Sunday, 5 July 2009

ANC - the VIPs of Violence

By MisgavAM: A fully factual, well researched and presented documentary on the actions of the ANC that it was hoped would never surface in public - ANC - African National Congress, ruling party in South Africa. What was said in 1987 still applies today, most Black people have not seen a dramatic change in their circumstances.

Nelson Mandela never did renounce the use of violence.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
the more things change, the more they stay the same. Cest la Vie.

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Dr.D said...

Very interesting, if gruesome, presentation. Another presentation that is in many ways related are the videos found at

There seems to be something in the very nature of black people that says, "life is cheap" so that they do not hesitate to kill other black people and they even less hesitant to kill white people. They simply place very, very little value on life. Even after years of education in missionary schools, they are quick to turn into killers at a moment's notice. The effort to make Christians in Africa does not seem to have made a strong impact on this aspect of black society at all.

Even in modern Africa, the blacks remain very tribal, and inter-tribal warfare is vicious. If there are no whites to kill, they will occupy themselves with killing blacks of other tribes.

Blacks seem to be particularly susceptible to the siren call of communism. The idea of something for nothing, the utopian dream, appeals to them greatly, and they are so naive as to believe it. They have too little understanding of human psychology to realize that communism simply leads to universal poverty and enslavement, with an elite class in control at the top. They are too simple minded to understand that. So communism appeals readily, and they are prepared to implement it with their natural tendency toward violence. What a combination!

WITLEEU said...


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