Friday, 20 February 2009

Give enough chimps typewriters ........

The New York post was certainly unwise in their decision to publish the now infamous dead chimp cartoon with its reference to the stimulus bill, which the US Congress recently approved (presumably with their eyes closed and every available limb and digit crossed). It was inevitable that allegations or racism would be used to deflect any legitimate criticism of the first Kenyan born, and part African POTUS, so the outcry could hardly have come as a surprise, and the Post have only themselves to blame.

Commentators are well advised to check how firmly their car is attached to the big dipper, as this is only the beginning of the circus to come. The current squabble will likley seem minor when compared to what will happen when criticism of "the one" becomes widespread. Give it time and expressions such as "dark clouds" and "Black Monday" will result in Al Sharpton leading crowds of baying protesters down Wall Street,

The degree of ignorance on both sides is of course quite embarrassing, at least for those of us who retain an affection for America. It is an old, and often quoted, saying, based on the infinite monkeys theorem that were enough typewriters given to a sufficient number of monkeys, one would write the Works of Shakespeare, and it must surely be that some similar device was employed when drafting what is either a frighteningly naive ir deeply cynical piece of legislation.

It is a sad indictment of those now attacking the Post that none paused to wonder whether this might be the point being made, and indeed of the New York Post that they have not, to my knowledge sought to use it in their defence.


Dr.D said...

The drafters of the legislation were Reid, Pelosi, Barney Frank, et. al, and there was nothing naive about their intentions. Cynical is the only possible understanding for this horrible bill that is designed to destroy America.

That it passed Congress is a tribute to the gullibility of the members of Congress who have abandoned their responsibility to represent the American people and are instead seeing themselves as members of a superior ruling class, those who "know better" how things should be.

BO pushed that this had to be done "right now," it was urgent, there was not a moment to waste with the ordinary processes of deliberation with hearings, etc. And then he waited several days to sign the legislation after it had passed Congress. Now is that cynical, or what?

America is now in the clutches of monsters, and we are going to be hurting badly for the next several years. It will take at least a generation to recover, if that soon. In just a matter of a few weeks, BO and his henchmen have upset the American economy and the who workings of the American government in ways that will take years and much legislation to put it back together. They are a truly evil gang. Pray for us, please.

alanorei said...

This is noted, Dr D.

I recommend the articles by martial arts expert and film actor Chuck Norris, on World Net Daily and Creators Syndicate. He appears to have addressed the same issues that you have.