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Defying the Sophistry of the Fourth Estate

A better use for the British press

The following article, by George Fanning, appears on the BNP website

THOMAS Carlyle first coined the term “Fourth Estate” in his 1841 book “On Heroes and Hero Worship” to epitomise the power of the establishment print media.

For almost 200 years, this power has been unchallenged and has often framed the parameters of British politics.

During the last few months, the full power of the Fourth Estate has been intensely focused on a single objective - namely, to destroy the electoral potential of a small British political party. Never before in British history have the print media displayed such unified intent or single purpose, and with the triumphant election of two BNP MEP’s, never before have the print media failed so dramatically to achieve their aims.

As democratic nationalists, British National Party politicians can have no possible objection to rigorous scrutiny, tough questioning and critical comment. But deliberate, calculated and malicious falsehoods are in a different category. The increasingly hysterical lies proffered by the despairing print media over recent weeks have included the bizarre and baseless contentions that the BNP is determined to deport all Ghurkhas (The Sun), exclude Jewish people from the party in spite of having Jewish councillors (Daily Mail) and ban Italian restaurants, along with Spanish tapas bars and French bistros!! (The Sun again)

It is a tribute to the force of the BNP’s message that the establishment media dare not criticise the true policies of the party. The media barons are well aware that opposition to mass immigration and Islamification is immensely popular among voters. Not even the most malevolent left wing rag has the courage to mount a spirited defence of the failed doctrine of multiculturalism, still less to argue that the ongoing programme of giant mosque construction contributes positively to the general welfare of the nation.

All the media are terrified of any mention of the incontrovertible fact that the British peoples are destined to become an ethnic minority in their own country before 2075, unless there is a radical change in government policy. The fear that Nick Griffin might speak this unspeakable truth during a live broadcast is what prevents the BNP chairman from being invited onto BBC 1’s Question Time, or Radio 4’s “Any Questions”.

Some of the media smears may even have worked. Establishment commentators have seized upon the argument that the BNP vote increased by a “mere” 17% on a reduced turnout, from 808,200 in 2004 to 943,598 in 2009. What torments the denizens of “Fleet Street” and Whitehall is the well-founded fear that the 943 thousand Britons who voted British National Party on June 4th 2009 might represent only the burnished steel core of BNP supporters. The high priests of the Fourth Estate know full well that the brave 943 thousand are just the determined voters who were prepared to grit their teeth, ignore the avalanche of daily media lies and threats, and defiantly place their ballot cross next to the letters BNP. There is a vast penumbra of millions more British folk who support BNP policies, but have so far proved vulnerable to dissuasion by contrived lie and carefully engineered social opprobrium.

Unfortunately for the proprietors of the Establishment media, their power is now decisively on the wane, eroded by technological advance. It is ironic that the Fourth Estate has achieved this degree of unanimity in their opposition to the BNP exactly at the moment when the internet has forever undermined their monopoly of “truth”. Old fashioned newspapers are shedding employees and closing offices the length and breadth of the country, and the British National Party has only just started to mobilise its internet power against them.

In the years to come, college academics will no doubt study the newspapers’ united campaign against the BNP during 2009 as a singular phenomenon without historical precedent. They will surely view the dramatic failure of that anti-BNP campaign as the moment in history when the awesome power of the print media was broken forever.

Times are indeed changing. The British National Party has proved well capable of using technology to address its audience directly. And henceforth, newspapers and TV stations who stray beyond fair and rigorous scrutiny to traduce the BNP can expect to be excluded from press conferences and subjected to well-organised boycotts and protest campaigns.

An above-averagely talented Sky News reporter admirably summarised the BNP’s remarkable resilience this week. “Defiance”, he said, “is part of the BNP brand”. And he was right. The lies, smears and distortions of the Establishment’s Fourth Estate can perhaps inhibit and constrain the BNP’s growth. But in spite of their titanic efforts, as Thursday’s European election triumph proved, they cannot stem the inexorable rise of our party. The old media and their powerful scheming allies tried their level best - and they failed utterly.

On June 4th, the BNP’s softly spoken truth defeated a banshee chorus of media lies, and there was nothing the Fourth Estate could do about it.


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alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

Remembering Ben Kinsella and all those other victims, e.g. of the July 7th 2005 atrocity, of the enforced multi-culti-ism of Britain, spearheaded by the news media, I recall what Baptist pastor Dr Peter S. Ruckman, President of the Pensacola Bible Institute, said many, many years ago:

"The news media will get you killed."

He is still saying it, rightly so.