages poulation will reveal to the world exactly what they are made of. (Albeit the Mainstream Media will do all in their power to cover it up).

Anonymous said...

let the europeans come to south africa
nothing better to teach the world the truth than to experience it

Helen Porter said...

extended eugenics? - get your facts clear:

The beliefs of racists are biologically naive, and ignore the
well-known phenomenon of "hybrid" or "mongrel" vigour, where crosses
are more healthy, and, in the case of animals, more intelligent, than
pure breeds. One reason for this phenomenon is that many undesirable
genetic traits are recessive and linked by race. A white person, for
example, reduces the chances of a child with cystic fibrosis almost to
zero by marrying someone who isn't white.

Specific claims for inferiority of other races will be dealt with
elsewhere. The argument for preventing intermarriage may be analysed
independently of these: it suffers from a gross logical flaw common to
racist arguments from statistics to segregation, which in its general
form goes like this:

* Property X is desirable.

* Property X has, or may have, a genetic component.

* There is a statistical difference in average X-ness between black
people and white people of which the genetic component is so tiny that
most experts don't even agree that it exists. But we do.

* Therefore, we should discriminate against black people.

The problem here is that if it was a good idea to discriminate against
people on the grounds of lack of X, then it would be far more sensible
to reason as follows:

* Property X is desirable.

* Therefore we should discriminate against people lacking in X-ness,
regardless of color.

So, for example, if the racists could achieve their Holy Grail and
demonstrate that black people on average have very slightly lower IQ
scores, and if I cared, this would be no reason why, in my matrimonial
preferences, I should rate a dumb blonde above a black genius. On the
contrary, I should still go on judging people's intelligence, not by
the color of their skin, but by their intelligence, exactly as I do

Yet the racists, with their concern for the precious genetic heritage
of the white race, are not campaigning to prevent smart white men from
marrying dumb blondes: although this happens, I am told, quite
frequently. And this calls into question the integrity of racists who
offer this argument against interracial marriage. It's almost as if
they had some other reason for opposing "miscegenation", such as being
racist bigots.

One curious by-product of racist views on interracial marriage is the
curious but oft-repeated assertion that interracial marriage is
unnatural because black people are not attractive, combined with a
willingness to debate the point with anyone who does in fact find this
or that black person attractive. It need hardly be pointed out that if
they were right, there would be no need for them to argue the point,
nor to establish laws against miscegenation.

what bigoted, bored nazi housewife, racist, bimbo you have justdisplayed you are!!!

Anonymous said...

"...the curious but oft-repeated assertion that interracial marriage is unnatural because black people are not attractive, combined with a[n] [un]willingness to debate the point with anyone who does in fact find this or that black person attractive. It need hardly be pointed out that if
they were right, there would be no need for them to argue the point, nor to establish laws against miscegenation."

No one claims that the white race or that any race is perfect. The point is that it is natural for the vast majority of any given race to prefer their own. Experience in the real world tells us that this is so. Only in the liberal dominated modern world with their attempts at social engineering has this been attempted to be overturned - just so they can attain the ultimate adolescent fantasy of absolute "freedom" and godhood.

Yes there have always been some whites with something missing upstairs, or lacking in sensitivity and sensibility who have found blacks attractive as sexual partners. The tragedy today, is that for so many years the destroyers of normality (the leftists) have been allowed to pedal their perversions and lies - that racial and sexual boundaries are unimportant, and this has had the effect of bringing Britain to the verge of destruction. The "precious genetic inheritance" is about more than merely high IQ - its about everything, from physical features to racial character.

Even if whites had the lowest IQs, I as a white would still prefer my race - one has a natural affinity for one's own. If you have only lived in mostly white areas with whites in control - this might not be so clear to you. Live among mostly blacks, (and if you can break free of leftist "goodthinking") you'll soon see what I mean. Rather a thousand times that "smart white men" marry "dumb white blondes" than the horror of them miscegenating with even "smart" black woman. Far from calling into question the integrity of "racists", this proves their integrity!! "Racist bigot" is an unatural perverted concept that can only maintain its currency with the force of a totalitarian media and government behind it. In fact "anti-racists" are bigots - they are the ones trying to enforce their anti-natural prejudices on normal people who like their own race.


Anonymous said...

Very Good Helen Porter - love the comment about the bored nazi housewife or something to that effect.

Now we have your thesis on white racists who express their white racism by trying to preserve their race and presenting the facts in this regard for debate on forums like this - but what do you have to say about black racism, which by all accounts, masses of evidence and the harsh realitity for their white victims or their survivng families expresses itself as violent murder, mayhem, pillage, plunder and social decay wherever you find them in groups larger than two?

Anonymous said...

Apartheid was such a terrible crime against humanity according to the international free press because basically if one were to objectively examine it’s concept, it was designed to isolate white people from the criminal intentions of the black population we see in South Africa today. The so called “victims” of Apartheid amounted to approx 2000 black activists, communist trained terrorists, who bombed and attacked civilian establishments, and ANC agitators who were mostly killed in confrontations with the South African security services in the 46 years between when Apartheid was legislated and 1994 when the false god Saint His Perfection the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, almighty god’s boss became President of Azania.

One sided portrayals of incidents like the “Sharpeville Massacre” which are supposed to epitomise Apartheid’s “evil” pointedly neglect to detail the fact that an isolated police station in the middle of a township manned by a handful of teenaged cops without any communication (telephone lines were cut by the mob) was surrounded by a hysterical, screaming mob of thousands of blacks armed with a variety of weapons of exactly the same type that wiped out the British Army at Isandhlawana a 100 yeras before, and intent on doing the same to the young policemen because they had a problem with a law that prevented them free movement within the white communities.

Today that law is long dead and buried - but to illustrate why is was put in place in the first instance, since 1994 when almighty god Nelson Mandela became President and was videotaped singing a song calling for the killing of whites in South Africa, 10 white civilians have been murdered, raped, mutilated and maimed by blacks every day in South Africa since 1994. It amounts to more than 35000 innocent, unarmed white civilians murdered by random members of the black population free to move around white communities in the 15 years since 1994.

So Apartheid killed approx 2000 black nationalist combatants, agitators, activists and capital criminals in it’s 46 years and the Rainbow Nation of the god almighty Saint Nelson Mandela, phallic icon of the liberal British has brutally murdered 35 000 unarmed (disarmed) innocent white civilians in 15 years - murdered for one reason only - because they were white.

These are murders that include a young woman brutally gang-raped and left to die with a broken bottle and a burning log shoved up her vagina, an old woman beaten to a pulp and left to die next to her dead husband after a gang of blacks cut her fingers off with secateurs to remove her rings, a young man shot in front of his pregnant wife before blacks tried to BITE OFF her finger to get her wedding ring!! A 60 year old woman who had boiling water from a kettle poured over her head repeadtedly in her home by a gang of blacks - she died an agonising death days later from her injuries. A grandmother, her daughter and her one year old granddaughter shot to death in a roadside robbery….

This happens to white people 10 times a day in South Africa, every day, week in and week out, month in and month out - only because they are white. Now you know why there was Apartheid.

Of course the liberal media in the UK will not bring this to the attention of the British as they did the evils of the “Rhodesian Regime” - look at Zimbabwe today, 4 million black Zimbabweans dead under Sir Robert Mugabe, murdered by his army, left to starve to death after taking white farms and giving them to his cronies, witholding food aid and letting them die of diseases that would never have existed under the Rhodesian Government - or as they did their pet hate, the evils of Apartheid, under which things were so “bad for blacks” that in South Africa today most older blacks are crying for the return of Apartheid.

So to all the liberal British that called for the installation of almighty god Nelson Mandela and his ANC communist terrorist kleptocracy with their subsequent brutal murder of 35 000 innocent white civilians, black South Africa welcomes you in your tens of thousands for the 2010 soccer world cup; bring your Pounds Sterling (worth 15 times the local currency), bring your expensive cameras, bring your sophisticated gadgets, cell phones, iPods, etc. come to the Azanian Utopia you created out of South Africa.

Just a few words of caution though, whites are murdered by blacks in South Africa because they are white, it doesn’t matter if they are British white, South African white, Portuguese white, Greek white or Russian white - if you are white, your murder has been called for, approved, endorsed and actively encouraged by none other than your own god, Nelson Mandela and his ANC band of thieves and murders. If you are white and have in your possession anything valuable from 50p to a £2000.00 digital camera, you are even more a legitimate target, because then you are a wealthy white who obtained your wealth illegally at the expense of the blacks.

Blacks in South Africa have the highest HIV infection incidence in the world and are dying like flies from it thanks to the sentiments of that other ANC paragon of British virtue - Thabo Mbeki (Educated in Sussex) who has variously in international forums, denied the existence of the AIDS - HIV link.

Once they have HIV/AIDS though, South African blacks believe thay can be cured of HIV/AIDS by raping a virgin, preferably a white virgin (anything from an infant of 9 months to an old woman of 90 can by the typically twisted black imagination, be deemed a virgin) - pretty young British women, so revealingly dressed, so sexualy active - beware!

South African blacks also believe in witchcraft and black witchdoctors are officially recognised as legitimate practitioners by the black South African medical authorities. An example of a cure for a non fatal STD may involve an ointment of powdered human baby penis, baboon piss and crushed african herbs - so if you do pick up a non-fatal STD from any of the tens of thousands of black maidens who will, with official sanction be making themselves available for the WC and you do end up with a witchdoctor, spare a thought for the baby who’s penis is part of the cure - the witchdoctors prefer live donors, but have been known to harvest from freshly dug graves. The genitals of young whites are highly sought after by the way.

Lastly, if you’re driving a hire car, do not find yourself in a traffic violation, do not find yourself in an altercation with a black taxi, because if the black taxi driver doesn’t shoot you the black traffic cops will. Stupid rules and traffic regulations like stopping at a red light, undertaking, sudden braking, indicating, hogging, cutting off, tail gateing etc. do not apply to black taxi drivers - they are not required to observe these traffic regulations because they are black, you on the other hand will be, because you are white. .

Do not shout at, swear at or flip a bird at a black taxi violating a traffic regulation of any sort, including running down white pedestrians, cyclists etc. - this will give him a perfectly legitimate excuse to shoot you or douse your car with fuel and set it alight with you in it. Penalty for the black taxi driver doing this? - if he gets caught, if he gets arraigned, if he gets convicted, if he gets sentenced - 6 months suspended sentence.

If you do find yourself pulled over for a traffic offence (speed camers are hidden, camouflaged and manned) or any other minor traffic offense, shut up, be as subservient as possible and pray feverishly to your god Nelson Mandela that the traffic cop can read and understands the relatively simple concept that foreign driver’s licenses do actually exist and that a UK drivers licence is supposed to be valid in South Africa because SA is a commonwealth country, the British liberal god Nelson Mandela lives there and you’re British - it should be a no-brainer. if you’re unfortunate to have a relatively senior ranked traffic official bust you, chances are he’s illiterate and until he can get somebody to verify your ID and license he will have you detained, chucked in a cell with up to 20 black capital criminals and you will be anally gang raped (if you’re a white man) consistently for anything up to the typically three day period it takes to get you in front of a bored black magistrate who will then chuck the case out of court. If you survive the rapes, you will at best not be able to walk for a few days, at worst require reconstructive surgery to your anal sphincters and most certainly have to go on Anti-Retrovirals, once again praying to your god Nelson Mandela that the ARV’s will prevent you developing HIV and therefore AIDS, even though former SA president Thabo Mbeki saya this is not possible.

A small comfort is that usually women do not get put in cells with male prisoners, but if cells are overcrowded, a white woman in a cell with a number of black males is not inconceivable and certainly within the realms of a black arresting officer’s discretion. Imagine a person trying to swim a Pirhana infested river…….lady you will be dead inside of the hour - literally ripped and raped to pieces, they will have to mop your remains out of the cell and identify you by DNA which could take up to six months because of the lack of forensic specialists in SA. And remember you only get processed after you’ve been arrested and chucked in a cell.

The bummer is in South Africa, public transport does not exist in any form other than for black people - black trains, black busses, black taxis - if you find yourself on any of these, you may have one of two experiences - you may get off shaken but unscathed depending on the mob mood at the time or…picture the jail cell….

In case you find any of this stuff hard to believe because the BBC doesn’t tell you all this - then do some internet research will you, try Google “Violent Crime in South Africa” for example, set aside a whole week to do this. Alternatively wait until after the WC for the stories to emerge, if the liberal international press doesn’t keep a lid on it

Otherwise, have a great WC in Azania, the land of the living god Nelson Mandela and the ANC that rose to power on the chants of the masses of Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer and “One Settler, One Bullet” - well they’ve killed off most of the farmers and they are all pretty hungry now because food is scarce and therefore very expensive - so hang onto those valuables and currency OK?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 28 February 2009 04:30
A brilliant, concise post about the real racial facts in South Africa.
From the real facts of "Sharpeville" the "atrocity" made up by leftists to the thugocracy that black South Africa is today. I don't want to be presumptious Sarah, but maybe you should consider posting this as a "main" article. Anyway thanks once again for all you do to expose the truth about the black disaster that is today's South Africa. Keith_SA

Anonymous said...

Helen Porter, lmfao.

You are truly a schiller of the most obnoxious variety.

I hope that some day someone introduces you to a fmj.

Anonymous said...

"black genius" is an oxymoron....

Anonymous said...

How I can download documents from WikiLeaks?
Hope for answer