Saturday, 6 June 2009

In Memory of the ol' First Ammendment

Free Speech? #1

The US company touting itself as the "world's largest out-of-home media" enterprise has banned a national billboard campaign that asks one simple question: "Where's the birth certificate?"

CBS Outdoor, a division of CBS Corp. that sells more outdoor advertising than any other billboard company in North America, refuses to accept purchases of space on any of its 550,000 displays

The billboard campaign was begun last month by Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of World Net Daily, due to his frustration with media colleagues not giving attention to what he sees as critical questions about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

"Here we have one of the largest media companies in the U.S. now not only refusing to allow news coverage of a vitally important national question being asked by millions of Americans, but one that won't even permit the purchase of space to raise the question," said Farah. "What is the value of a First Amendment in a country when this kind of self-censorship is at work – self-censorship specifically geared to stifle inquiry and debate about the most powerful person in the country."

A spokesperson for CBS stated that the billboards were "misleading", but failed to say how.

Free Speech? #2
In a separate story, it is likely that, withing days the US government is expected to deport Englishmen Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard (otherwise known as The Heretical 2) back to Englanistan-obogo, formally known as Great Britain, where they face up to seven years in prison for thought crimes. Mr Whittle and Mr Sheppard, didn't kill anyone, they didn't steal anything, they didn't rape or attack anyone, what they did was write stuff, an activity which can now be a serious criminal offence in the Orwellian state of Englanistan-obogo.

Following their political show trial these two convicted writers fled to the United States and claimed political Asylum, in the belief that America still believed in its First Amendment protection of free speech. Some chance!!!

As Nicholas Stix explains here not only were Whittle and Sheppard the wrong colour, but what they were saying was not the sort of free speech which is protected in Obama's America.

So what do the two stories tell us about the state of the once much revered first amendment to the US constitution? why not ask this guy!

(it seems the First Amendment has gone the same way as Article 2 Clause 5)


mark said...

So why haven't any of the gentleman who featured in Channel 4's "Undercover Mosque" been arrested?

They were shown advocating killing homosexuals and preaching hatred against Jews.

Rather then prosecute them, the police tried to charge the producers for daring to show the hatred as it might damage community relations!

If there's one thing above all that I despise about the Left, it's their sanctimonious, cowardly hypocrisy on issues like this.

Dr.D said...

CBS Outdoor has a point when they say that the sign is misleading. The point is that it no longer matters. There is not a thing that any of us can do about it now.

I have been dead certain that the man was ineligible since since long before the election, but what can I do to change the fact that he is sitting in the White House?

The US has suffered a thug take over, and until we get to the point where we are ready for a rebellion, including the possibility of blood in the streets, then there is nothing we can do about it. We are not quite there, but we are moving toward it. I see signs that it is coming.

Regarding Whittle and Sheppard, I don't quite know what to say. I am ashamed that they are being sent back, I am ashamed that they ever found it necessary to come here in the first place. It says that both the US and the UK are in bad shape and that we have the sorriest sort of people in our leaderships.

Rachel said...

I don't blame CBS. It's embarrassing to be associated with the Birther movement. They've got too much too lose to cater to a fringe group when the President has 65% approval rating. They did the right thing.

Dr.D said...

Rachel, are you saying that one should only ask pertinent questions when the president is unpopular?

I have always thought that the truth was important at all times. Further, I have always thought that an honest man, with nothing to hide, would not hesitate to put at ease the minds of everyone, so that there would be no shadow of doubt over his presidency. Conversely, the failure to do this simply act is prima facie evidence of something to hide.

Obama has scrupulously covered his tracks, to an unprecedented degree. The very fact that this was accepted by the American people is evidence of some sort of brain washing, something like the Jonestown Kool-Aid. This man came from literally nowhere and said, "I want to be president of the United States," and like a bunch of absolute idiots, the American people voted for him.

Rachel, can't you recognize a fraud when you see it coming? You have one right in front of you now in Zero.

kerdasi amaq said...

I'd suggest that they leave the US voluntarily and come to Ireland again. They may have better luck there.