Friday, 10 July 2009

Jailed for writing stuff

Simon Sheppard was today Jailed for Four Years and 10 months, whilst Stephen Whittle received a two year four month sentence following convictions for inciting Racial hatred online. The two men fell foul of the British state on account of a series of online articles and pamphlets containing illegal free speech which they had written and distributed.

They writings can be viewed on their website which remains freely available and totally legal in America where it is based.

As readers will recall, Sheppard and Whittle, the so called Heretical Two, originally fled to America in the mistaken belief that US asylum laws, and free speech protection extended to white Christian people, but were soon disabused of such foolishness and swiftly returned to Britain (or New World Sector 44x).

Adil Khan, head of Humberside Police's diversity and community cohesion Unit, (Yes , there actually is such a police unit!!) could hardly disguise his glee as he sneered "This case is groundbreaking!" And there are certainly many who would agree that a once great nation, respected internationally for its defence of freedom, has reached a point few would have once thought possible.


Red Squirrel said...

This astounds me, there is a great deal of highly offensive material on the internet, but we can choose not to read it if we prefer not to. Who is this jumped up little tin pot Hitlerite Mr bloody 'Adil Knan' head of encroachment?
These sentences are particularly severe, considering that they had not raped or murdered anyone. But of course they are White, which makes them the most heinous criminals in the world!

mark said...

We have certain people preaching hatred against Jews and gays, the like of which has not been seen since the Nazis. They do this quite openly. Why are they never prosecuted?

Dr.D said...

I am baffled as to why that was grounds for any sort of prosecution. I looked at the site briefly (not thoroughly), and I saw very little to get upset about at all. A lot of psychology or pseudo-psychology, particularly about sex, but that can be found at dozens of places on the net. So way are they thrown in jail? Sounds like it is dangerous to be white in the UK these days!

Fed-up Canuck said...

I doubt that even a convicted armed robber would have received such a severe sentence in today's Orwellian Britain.

During the cold war days, the old Communist U.S.S.R. would throw pamphlet dissidents into jail for simply pointing out various truths. Now, it's non-violent British truth tellers who are targeted for severe punishment.

So where is the public uproar??

Sadly, the British public have been covertly silenced through subtle brainwashing to say absolutely nothing for fear of being tainted as a "racist".....really pathetic!

On your police reference, the gloating Adil Khan of the Humberside Police "diversity unit" (the "cohesion" portion is just a cover to quell any inquiring minds) certainly is showing his true colours (pun intended) by demonstrating his unabashed approval over the conviction of the two White dissidents.

Here in Canada's largest city, we also have our own police "diversity" Czar. Can you guess which one is the Barbados-born immigrant who was jump started ahead of more qualified officers to head up the recruitment department?

Of course, there's no surprise he eagerly approved of this recruitment photo in his "unbiased" responsibilities.

There being no young White males placed in this photo, can only be a figment of your imagination.

Marwinsing said...

So why haven't Fox & BBC Newsteams, Boards and Management (and all the others) not been sent to prison yet for telling complete and utter lies to the world about 9/11? That's hatespeech too isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Anjem Choudry jailed by the same law.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that this person is not going to be put behind bars?