Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UAF Thugs attack BNP MEPs

The two newly elected Members of the European Parliament Nick Griffin and Andrew Bron were forced to abandon their press conference this morning when they were attacked by around 100 tax payer funded UAF thugs.

It seems that the unelected UAF intend to ignore democracy and well seek to deny the democratically elected BNP MEP's the right to free speech.

Full story and film here on the Green Arrow blog

It seems the UAF's actions may have backfired, as the vast majority of callers to the BBC were appalled by the attack on Griffin and Bron, more film here at Green Arrow

Also , click here to hear Nick Griffin being interviewed about the attack on the lunchtime news


alanorei said...

Significantly, the Met police stood by and did nothing.


The Met police are a disgrace. They should have arrested the UAF thugs. Any BNP supporter throwing eggs at another political leader would have been arrested! The Met police are political cowards.

I didn't hear Gordon Brown or David Cameron condemning the left-wing thugs. Their silence speaks volumes. Two traitors to the British people keeping silent!!