Saturday, 6 June 2009

Broken Ballot box seals?

We all know this is going to happen, what matters is how often!! Click here to read the story.


Dr.D said...

I am amazed that nobody was willing to watch through the night to be sure this did not happen. Isn't this important enough to stay up all night, just once, to make sure it is done right? People party all night and think nothing about it, but when the future of the nation is at stake, everybody has to get their beauty rest! What is wrong?

English Rose said...

Don't matter if they did watch thru the night, the point is that there is the postal votes and we all know that they can be fixed.

Anonymous said...

and with the mania a for CCTV 24 hr surveillance why arent they employed in watching the ballot boxes?

Hope this isnt tip of the iceberg

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I find it rather suspicious that Britain and Holland were the only two countries which decided to have the vote and then not count the ballots for three days!!

Dr.D said...

Waiting so long is simply asking for trouble. Most places would want a announcement of the results that night. Was there a good reason for waiting? I cannot imagine what it would be. In the USA we count the whole nation in a single day with 300 million people (most of whom do not vote, of course!).

I don't understand the "postal votes" that English Rose referred to. How exactly does this work? This sounds like a great set up for vote rigging in the current untrustworthy environment the exists.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

In most elections the vote count starts immediately the polls close, the same as in the USA. However, this is the European elections, so all EU countries are voting. Most voted today. However, Britain and Holland opted to conduct the vote on Thursday, whilst the Czech Republic and one other voted yesterday.

The polls have now closed and everyone has voted, so counting can start.

I believe it was felt that if the countries which voted early revealed the results early it might influence votes in other countries

Postal votes were introduced by the current Labour government and mean that people can apply to vote early by post, if they aren't able to vote on the day. They have already been shown to be vulnerable to abuse.