Monday, 1 June 2009

The fading light of Africa

Robert Mugabe's thugs chanted: 'We will eat your children'

(From the Times June 1 2009)

The invaders came at 11pm. Fifteen of them — singing, chanting and crashing metal objects together by our windows. “Out, out,” they shouted as they surrounded our farm — they certainly wanted us out. They broke into the house and dragged burning tyres through the front door. They invaded the hallway and occupied the courtyard. The flames leapt into the thatch as they pulled the tyres under it, but it did not catch alight.

This was last Tuesday. I called the police but then the invaders took the phone away. Their leader, who calls himself “Landmine”, was armed with a rifle. They pushed us around and raised sticks and said that we must leave. They beat my tonga drum so hard that the cowhide skin broke.

One of them went up to the children, who had been woken by the din. “Josh, Josh, there’s a man in our room,” said Anna, 4. Joshua, 9, told my wife Laura afterwards that the man was making hyena noises. My other son, Stephen, is 7.

Police arrived and the invaders were ushered out. None was arrested, but “Landmine” did return my phone at the request of the police. When the police left, though, the invaders resumed their attack. They did not break in this time, but they made a lot of noise, circling the house like whooping hyenas and shouting before they left: “We will eat the children.”

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Anonymous said...


Surely they must now realize their country has abandoned them to the relentless "hyenas" who will not give up until they are dead!

"It is only our faith in God and his provision that sustains us."

Then, I can only suggest the parents begin acting like "Gods" themselves and remove their innocent children from that hellhole of a country if only to save their young lives!

mark said...

The total absence of any news coverage in the UK on this subject is a disgrace. Not one newspaper has the decency to cover this genocide.

But if a palestinian stubbed his toe, The Indescribebly Boring and the rest of them would be all over it.

fellist said...

It's thirty years to the day since Rhodesia formally declared an end to White rule and changed its name to Zimbabwe.

You'd expect some mention of that in the media but I guess the reality of Black rule is nothing to party about.

Guest posts required from ANY minority party said...

Guest posts required from ANY minority party. NOW

Guy said...

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