Friday, 31 July 2009

A fatuous “parallel persuader”.

By Robin Hind

Arguments promoting the purported benefits of accepting immigrants into Europe have taken many forms. One of the most ludicrous is that “Immigration creates a richer culture”. Anyone who lived in Bangladesh, Somalia, or the Central African Republic, would recognize that these lands have cultures in as much as there is a pattern of living conducive to relative social stability, but not “rich” cultures.

By far the richest culture in existence is that which the Europeans have evolved. Each of the European nations recognises the distinctiveness and attractiveness of the cultures of their neighbors (and for centuries travel keepsakes have been brought back home to prove it). The British will travel to Poland, Italy or Scandinavia searching for distinct cultures, and others will reciprocate, visiting Britain for the same reason.

The extreme irony and incredible stupidity of attempting to “make the country more colourful by importing immigrant cultures” is that any inflows and ingresses of competing cultures into Europe can only dilute the supreme cultural richness and diversity which already exists.

Imported culture might have passing interest because it is superficially unusual with a curiosity appeal. However these “introductions” rapidly becomes mundane, and then universalize, to displace the variety which existed before. Think Tandori chicken.

The biological analogy is the introduction of an exotic species which begins to dominate and destroy the variety of species which existed before, ultimately destroying the entire ecosystem.

Therefore this cynical disinformation, engineered by governments to dupe their populations into believing that immigrants are desirable “to make your culture more colourful” will, instead, suffocate the cultures of every nation in Europe, replacing them with the homogenous, non-culture which is now insinuating itself into every corner of the continent, and obliterating the unique identities of each land.

Universal mediocrity and mundane sameness will become the hell of future societies, much like the Hell of the Sunday Fisherman who is compelled to fish without ceasing into eternity.

Don’t expect to bring back interesting keepsakes or mementos from your travels in Europe in the future.


Dr.D said...

Why, Robin, you overlook so much! They bring illiteracy, poverty, disease, violence, a true-early medieval world view, ... why the list just goes on and on. Of course, these are all things that Western cultures have labored and risen above over the ages, but that is why these primitive people fascinate the Left so much. They represent an opportunity to crush the progress of people (all in the name of "progress") so that the ruling elite can emerge at the top again. By mixing in enough of these dregs of humanity, most of the benefits that the common man has come to enjoy can be destroyed and all can be reduced to that state again. Such people are much more easily controlled and manipulated than are free, independent, autonomous people. As to souvenirs, it will soon be possible to visit Europe and pick up a quick case of AIDS just as readily as it can be had in Africa.

Anonymous said...

An article after my own thoughts.

The biological analogy is the introduction of an exotic species which begins to dominate and destroy the variety of species which existed before, ultimately destroying the entire ecosystem.

and a very apt and pointed analogy

It seems to me that the governments / media /education have used this idea that immigration is ''enriching'' to provide anesthetic to the host population organism the immigrant virus(to make another analogy from the world of insects) will slowly dissolve the host cultures richness in time, not because the government and their ''thinkers'' think other wise , they know what the are doing. Therefore its premediated murder

alanorei said...

We had an example of 'enrichment' here in the NE. A Hindu wanted himself cremated after his eventual decease on an open-air 'ghat,' like they have in Calcutta.

He hasn't been allowed to - yet.

mark said...

One of the big advantages to the UK of Somalis having an 80% unemployment rate is that it gives them so much more free time to culturally enrich the areas where they live.

Oh joy!

alanorei said...

More 'enrichment'.

This was enrichment 'across the board,' as the saying goes, the 4 culprits being mixed, Asian, white and black respectivley. Even the BBC is reporting the racial balance this time.

Just goes to show what the races can achieve when, according to Desmond Tutu's catch phrase, they "get together."

Lygeia said...

People from other cultures can be enriching if they accept the Western value system or earnestly try to assimilate.

If they refuse to do these things, they cannot stay in the West, but must be sent back to their countries of origin. We cannot accept crime, sharia law, and other abominations.