Saturday, 28 February 2009

The silent genocide

It has been reported that two more white South African farmers have been murdered, bring the total of those horribly killed in South Africa's ongoing racially motivated genocide to 3,037 , since the ANC came to power in 1994. The figure may indeed be higher given the efforts by the South African government and police force, together with the wold's press have made to keep the story covered up.

It is truly sickening that, despite the quite horrific brutality and sadism, involved in these killings (few if any of the victims were allowed to die quickly) and the fact that in very many of the murders, no property was stolen, the thugs running South Africa, and the lying international media continue to try and pass these atrocities off as "crime related" rather than calling them what they truly are.

Those wishing to know more about the cruel and continuing ethnic cleansing taking place in the so called rainbow nation, and next years' World Cup destination, can read more here.

I would ask all of you, including the politically correct liberals and ANC apologists, whom I know visit this blog from time to time, to ask yourselves whether you truly believe that had over 3,000 members of any ethnic minority, other than whites, have been savagely tortured to death by the majority ethnic population of any other country, the world would remain silent, as they have done over this?

One of the main reasons for the silence is the most people know nothing about it, because they are not being told. The media will not tell them, so we must tell them.

You must tell them.

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alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

Many white Brits are very callous about this form of genocide, while still bleating about the 'evils of apartheid*.'

*I intend to read Arthur Kemp's book on this subject asap but I'm sure even his thoroughly researched material will not alter the reality of the steady reversion of southern African blacks to their former savagery.

Elizabeth said...

I watch, with interest, the ethnic cleansing of Zimbabwe and hear the words of President Robert Mugabe....""no going back" on planned and already executed seizures of land owned by white farmers."

Seemingly in this age of multiculturism it is surprisingly acceptable in certain circumstances to remove those of another race and colour in favour of the indigenous population.

I see this as a blueprint for future cases of this nature.

On the other hand I could be on the wrong tack altogether as pointed out by Bristol Councillor Shirley Brown when accused of making a racist remark....

"How can I be a racist when I’m black?"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

I have known about thsi via Blogs hosted by white South Africans.

I comment on the SA genocide at every opportunity and indeed, I have written several letters,one to the Government here and two others to the South African Embassy in London.

The first say that ''they are paying close attenton to it'' and the letters from the Embassy acknowledge that ' crime as generally gone up across South Africa'. Of course no special attenton given to the genocide against white farmers. Nothing speacial there. They also point out that 'they are working closley with the British government and South African government to monitor it'.

What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Please read this if you have not yet done so.

Lastly, these are not my words - but food for thought:
"Bob Mugabe had to amend the constitution of Zimbabwe to allow him to remain in power as president. (There was a limit to the number of terms which a president could serve). Having changed it once, he did it again. The rest of the story we all know very well.
When Hitler took over Germany he systematically turned it into a fascist police-state, where no-one (no, not even German citizens) had any freedom. He did this by passing one piece of legislature after another.By the time he had mobilised his army, and banned being Jewish or trying to stop him from invading your country it was TOO LATE!
"How did he and Bob manage this?"
Each time they changed something, they convinced all the stupid people that it was for the greater good. Clever people, who could tell that it wasn't, thought to themselves "Surely they won't get away with this" over tea and rusks, but did nothing. By the time someone decided to stand up and make a scene, his house had been burned down and his head was firmly wedged between an S.S. boot and the pavement outside.

Now, I'm sure all agree that one "Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma" possesses neither the intellect, or charisma to start a world war. However, he has somehow managed to wangle his way into a position where he can very well take the first baby step towards making a complete pig's ear of our country..... Our downfall will not be racism as everyone predicted in 1994, it will be corrupt politicians driven by greed and a hunger for power. And people drinking tea saying "surely they won't get away with that?". (and others saying "don't be so negative")

JZ's trial has been scheduled for August (which is AFTER the election). After winning the election, the ANC plans on amending the constitution to prohibit the acting president from being prosecuted in a court of law. Just like with Bob Mugabe, the most fundamental law of the country will now be changed to suit the whims of a criminal. (Never mind the fact that this would actually mean that he could literally commit murder and get away with it until he steps down as president). Our constitution is literally the anchor which stops our country from drifting down river and over the edge of a waterfall. It leaves ultimate power in the hands of the courts and judges and prevents government from raising itself above the law."

Anonymous said...

I have read 'sarah...' for while now and am absolutely convinced that she is on the button. Why would your cowardly politicians refuse entry to Geert Wilders, who is bravely trying to halt the loss of his EU country? WHat a bunch of lily-livered wimps. Are they blind or deaf? Or are they too worried about the Pakistanis in UK? Nice upstanding folk who obviouly support the attack on the Sri Lankans in Lahore, and Mumbai, as well as the British underground ones. They hate because they envy, and our politicians help them. Disgusting, like Brown's sugary speech to the US congress......Thanks, Sarah, keep it going!