Monday, 13 July 2009

(Spot the missing word) - Criminal gangs costing Britain £40 billion a year

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A report on the BBC Website today reveals that "criminal gangs" are costing Britain £40 billion a year. The report does not say who these "criminal gangs" are, but goes on to state that many have connections with "failed states, such as Somalia". (I took a screen shot in case that line disappears)

Is it just me, or does it seem unlikely to you that indigenous gangs of white villains would have connections to Somalia, Afghanistan or any other of the world's failed states?

What the article is deliberately not saying is that "Gangs of criminal immigrants are costing the UK £40 billion a year".

Given that, before this report was released, estimates of the cost of immigration ranged from £12 to £17 billion, this would appear to be taking the figure closer to £60 billion.

I defy anyone to demonstrate a benefit to that.

Update: The third to last paragraph has been corrected to read £40 billion, rather than "£40 million" - which is probably what they cost Portsmouth or Exeter in a year alone !!


Dr.D said...

In any nation with a clear sense of sovereignty, to say that these gangs have connections with foreign states, failed, black, muzlim, Nazi, or whatever, would be an major offense. It is the fact that they come from outside the country that makes them utterly intolerable and says that there is a quick solution; deportation without hesitation. In dealing with those who belong in the country, some degree of tolerance has to be shown, but when dealing with those connected with foreign states, there is no reason to tolerate a moment's difficulty or expense. They should simply be removed.

I understand that the UK has a huge problem with deporting people, spending large sums and getting very few deported even so. This is all backwards. These people all came in under their own steam, so let them leave the same way. Give them ferry passage to Calais, and tell them they have a week to be gone. They must, however, be marked physically so that they can be shot on sight if they still around after a week. Something like an ear notch would probably be the best thing, although there are other options as well. There is no reason for the UK to spend a lot of money exporting these people. Make it their problem.

Anonymous said...

And in another semi related incident:

The story details a non indigenous person who "crossed the line" with a work colleague. I can't help thinking that if the accused was white the story would be all over the place and "crossing the line" would be substituted with "sexual harassment".

I happen to think that because the media does not portray the truth about criminals ethnicity that they are breaking a moral law. They in fact should also be held responsible for these crimes perpetrated by people of colour. They are helping to hide the truth and as a result are denying white, English people the required knowledge of what exactly is happening to their beloved Blighty.

Anonymous said...

Amy Leigh Barnes (White English girl) - Murdered by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend of colour, who was aided by his mother (A police woman) who helped get rid of evidence). In todays paper. No coverage on the BBC website as far as I can see at the moment.

Low down skinny of the story...
White girl dates black man, black guy beats white girl up. White girl rings her mum to say she's moving back home. Phone call ends. Black man goes to white girls house, stabs her to death and leaves. White girl with a few minutes left to live phones 999 and informs them her black boyfriend has just stabbed her.

Black man goes to his mothers house she hides him and then destroys evidence. Both are in court for the girls murder and are denying everything.

When will these girls learn that you cannot mix white and black, it almost always ends in violence or pain and suffering.

When will the MSM actually start telling the truth about the "benefits" of a multi culti society?

Never is my guess...

Fidothedog said...

Well said, shall be stealing this. Will give ya a hat tip an linkback.

Anonymous said...

Another non-Englishman gets his sentenced reduced...

Anonymous said...

Off topic and an old article, quite scary actually. Lord Carrington, he the traitor of Rhodesia, has said he and the U.K. government are not responsible for the state Rhodesia is in today. Typical hand washing... He has the blood of millions on his hands...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are more than welcome to steal it fidothedog

alanorei said...

Thank you for these articles, Sarah

I once estimated the multi-culti experiment as costing Britain £55,000,000,000 a year. That figure was somewhat skewed by the loss of GDP through the BME population (on 2003 figures, they were 8% of the population and contributed 4% of GDP, or £37,000,000,000 p.a., instead of £74,000,000,000).

The balance of £18,000,000,000 p.a. was made up of disproportionate crime, extra housing, medical care etc. that immigrants didn't contribute to. I suspect my figures were low.

Nevertheless, while my figures and those in the article aren't directly comparable, it's interesting to see they are in the same ball park.

Re: murder of Amy Leigh Barnes, the ratio of BME + foreign white to white Briton killings vs. the reverse since January 2005, on an 86/14 % white Britons/others breakdown of the population is 37:1.

I suspect that such killings are increasingly under-reported. Amy Leigh Barnes no doubt featured because she was also a media personality. said...

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