Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The killing continues

15/07/2009: A Pretoria businessman was gunned down during a robbery at his smallholding moments after his wife and a worker had left to make a delivery.

The murder of Nick Roets, 56, who was shot dead in his Raslouw home after he was overpowered by an unknown number of assailants at lunchtime on Tuesday, comes months after the collapse of a community watch system in the area.

Since the collapse, say neighbours, violent crime in the area has skyrocketed, with no apparent end in sight.

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JPT said...

That's how we'll end up in Britain if Labour have their way (and the Tories et al).

Pensioner said...

The only way I learn of these farm murders is through your blog. The local news has more important things to report on, like; The strike is over and the stadiums will be ready for the world cup, President JZ is in Egypt for an important meeting etc.

Dr.D said...

That is how we will all end up if we have black rule, whether we talk of the UK, the USA, wherever. It always leads to this. Can we not learn from the suffering of these people? It seems not, but one has to ask why?

Anonymous said...

Dr. D the answer I think is simple. Blacks have herd culture we have family culture and that's the difference. We will stand up for our families which of course is right, but we won't stand up for our culture. Not because we don't want to but because for the most part we have all been brain-washed into thinking that to stand up against the black man is racist.

However that said, the tide is changing gradually I have seen more and more web sites sprouting up defending the white culture. People on the street are starting to take notice of what damage has been done by multi-culti. It's a very slow process for me too slow, however how can we mobilise to join together without the fear of being labled racist or thought criminals.

One only has to look a few posts down to see (Heretical Two). Gladly I've also noticed South Africans are finally awakening from the utopia induced slumber brought on by the birth of "The New South Africa".

Here's hoping it happens in my life time...

Dr.D said...

Anonymous qualifies his desire for action with, "...without the fear of being labled racist or thought criminals."

That fear is in our own minds, and our minds are, or at least should be, under our control. We should decide what we will fear and what we will be will not fear. What real harm is there in being labeled a "racist"? I have been calling myself one for several years, and I can assure you there is no sting, no burn, no pain of any kind associated with it. You simply have to say a questioner, "yes, I can tell the difference between black and white, and they are real differences. Cans you not see the differences?" Put them on the defensive, and let them explain how it is that they cannot see any differences. It is never hard to come up with some fairly glaring examples from the current news.

There will be some who are Christians who will say, "But God made us all equal." The short answer to that is, "We are certainly all equal in His love, but he clearly did not make us all equal in all respects. Some races are athletic, others are smart. This is not something done by man but by God Himself. God made differences among men, and we are foolish to deny what He has done.

Anonymous said...

Dr. D I am a racist while I admit to it here and to my friends and family but if someone asks I am always very careful what I say especially strangers, my stock standard answer is I'm proud to be white, I feel I can do more being careful and out of jail than I can being brazen and in jail. Don't get me wrong I agree with you whole heartedly.

White is different to black in so many ways. I was brought up to know the differences, I've experienced the differences first hand, I grew up during apartheid, I became a man just after apartheid ended, I know why we need to develop separately from each other.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Back at the beginning of last year, I wrote this post in which I explained my position on the "R" word

Dr.D said...

In addition to defusing the word racist, we also need to defuse the word "discriminate." I try to let people know that I regularly discriminate, because I can tell differences and make informed choices. I feel sorry for those who are unable to tell difference and thus have to make ignorant choices. Even then they discriminate, they just do it in ignorance. We discriminate in one way or another every time we make a choice between two or more options. It is not wrong at all to discriminate. Discriminate proudly!

Part of what this comes back to is the need to control our language. We must not let the Left take control of the language and turn it against us. If we let them assign the meanings of words, taking perfectly good words away from us, we are in much more serious trouble. So I urge everyone to refuse to play their game. Insist that the words mean what they mean, and do not let yourself be cowed. Most Leftist are cowards and will back down if challenged, so be prepared and take them on. Do not be hesitant.