Friday, 24 July 2009

79 Year old South African Farmer shot dead by "Robbers"

I have updated the total number of white South African farmers who have been violently killed since the end of Apartheid to 3,064, following the murder of 79 year old farmer Bob Round who was was gunned down as he fought off three "robbers" who had broken into his property in the Shere Agricultural Holdings on Thursday July 23rd.

Mr Round's killing is the latest in a string of attacks on Pretoria homeowners which have left five seriously injured over the past the 12 days.

I will update this story with a news link as soon as I have one


Anonymous said...

I believe we had or had a count of all the deaths of white British since Labour came to power,its called IamanEnglishman

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You will find a couple of links to the I am an Englishman site, in the right hand column at this blog.

It is a goldmine of information for anyone seeing the truth about ethnic crime in Britain, and about the traitors who forced the nightmare we are living with upon us.

Pensioner said...

Thank you Sarah for publishing these horrible statistics. Most of these don't make it into the SA daily press and certainly never on TV. The crime here is really horrific and the world should know about it.