Monday, 2 February 2009

The new order

Who censors the censors?

He who controls what people can see and think is a power in the land.


Dowlish said...

Nice one Sarah.

Love your blog BTW.

alanorei said...

Thanks for the latest posts, Sarah. A bit pushed for time atm so can't comment in more detail but the individual in the photo looks like he has a snout just tailored for the trough.

Maybe it's a form of genetic engineering.

P.S. the thing about black males and white women in your other post is intended to destroy both races. Mulattoes have been shown to become effectively infertile by about the 4th generation. This is strictly (I think) for white Nordic men and black women but I would guess it still applies across the board for Africans and northern Europeans.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims living in the West (or Dar al-Harb - the Domain of war, as they prefer to call it) have no loyalty to the infidel countries and societies that they infest, nor do they have any respect for the infidel legal systems.

As the name 'Dar al-Harb' demonstrates, they quite literally regard themselves as being at war with us.

The Muslims see the whole of the West and all that's in it as war booty - as a gift from Allah - to be plundered and raped at will and with impunity.

There is no way that we can tolerate this organised criminal and subversive conspiracy waging a guerilla war in our countries.

They have got to go.

Cultural Nationalist said...

The excellent Citizen Warrior has a new thought-provoking article about the multiculturalist dogma that 'all cultures are equal' . The article was actually so thought-provoking it set me to thinking of whether there is any logical argument that can demonstrate the inequality of cultures, and it occurred to me that different cultures can be thought of as 'sets' of beliefs and customs which may or may not overlap.

If we apply set theory to multiculturalism, then Judeo-Christian civilisation can be shown to be superior to Islam, because when examined closely, Islamic culture is seen to be nothing other than an impoverished subset of Judeo-Christian culture. Consequently, Islamic culture cannot add anything to ours, it can only subtract and destroy.

Every aspect of present-day Islamic culture that appears to be different from our own is in fact already contained within our culture, it's just part of the subset of beliefs and customs marked 'history'. For example - tribalism, theocracy, punishment by amputations, repression of women, honour killings, blasphemy laws etc - we've been there and done that and given it up centuries ago.

As with adolescent vandals, those who lack creativity can only express themselves by destruction, and Muslims are very good at destroying the products of other civilisations (known as 'Jahiliyya') . Remember the Buddhas of Bamiyan!

If you look carefully at the process of Islamification in Europe, you'll see that nothing is being added (apart from babies and mosques), but much is being taken away. Almost every Muslim demand is culturally destructive and 'subtractive' rather than 'additive'. They want to remove pig statues, ban alcohol, curb free speech, stop teaching art, music, drama, biology and other 'un-Islamic' subjects in schools. And the mere presence of Muslims in the West reduces the quality of life, with security restrictions on travel; and kaffir women and children in Muslim-infested cities unable to move and play freely for fear of sexual predators.

In contrast to the subtractive impacts of Muslims on Western civilisation, Muslim clerics in in Dar al-Islam are paranoid about the addition of aspects of Western culture such as fashion, music, toys, cinema, art, science etc to their own, which they refer to as 'Westoxication'

So, no matter what the multiculturalists tell us, Islam cannot bring 'cultural enrichment' to the West - it can only bring cultural impoverishment.

To say that Muslim immigrants are worthless is to overvalue them. In fact they have a negative cultural worth, because their attempts to Islamify the West are an attempt to reduce the rich culture of a superior civilisation to a depleted and restricted subset.

Anonymous said...

New blog dedicated to defending Geert Wilders.

Anonymous said...

So judging byt he picture, the queen is in fact after all a shapeshifter. When the masks come off, hey there it is, a perfectly carnivorous muslim reptile!