Friday, 24 July 2009

A picture you will not see in the Western press


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha oh you really have to love it. I'm hoping, nay I'm praying it's a genuine photograph because in 10 years time when there is absolutely nothing left of my beloved South Africa that picture will be seen as iconic, or even ironic (as it stands at the moment).

I don't feel sorry for those protesters in the slightest. The dumb &^%$£"*&^^'s voted the ANC in now they must live with their mistake, just like we white South Africans have to live with our mistake of doing away with apartheid.

That said things are looking a little brighter for us white Saffas finally the savages have realised that the ANC aint what they thought they were, maybe hopefully a white party will get a better look in at the next elections.

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

@ July 24 14:26 Forget it Pal,
Chinese recolonisation of Southern Africa is full steam ahead. Chinese involvement, control and influence in whatever course Southern Africa now takes is irrevocable, there will never again be white control in Southern Africa - there will not be black control for much longer but there will certainly never again be white control.
The white race is in it's death throes the world over, being swamped exponentially by third world pauper cultures who in turn are being set up for total annihilation by an emerging global megapower that can field 200 million armed personnel at any time.
Whites have had their day in the sun in Southern Africa and the sun is setting on their legacy as they have scattered around the globe and been absorbed without fanfare into their multicultural host countries.
What is however the most ominous is the control of the vast natural and strategic resources of Southern Africa by a Sino-Soviet alliance that ushered in all these so called liberation parties in what was Rhodesia and South Africa. The implications of this for Western Governments with crashing economies, national debt exceeding their GDP year on year and the absolute obliteration under the mudslide of multiculturalism of the cultural characteristics that made them global superpowers is too horrific to contemplate.
The age of the white empires is over, the age of the white Christian is over - what can the little handful of 3 million disarmed, disenfranchised, disempowered, demoralised and destroyed white victims in South Africa do when their black racist oppressors are the least of their worries. When the true megapower masters move in and start the killing of the blacks in Southern Africa, the last few whites will disappear like chaff in the wind, their legacy, existence and demise of no consequence or even record - it will as as if they never were..

Dowlish said...

This photo is a little gem.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"the age of the white Christian is over -"

Nay ... on the contrary, it's just about to begin.

A genuine boatload of enthusiasm you are.

Dr.D said...

I think that there is no doubt that the Chinese want to control much of Africa. Black Africa will have to suffer at the hands of the Chinese for an extended period as a result. But the best thing that ever happened to Black Africa was the coming of the White Christian who advanced their life immeasurably. I am rather sure that White Christians will return as a major force in Africa, although it may not be for some time yet. The future remains to be written, and the blacks just go from one mistake to a greater mistake it seems.

alanorei said...

It was the same in Rhodesia.

The late Ian Smith reported that blacks used to come to his front door and beseech him to do something about the country. "Our children are starving," they said. "We were never hungry when it was called Rhodesia."

The British (Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, David Owen etc.) who helped the black Marxists to power in southern Africa are the ones with blood on their hands.

Owing to their strong-arm tactics, blacks in Rhodesia weren't allowed to vote for Mr Smith. The choice was limited to either Mugabe or Nkomo.

South Africa is now just the same. Arthur Kemp's analysis The Lie of Apartheid is highly to be recommended for understanding the tragedy that has overtaken that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

@ Jeff V.A Rebel - where's your head dude?

The age of the white christian is over on this earth. I'm not saying that with any satisfaction, it's just the practical and Biblical truth of the matter.

Christianity is being driven underground, obliterated from every western society, from public life and Christian worship is all but illegal in just about every formerly White Christian Country. It has been banned from schools and what is left of Christianity has been twisted and misrepresented to a level of perversion that emminently suits the enemies of true Christianity.

The Christian Church is now just a tiny remnant, isolated in scattered home churches, just the way it began, with only a few mainstream churches still going but that have unfortuntelay also succumbed to the multicultural lie and the lie of racism as ascribed only to white people, each falling over themselves to appease the gospel and the gods of multiculturalism in order not to be seen to be racist and if any of these churches could be seen to be racist simply because they do not have the faces of starving little black Africans all over their media, they risk being shut down and turned into Mosques - you get my drift?

Furthermore, the white race is a genocide in waiting, when the persecution starts, the tribulation, it is going to be white christians and then whites - in that order that are going to be the target of an agenda of global genocide. The identification and targetting of the white race and all it's characteristics such as marriage, nuclear families, strong work ethic, independent thought and opinion and self-determination have all begun setting whites up for the final cull.

The Bible warns of this, it warns of every pereverted aspect of a decaying society, crime, murder, rape, robbery, massive drug production and consumption, the destruction of the marriage union, the perversion of the natural fucntion of men and women to promote homosexual rectal intercourse and unnatural lesbianism - all of these culminating in the great falling away of the Church, the final apostasy.

If you think that out of this we will see a revival of the White Christian, then you do not understand the Bible because these are the signs of the end times, these are the final events that are going to lead up to the rapture, tribulation and the return of Christ.

The Gospel has been spread around the world, it has been translated into every known language, everybody who wants to can access the Gospel on the internet, on TV but most have rejected it and in fact stand against it as is evidenced by how it has been systematically removed from the very countries out of which the spread of the Gospel was accelerated.

It is now time for the Tribulation, the final hour is here, we just do not know the exact day nor the exact hour, but it is close....