Thursday, 12 February 2009

Britain renounces freedom of speech and thought

I would have said that this was a particularly sad day had I retained any fleeting illusion that Britain remained a free country which still held dear those values of free speech and conscience which we once treasured. However, I no longer believe that, and therefore see this is one of many sad days.

Today differs only in so far that our country's renunciation of the freedom of thought and word has now been announced to the rest if the world, much of which will, with some justification, now hold us in contempt.

It also has the effect of openly revealing quite how rapidly we, as a nation, are capitulating to forces which wish us only ill, as such it is a frightening day. By each act of appeasement we come closer to abject surrender, and when that happens it will be for the victors to do with us as they will, and do not cling to any comfortable fantasy that they will be kind.

No Briton with a mind and with eyes to see can feel proud of our county today.

I shall write further in this subject at the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Today Britain and British Nationalism died.

Today, no Briton who has any claim to British descent can stand up and say I am British and hold true to the values, beliefs and culture that just a few short years ago made Britain Great.

In fact, Britian is no longer even a United Kingdom for today it was proved conclusively that Britain and all things British was symbolically destroyed.

Britian is now an occupied country and every last Briton of British descent a prisoner of an occupying force who's only agenda is to further the aims, culture and religion of a minority group that openly calls for the public execution by behading of every last British man, woman and child. A minority group that calls for and condones the destruction of every last Briton and everything British by any and every means possible including suicide bombing and other forms of terrorism.

Today Britian officially capitulated to the Islamification of Europe and is now subject to the mercy of Islamic Extremism and Sharia Law and what greater proof of this is there to be seen than in one paper's front page - the Geert Wilders story and underneath that a young white Britsh mother who has been suspended from her job for coming to the defence of her little girl who spoke about Jesus and going to heaven at school and was reprimanded for doing so.

And that is the bottom line - The Britch (Islamic) media and the British (Islamic)Government will champion the cause of Islam and protect it at the cost of freedom of speech, but will brutally attack and villify any expression of Christian belief - even by a little girl in school.
The curious thing about this is that the Christian Bible warned of these developments in a period between 2-4 thousand years ago, this persecution of Christians by forces that by their nature and agenda, are nothing but evil.

Anonymous said...

I reckon it's all about luverly Saudi money.

J B said...

Yes, I don’t think the government is Islamic; they just don’t have any values -- unless lust for their own aggrandisement is a value.

This episode has been poignant for me too -- the symbolism. I feel upset and ashamed about it.