Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More murder and torture in South Africa

I have updated the total number of victims of the ongoing genocide of white South African farmers to 3,061, to include the tragic death of 57 year old Eben Coetzee, shot to death when he and his wife Suretta were attacked at their small holding in Vanderbijlpark on June 24th.

The following day the Pretorius family from Katboschfontein, near Delmas survived a traumatic ordeal, when Wynand and Lydia Pretorius, together with two of their children, Mrs Pretorius's 72 year old mother and a family friend were held captive and tortured with boiling water. Full story here

NB: It should be noted that the tally I am keeping relates only to attacks on a specific group of white South Africans, those living on farms and smallholdings in rural areas, mostly Afrikaner speaking Boers. It does not include the thousands of town dwelling white South Africans who have also been murdered, and thousands more, of both sexes, who have been raped, as part of the massive crime wave which has gripped the country since the ANC took power in 1994.

Although the urban whites are also officially the victims of "crime", very many of them were also tortured in their final hours with a level of brutality suggesting other motives, and few could argue with any credibility that the genocidal attacks on South Africa's white population have not extended beyond the farming community. The tragic fact is that, were I to count urban white victims, the figure I would have to quote would be at least double of what it currently stands at.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, the number of whites murdered by free agents of the ANC communist terrorist regime since the release of Mandela and the calls of "One Settler, One Boo-lett" has averaged about 6 per day every day 365 days of the year giving a total well in excess of 35 000 innocent white civilians brutally murdered by black savages.
While the loony liberal left wing fraternity of spineless moral cowards bayed and yodelled and screamed about the so-called "atrocities" comitted by the "Apartheid" regime, if these spineless, gutless retards had any moral fibre they would do a simple objective comparison of the so-called "atrocities of the Apartheid regime" and the brutal savagery of the black racist terrorists in Arsezania and they would come up with the following:
Once they were safely ensconced at the pig-trough they turned the South African state coffers into with their snouts buried so deep in the gravy that the only respiration they were capable of was rectally, the first thing the black racist ANC communist terrorist regime did was orchestrate a witch-hunt under the auspices of that deceitful parody of a man of the cloth, the benign Bishop Tutu.
He equally as benignly dubbed this Witch hunt the "Truth and Reconcilliation Commission" and it's design was to root out as many black victims of the atrocities of Apartheid since it's implementation in 1948 and the god Mandela's release in 1990, have them identify or at least name their white Apartheid "oppressors" and then having done so stigmatise these whites in front of the international community forever as white Nazi oppressors of the angelic blacks.
Not content with just identifying and nailing these white "oppressors", the TRC, by association and extension extrapolated this indictment to include every serving former South African Defence Force, police or special branch member as they could to keep this shenanigan alive for four years.
In the end, the total number of "victims of the "Apartheid Atrocities" identified by this all-black, all-ANC orchestrated propoganda exercise amounted to approx 2000 ANC/PAC insurgents, agitators, activists, combatants and saboteurs eliminated whilst engaged in acts of war agaunst South Africa, it's people and it's government. This included casualties of the so-called "Soweto" and "Sharpeville massacres"
2000 operational casualties in 46 years compared to the brutal piecemeal massacres of 35 000 unarmed, innocent white civilians in their homes, cars and businesses, non-combatants every last one of them in just 15 years of black racist ANC communist terrorist thuggery in South Africa.
And where are the liberal left wing spinless wonders? - their silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

How many white people were being murdered during apartheid?

alanorei said...

Thank you for keeping this issue to the fore, Sarah.

The silence of the media is also deafening. Where are the articles about the great, new prosperous, harmonious 'Rainbow' South Africa?

Not exactly centre stage, I suggest. Or even amongst the props.

Anonymous said...

@1st July 06:25

And your point is? - Are you trying to debate this, because if you are, put forward your debate or go elsewhere to expose your obvious ignorance. Intelligent people live here - you know the ones that have actually experienced first hand that which they post with the authority of that experience - not ignoramuses like you who have some nebulous opinion about something they know nothing about which they then regurgitate with all the authority of a puking mutt something they once heard from somebody somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's a message here, whites in South Africa will have to change their way of living. Establish defensible boundaries, and stop living in isolated homesteads.

Anonymous said...


"How many white people were being murdered during apartheid?"

Yes you are right a considerably less than are now. What more proof do you need that the killing of whites in S.A. is a problem? When the last farmer/taxpayer is dead, too late!

Incontrovertible proof that evolution indeed does happen in Africa. Apartheid has moved from Apartheid 1.0 to Apartheid 2.0 same concept, different means of achieving the objective, yet this time round the world is applauding like yourself!

There is a silent genocide in South Africa, no doubt about it. The sooner the world actually realises this the better. Once S.A. is gone there will be no hope left for Africa, the last bastion of white occupied Africa will be gone.

Kudos to Sarah and all those others that know the truth about what is happening in S.A!

alanorei said...

As with South Africa, so with the USA. The UK is moving the same way.

Eric Jon Phelps is an American Baptist researcher. He estimates that savage blacks are about 4/5 of the black population of the US.

Watch out for the majority savage Blacks in every major US city. They kill on the average 10 White people a day and rape 80 White women every day.

Brother Eric

Road Rage

I trust the link works. It should.

Anonymous said...

@1st July 06:25

And your point is? - Are you trying to debate this, because if you a

Steady on pal. You got me all wrong there. I'm on your side. I wasn't making a point, just asking a question. I just reckoned that far fewer whites were being killed during apartheid and I thought a white South African might confirm this for me.

Marwinsing said...

Far fewer whites were being killed during apartheid - confirmed.

William Dicks said...

Just to give you an account of my own family here in South Africa:
1 murdered uncle
1 murdered cousin
1 raped niece
1 hijacked niece