Sunday, 15 February 2009

Stories from a diverse world

After the long article in a week in England (which you can read by clicking here or scrolling down) I have decided to be lazy and post some links to interesting and thought provoking posts from across the internet:

British Women Pay High Price for Multiculturalism


For decades, the British people have undergone an onslaught of aggressive government propaganda schemes intent upon preparing them to first accept the multicultural totalitarian assault and to become a veritable doormat for millions of colonizers -- the vast majority being from Islamic countries. There was no public debate nor any citizen vote - multiculturalism, along with militant political correctness - were thrust upon and infected the populous of Great Britain like the Black Plague. Multiculturalism - rather than being based on mutual respect - is a parasitic ideology that encourages immigrants, to not assimilate and to aggressively insist the invaded Western countries be subservient to them and their cultures. In my opinion, multiculturalism demands 'reverse assimilation' or the inevitable loss of the indigenous culture as native populations are brainwashed, goaded, shamed and threatened to place all other cultures above their own. The following is primarily about Britain (and later more specifically England) but the same could be said about much of Europe - and likely soon to be in the USA.

Read more at the Opinionator blog by clicking here


Stimulus for whom?

Democratic Leadership Requires Stimulus Job Access for Illegal Aliens -- Secret Negotiations

House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid and the Obama White House were absolutely certain about one thing for the House/Senate negotiating committee on the Stimulus Bill: There was to be no special restriction to keep illegal aliens from getting new jobs created by the bill at a cost of $250,000 to $500,000 each.

US readers who want to know what their taxes are being spent on (and the rest of as a warning of what will happen here next) can read more at NumbersUSA by clicking here


Labour's cover-up on UK's foreign workforce

KEITH Vaz is livid. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has dared to release figures showing that the number of foreign workers in Britain has increased by 175,000 to 2.4 million in the past 12 months, while the number of British workers in employment fell by 234,000 - and that’s the last news that the Labour chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee wanted published on the very day that unemployment in Britain reached a 12 year high.

Read more on the BNP website by clicking here


US Slams crime in South Africa

The magnitude of crime in South Africa “should be considered a human rights violation”, according to the latest United States Department of State Human Rights Report.

Among the crimes it notes as human rights violations are a staggering 23 453 children raped, 1 075 murdered and 20 879 assaulted last year alone.

Read more at SA Sucks, by clicking here


alanorei said...

Thanks, again, Sarah, also for the Black Inventions Myth link.

It should never be forgotten that on October 8th 2005, 3 months after the Muslim atrocity of the July 7th bombings, a massive earthquake in Pakistan killed 70,000+ Muslims in a very short space of time.

'Allah' was powerless to prevent it.

I have no doubt that if they keep on in their persecuting way, Muslims in the UK will also receive appropriate retribution, in spades.

So will their Common Purpose 'facilit(r)a(i)tors' in the 'old gangster' parties.

Under the Lord God JEHOVAH, "every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward" Hebrews 2:2.

Muslims, Marxists and multi-culti-ists will be no exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Going by the comments on the SA sucks blog similar things are developing almost similtaneously across white lands

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are entirely correct Anonymous 12:02, we live in troubled times, which may soon be more troubled than we know.

MarkRougemont said...

Just a note to let you know I love your new pic at the top of your blog.

On the foreign workers story, it has already been shown that there are fewer illegals coming here for work simply because there are already fewer jobs available for them as well as American workers. Enforcement of existing laws would take care of the issue and an additional provision is not needed in the stimulus bill. It would just place a heavier financial stress on small business owners and farmers.