Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Johan Nel - "White malice" or another victim?

By Robin Hind

Last year in South Africa Johan Nel was imprisoned for 169 years to chants of "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer,” for the racially motivated shooting of four people when he was 18. No approval is warranted, but he, also, was a victim.

My guess is that he was aware of the immense threat to his culture, and had reason to imagine that his family could be at risk by an outnumbering alien culture.

In 2003, when a child, he is said to have been attacked by a black man with a sickle. Seven years previous to the shooting his brother was attacked by blacks on their farm. A few days before the shooting he had heard about black burglars who had apparently pumped gas into a friend's wife and baby’s room. He then heard of another farm attack in the area of his family’s farm.

He will have known of the thousands of white farmer victims of black assassins.

He seemed less mature than his years, and probably reacted on inherent primeval imperatives to protect his group. Yes, he had a bizarre mis-perception and, yes, his behaviour was unforgivably aberrant and abhorrent. But misguided as he may have been, he was another victim of an unstable society

He and his family were flamboyantly pilloried in the press (particularly the British press) as symbolizing "White Evil".

What is of concern is that in Europe communities which were culturally homogeneous, which had offered their populations the security of predictable social patterns, will have individuals prompted into similar reactions once their society is stressed and perturbed by alien cultural influx.

When these events occur the interpretation will also be that this is "white malice", and these emotive weapons will be used to create further disarray of the white civilisation by guilt. The reality is that those societies themselves have become victims.


Note: Johan Nel committed a terrible and unforgivable crime and, as Robin points out no approval is warranted. However, there were certainly mitigating factors such as his mental capacity, his emotional state at the time of the killing, and his background, which were ignored by the South African courts and also the international media, for obvious political reasons. The media's easy and politically expedient explanation that Nel was an evil racist, ignores the reality which many whites in South Africa are facing, and it is legitimate to ask whether this young man's terrible crime was a case of good against evil, or one of cause and effect. Sarah


Dr.D said...

He killed four. How many did Mandela kill?

Anonymous said...


alanorei said...

As a general point, it is noteworthy that Robert Mugabe, mass murderer of members of his own race (Shonas vs. Nbeles) is never vilified by our MSM.

Prominent BNPrs, e.g. the Chairman, repeatedly are.

The deconstruction of SA is a microcosm of the same phenomenon in the West.

Shaka2 said...

How typical that you would stand up for a murdering racist like this.

They should have let the crowds have him, then he would have learned what they do to racists like him.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I wondered if we would be accused of approving of homicide by posting anything other than a total condemnation of Johan Nel,

To be clear, we are not expressing approval for what Johan Nel did, as both Robin and I made clear, Nel committed a terrible crime, which we condemn.

However, there are aspects to the treatment of this crime, and the young man involved, which raise disturbing issues about Justice in South Africa.

Multiple, racially motivated, homicides are by no means unusual in South Africa, however, this defendant was, seemingly, treated far more severely by both the courts and the media than other defendants convicted of similar crimes.

Clear evidence of mitigation in terms of his mental state and the traumas he and his family had suffered were disregarded by the courts in a way that they are unlikely to have been disregarded in the case of any other defendant.

The media behaviour was, of course outrageous. The same media which has ignored the genocidal murders of over three thousand white farmers broadcast this case across the planet as being the archetypal South African hate crime, which it clearly was not.

Also distasteful was the attempts by media photographers to take pictures of a self evidently mentally subnormal and damaged young man with facial expressions which made him appear "evil".

MrsJ said...

"They should have let the crowds have him, then he would have learned what they do to racists like him." - Shaka2.

No matter how terrible or repugnant the crime, mob justice is never the answer.

Anonymous said...

@Shaka2 said...

I take it you are also appalled at Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, the South African government, etc? After all they are all guilty of racially motivated crimes? Or do the Black Jesus' of the world have immunity?

I'm guessing you deny the fact that racial murder occurs on both sides of the racial divide, after all people of colour are never racist? They just blame it all on being victims of racism...

Anonymous said...

So let me understand this correctly: A mentally challenged teenaged victim of multiple black racist incidents that have physically harmed him and close family friends living in a country that is overtly a black racist communist terrorist country, that actively advocates, endorses and encourages white genocide and violent criminal behaviour against all whites all the time; finally snaps and randomly shoots four blacks?

This is then described as a "heinous crime"? - Heinous as compared to what?

Would that be heinous as compared to six blacks breaking into a white household, shooting dead a white middle aged woman and then repeatedly gang raping her 19 yr old daughter before leaving her dying with her genitals savaged with a broken bottle which was then shoved up her vagina followed by a burning log? An attack from which she eventually died many hours later.

Would Johan Nel's crime be heinous as compared to a gang of twenty plus blacks armed with military asault rifles committing a robbery which then culminated in the execution of four white police officers with armour piercing ammunition?

Would Johan Nel's crime be heinous compared to the white Welshman in SA whose home was invaded by a gang of blacks who then shot him in the head in front of his wife and kids for no reason?

On average 6 white people in South Africa are savagely and brutally murdered every day by numerically superior gangs of blacks armed with military weapons in attacks that invariably commence with torture by boiling water, irons, savage beatings, amputation of genitalia, fingers, ears etc. violent gang-rape and if these white victims do not succumb to this, these attackes then culminate in brutal killings and debasement of the bodies by black racist savages. This has been going on since the Release of Nelson Mandela who first advocated it and for which he was originally put on trial, sentenced and convicted to a prison term, the last ten years of which he served in a luxury house albeit in isolation.

Today and everyday until he dies very soon, Johan Nel will be anal-raped by blacks in prison with the full approval and by arrangement of his black prison guards. Meanwhile a statue of the communist terrorist black racist Mandela is worshipped in London by whites who eventually will also experience the savagery, brutal violence and ant-white black racism of hordes of blacks puoring into the UK from their "liberated" countries.

Indeed, Johan Nel's crime was heinous because he is white and because it was an extremely isolated, one-in-a-million backlash against criminal black violence endemic in South Africa.

As for the violent, brutal, black racist murder of in excess of 35 000 whites in South Africa by free agents of the ANC black racist terrorist regime which includes nearly 3100 victims of a co-ordinated campaign of ANC terrorism against white farmers who supplied the country's now rapidly depleting and hugely expensive food - who cares, they were only whites and the crimes against them by comparison hardly heinous......

Anonymous said...

@ Shaka2..

You do not have the evolutionary functionality to hold, let alone express an opinion about this incident and the fact that you have, in the one-dimensional, hypocritical prejudiced manner that you have exposes you for what you are, a black racist that at least approves of the violent white genocide taking place in South Africa.

If you live in South Africa, I pray that you go on to live a long, tortured life under the deprivations of the Zimbabwesque complextion that Arsezania is rapidly assuming.

On the other hand, if you live in a nice comfortable civilised country outside of South Africa, not only are you an advocate of black racist brutality but also a moral coward and a stinking hypocrite...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

To Anonymous 03:08

I sadly have to acknowledge that every word you wrote is true, furthermore everyone in a position to know the truth, knows that what you say is true. That is what makes the dishonesty of the international media and the south African government. together with their judicial system so much more reprehensible.

Ntileng said...

Sarah I live in SA and know exactly about justice in here. Black people are not capable of afflicted by mentally stress, trauma or being influenced by their environment. These excuses or justifications are always made for white people, and are accepted a legal fine defenses. The Skierlek shoter, the farmer who threw his employees to the lions, Barnard Strydom and the Vereeniging drycleaner owners who killed of the employees in the washing machines.

I am not surprised, this kind of excuses have been accepted for white people for as long as I can remember. At varsity they used to be excused for exams of submission of papers because their cats or dogs died. Whereas the same cannot be done for a black people whose granny or mother died. I see it today where I work where white people continue to make excuses and get away with everything. And black people are not allowed any excuses.

And you are exaggerating the murder of white farmers. Do you know ho many black people are murder each year. There is no genocide until you can show a concerted plan to wipe pout white farmers my and organized entity, they is no genocide. Most SAn hate crime and all of them are affected by crime each year black and white. Your elevation of one suffering over the other shows you bias and agenda.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Well Ntileng, all I will say that your comment and your clear inability to see or acknowledge facts as they are are.

You speak of a world which is the complete reverse of reality, and it is frightening to imagine that may be what you actually think you see.