Saturday, 11 July 2009

American View 2 : It was Palin wot done it

The latest conspiracy theory: As heard on the Al Sharpton radio show. Proving once again that low IQs and high tech should never mix:

FEMALE CALLER (31:50): He (Michael Jackson) is truly the soundtrack of my life. I also have a theory about Sarah Palin as well and I’m going to put it out there on radio, hopefully someone can investigate.

But, I think maybe she did something to Michael Jackson. Maybe there’s a scandal there. Maybe she’s stepping down because something’s about to come out. I don’t know, but I’m gonna just put it out there on your show so we’ll see.

SHARPTON: All right, thank you for your call, Ashley. That’s interesting. I’ll put it out, we’ll see. I don’t know.


Hat Tip: James Edwards, Political Cesspool


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the "doctors" surrounding Jackson before he died were black, Conrad Murray was the last dr to see him alive ( it was him who gave him resuscitation) can we imagine if there had been white American dr's surrounding him as his health began to decline ? All of us whites would be collectively to blame. Donna

Dr.D said...

Oh, that is funny! The total absurdity of it all! These babbling idiots certainly have a lot of loose connections in their brains.

You have to give them credit of wildly imaginative thinking (I suppose that is thinking of a disturbed sort). Who in their craziest dreams would associate Sarah Palin with MJ? They have absolutely nothing to connect them other than being in the news the same week.

Let it never be said that creativity has been stifled by insanity!

rjjrdq said...

I never would have guessed. Keep getting it out to the people Al.