Thursday, 2 July 2009

The lying media of Britain

The Mail's idea of a "forced bride"

This was the picture which the Daily Mail used to day to illustrate its report on the claim that there has been a ten fold rise in the number of forced marriages taking place in Britain.

This is an insult to the publics intelligence and follows all those pathetic and dishonest pictures of white youths in hoods illustrating stories about knife crime on Britain's streets, do they really believe their readers are moronic enough to think "Oh if there is a white person in that picture, that must mean white people do it!!".

If any one of you still believes that we have an honest media in this country, you should be locked up, because you are not safe out on your own.

Please circulate that Daily Mail article, the dishonest rag deserves to be ridiculed over that.


JPT said...

I read this in the Mail online and using that picture was a HUGE pisstake of the readers.
The Mail are spineless bastards.

Anonymous said...

The British media is not alone in the deliberate attempt of distorting facts and/or trying to convey a false impression of any given situation relating to race.

Not directly tied to your story, but here in Canada, the hidden agenda is also to reduce the status of Whites and promote minorities at every opportunity, no matter what the news story, so to convey the false impression of equality across "multi-culti" Canada.

This relentless barrage of brainwashing propaganda is broadcast through television news, advertising and shows where a minority must have equal billing with a White person. For example, watching Canadian television, you'd mistakenly think Blacks are 30% of the population, but the reality is they're only 2% against our 85% White majority.

Most viewers just don't get it! But thanks to your keen observations in media distortion, a few people should awaken from their induced slumber.

Dr.D said...

Pictures of Paki brides may be hard to find, you reckon?

Bizarro number # 1 said...

This am common occurance on Bizarro world. Our sweet innocent wogs not know what fun they am missing.

Our news media reports on vital events instead of obsessing about michael jackson like them suppose to.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Daily Mail are spineless bastards but... Firstly they get away with it, and secondly their readers believe it. Which makes them just as spineless...

Anonymous said...

Browsing through one of the British Lonely Planet Guides ( England / London/ Britain- can't remember which ) they had a section on media and the Daily Mail was described as ' thunderously right wing.' Oohkaaay.
Actually I think you could do a post on these travel guidebooks which are a huge part of the media when you consider the amount of young people reading them. Whether its LP or Rough Guide you're subjected to a political lecture.
The rough guide to Denmark describes the Danish Peoples Party policies as ' openly brazen,' and the Norrebro area of Copenhagen as receieving some 'badly needed diversity.' The LP guide tells us that Denmark ' provoked' the cartoon riots. The LP guide to London was buried up Red Kens arse.
The rough guide to Sweden informs the main dangers and annoyances to be nazi thugs attacking non whites.
Nothing about the no go areas the gang rapes. They could actually be putting young naive tourists in danger with their lies.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, wait until you see the utter crap that some British newspapers are printing about Britian being more criminally violent than South Africa!!!

This is apparently based on "Statistics" from the European Commission.

I'd like to know when last anybody in the UK was shot dead for a cell-phone, when last there was a cash in transit heist, an armed robbery of a supermarket, restaurant or mall by gangs up to 20 strong armed with AK47's in the UK?
When last was somebody attacked, raped, mutilated, burnt with boiling water or an iron in their own home in the UK? When last was a uniformed Police office shot dead simply for being a cop in the UK?

When last was a robbery victim doused in petrol and burnt to death in the UK?

These are EVERYDAY occurences in South Africa and form part of the 55 murders per day every day 365 days of the year in a population about 10 million less than the UK's and these clowns would have us believe that violent crime in the UK is worse than in SA - little old UK where the cops are armed with pepper spray and handcuffs compared to the cops in SA who are always armed with 9mm parabellum pistols and/or submachine pistols and shotguns and always wear body armour.

The tragedy is that so many Brits will actually believe this crap - to me it stinks of the media trying to manipulate and play-down the perceptions of potential visitors to the 2010 world Cup of violent crime in the Mandelatopia "Rainbow Nation" - it's actually the Nation of the Rivers of Blood. said...

Rev. Manning on White Folk said...

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JPT said...

Good work,

Anonymous said...

Manning knows that the US is heading for disaster if you kill the white golden goose.

Dr.D said...

Comment from Anonymous:
Manning knows that the US is heading for disaster if you kill the white golden goose.

Yes, I think Manning knows that, but unfortunately, like most blacks he is ineffective at communicating this. If you listen to him for very long, you come to realize that what he says is mostly just an incoherent harangue with a minimum of real content. He can be entertaining, but he is very short on substance. He speaks to a black audience, so perhaps this is what is appropriate, a minimum of content and a lot of emotion.